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Lillia nodded and smiled. Although Mina had said she did not know her feelings for Blake, it was pretty clear that she was not against liking him either. “Good, tonight Blake will stay in your room, and the two of you can get to know each other better. We girls need a break after last night….”

Mina blushed and nodded her head. She looked up at Blake, who did not have much of an expression, and wondered what he was thinking about all of this. Just from his expression alone left a bit of unease in her heart. But when he turned and smiled at her, that unease disappeared.

After the meeting, everyone went about their business. Mina was dragged away by the girls so that they could get to know one another better, and Blake decided to have Mona and Moha follow him out for a trip around the base.

“Blake!” Moha yelled out when she saw him walking over. Her arm was waving back and forth. Even her breasts were waving as they swung left and right with her movements. Blake’s eyes couldn’t help but rest and the two balloons. He was a man that loved all booby sizes!

“Are you both ready?” Blake asked as he finally shifted his eyes.

“Yep!” Mona answered happily. She ran over and hooked her arm around Blake’s. Moha did the same on the other side. The trio then walked out of the base under the jealous gazes of many men.

Back inside the base, Lillia and Noa were at work putting the finishing touches on their new dungeon generator, while Tina, Sam, and Erica were all sitting around a table with tea and snacks in the palace with Mina. The girls were bombarding her with many questions. Although Tina was straightforward in her questioning as she asked: “So Mina, I am quite curious. If you and Blake were to have sex, how would you two….”

“I ummm… Am not sure…. While we are able to give birth to children in the same manner as most races, there has never been an account where a fairy and a larger race have fallen in love. Even the goblins do not go for our women and only kill us for our items. But I can say our bodies are magic based so maybe it will work out somehow….” Mina answered. Her cheeks were red hot. She never thought she would be asked so many intimate questions by these girls, but then again, at some point, she would be in the same bed with these girls doing intimate things as well.

“I see… So there is a chance it might work if done correctly. Although with how big he is I do not think that will work either….” Tina actually wanted to see how they would figure this out. Since she would be with Blake from now on, she would be his wife and would want to be intimate as well, so there has to be a way they can come up with that would allow her and Blake to be together.

“We will figure it out….” Mina mumbled as she took a sip of tea.

Outside the base, Blake held Mona’s and Moha’s hands as he walked with them through the forest. The two girls were on cloud nine since Blake was willing to do this with them. They were all smiles as their tails wagged back and forth. “This is my best day so far since arriving at the base!”

“Really?” Blake asked in surprise. But seeing both girls with blissful smiles, he understood that these girls would find a simple walk like this as a treat. Especially if they wished to be with him. Such a simple thing brought such smiles to their faces and made Blake feel bad for making them wait until he evolved, but Lillia said they could only join after he evolved. But for now, he would make sure they were happy. With this thought in mind, he said: “Mona, Moha, during the day you two can follow me around if I am in the base. Unless I am doing something that would endanger you or need to be alone for, you can stay with me.”

Both girls’ cheeks turned red as they silently nodded their heads. To them, Blake was the head of their herd. He was their bull. Just this simple gesture alone was enough to send waves of emotions through them. Their bull said they could be by his side. It was the same as proposing to them!

“Moohehe….” Mona suddenly let out a weird laugh causing Blake to smile. Moha’s tail looked as if it was going to break with how fast it was wagging back and forth. This made Blake question if they were actually dogs or not.

Blake took them to his favorite spot outside the base, which was right on top of the ridge, and sat on the large stone there. Both girls leaned their heads on his shoulder while Blake hugged their waists as they looked out over the horizon. It was peaceful and quiet, and although there were no words spoken, those unsaid words were easily transmitted between the three.

Since Blake’s schedule was completely free, he spent time with the other girls after he got back from his walk with Mona and Moha, who also joined in on the fun. Destiny had taken this chance to attach herself to him as they all played a game of cards together. Even little Hope joined in and sat in Destiny’s lap while Destiny sat in Blake’s lap.

It was not until nightfall that everyone split up. Blake went with Mina to her room, where he was to stay the night. When he entered the room, Blake looked around to see that it did have a couch. He was grateful that the girls had gone out of their way to set up each room in a lavish manner.

“I will sleep on the couch, so you do not need to be too nervous.” Blake did not wish to force Mina into anything. But his words only got a snort in return.

“I may be nervous, but I will not allow my-my new husband to sleep on the couch. We might be only getting to know each other at this time and may-maybe a bit more, but we could still be considered together as husband and wife since this is how it works with my fairy clan. Speaking of which…. Sorry….” Mina lowered her head. She felt like maybe she had forced all of this on Blake.

“No idea why you are being sorry. If I was against any of this, I would have spoken up by now.” Blake sighed. They had already talked about this, but this girl still felt guilty. While yes, it was different, and yes, it was out of nowhere, it did not mean he would toss Mina aside.

“Then don’t talk about sleeping on the couch…” Mina pouted as she flew over and landed on Blake’s head. “How can we get to know each other if you are sleeping so far away?”

Blake would be stupid not to know that Mina wanted to sleep with him. He smiled and walked over to the bed. When he reached there, he sat down but did not lie down. “We should clean up first.”

“Mm…” Mina blushed as she slipped her dress off. She was not shy about undressing in front of Blake as she had done it many times now, but him undressing in front of her. She had only seen his thing once, and now she was going to see it again, which made her imagine all kinds of strange scenarios in her mind.

Blake did not stand on ceremony as he dropped his pants, revealing his semi-hard dick. For some reason, he couldn’t help but feel a little excited. After all, it was not every day you bathed with a cute fairy.

Mina finished taking all her clothes off and floated over and sat on Blake’s shoulder. She was doing her best not to stare at the massive thing below that was just as big as she was, and she knew it could get even bigger!

“Ready?” Blake asked as he looked down at the fairy on his shoulder, who had her head lowered. He saw her give a small nod so walked toward the bathroom. Unlike his bath, in the master bedroom, the bathtub for the guest rooms was much smaller and could, at most fit three people. But just like the bath in the master bedroom, they were all set up in a fashion that there was always hot water present that was circulated to keep it fresh. Blake sat down on the stool to wash up first before getting in and trying to figure out how Mina was supposed to clean herself. “Mina, sit on my knee. I will help you wash.”

“I-I can wash myself. Just give me the small cloth there.” Mina blushed from ear to ear. Blake did not push it and grabbed a face cloth and put some soap on it before handing it to Mina. She took it and, with a bit of difficulty, began to use it to wash herself. Although she did fly down to Blake’s knee as it was hard to wash on his shoulder.

The bathroom was silent as the two cleaned up. The air was a bit steamy from the bath but not too hot. When Blake was done washing, Mina had just about finished as well but still had to wash her hair. With Blake’s help, she was able to get some shampoo and began washing her hair. Blake gently rinsed it for her which made her feel slightly pampered. She did not mind this at all.

When they were done washing up, Mina flew back to Blake’s shoulder and sat on it. Blake then made his way into the bath, being careful not to sink in too deep or Mina would not have a place to sit. “Is it too hot?”

“No, it’s fine. But I probably can’t stay too long.” Mina answered honestly. It was a little hot, but she could deal with it for at least ten minutes or so easily.

“Alright, then, let me know when you are ready to get out.” Blake closed his eyes and rested his head on the back of the tub. Mina looked up at the man’s face and then down to the thing between his legs and really wondered many things….


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