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RE: My Dragon Girlfriend In The Dragonic Apocalypse – Chapter 152: Fairy Law Bahasa Indonesia

–AN) This chapter was a bit tough to write, so hopefully, it came out good.–

Blake ended up falling into a deep sleep. He was still exhausted from the night before. As for Mina, she looked up at him and felt the early morning breeze sweep over her body, causing her to shiver, and decided to slip under his shirt. She figured since she had seen all of his and he had seen her, there shouldn’t be a problem with her using his shirt as a blanket. So she crawled up his body and lifted the neck of his shirt, and slipped it. It was much warmer like this allowing her to slowly doze off. A little too warm because while still half asleep, she pulled her skirt off before snuggling back into Blake’s shirt.

“Ahem…..” Who knew how long it had been? The sound of someone clearing their throat caused Blake to open his eyes and look around. When he saw Mina’s grandfather, he smiled and said: “Good morning, sir.”

“Yes, good morning….. But can you explain as to why my granddaughter is sleeping on your chest? Without her skirt on?” Mina’s grandfather narrowed his eyes at Blake. Blake looked down to see a green skirt on his stomach, and Mina curled up in the collar of his shirt. He really wondered what went on in this little Fairy’s head that she thought it would be okay for her to do this.

“Sir, to be honest, I am not so sure myself…. Mina, please wake up!” Blake yelled out, causing Mina, who was in dreamland, to snort and roll over.

“Mina! Wake up right this instant!” Mina’s grandfather was beyond angry as he shouted her name. Only then did Mina slowly open her eyes and look around. “Huh? Where is….” A red blush appeared on Mina’s face as she hugged Blake’s shirt against her chest and yelled out: “Grandfather! It’s not what you think!”

“Mina, that is the one line that gets a man shot when being caught in someone’s daughter’s room!” Blake yelled out. Blake picked up Mina’s dress and handed it to her as he said: “My eyes are closed so, please put your dress back on.”

Mina grabbed the dress and dived into Blake’s shirt, and put it on. Only when she was done did she crawl back out the opposite end of the shirt and fly into the air with her head lowered. “I-I am done….”

“Explain!” Mina’s grandfather’s eyes were spitting fire. Blake felt that maybe he might have to get on his hands and knees to beg for mercy. They may be little, but they were all still much more powerful than him!

Mina began to explain the events that had transpired, not leaving anything out, causing Blake’s face to turn pale. He hoped he could at least survive this. When she finished explaining, Mina’s grandfather looked at him and asked: “And are you going to be responsible!?”

“Huh?” Blake was not ready for this question. He did not understand. Yes, he might have seen her topless and her him, but this was all a series of mistakes that just happened to pile up one after the other.

“I said…. Are you going to be responsible? My granddaughter can no longer marry now that she has been seen! And she has already slept skin-to-skin with you! You must take responsibility for her!” Mina’s grandfather’s words were firm, and the pressure he was currently giving off made Blake break out into a cold sweat. He had never heard of this rule! He did not dare give an answer since he would need to ask Lillia!

“I umm…. It’s not that I do not want to, but I must first ask my wives, or they might kill me…. Like literally kill me….” Blake replied, his palms damp. He did not know who was more frightening, Lillia or this old man!

“Grandfather! Yes…. Please let him ask Lillia… she is ummm…. I can’t say it because I am sworn to secrecy and signed a contract but trust me when I say that it is very, very bad for him if he does not talk to her first.” Mina knew very well that Lillia might kill Blake out of anger if he did not speak to her first about it.

“Oh?” Mina’s grandfather was suddenly intrigued. He wanted to know more about this Lillia person. For even his granddaughter to speak up like this, he realized this person must hold great power. While he did recognize the name, he put it off as just someone with a similar name since the ather dragons were long gone. “Then I will give you all one more night. You speak to this Lillia and then come back here tomorrow. This place is quite nice, so we will spend some time here enjoying a nice rest. I am sure everyone will enjoy a full day off for once.”

“Yes, Grandfather!” Mina nodded her head and let out a relieved sigh in her heart. She never thought this would happen!

“Sir, I thank you. I will be sure to have a proper answer tomorrow.” Blake thanked Mina’s grandfather and then turned to Mina and said: “I will see you tomorrow then.”

“Why would she wait to see you tomorrow? She needs to go with you and explain the fairy laws. So take her with you.” Mina’s grandfather snorted before turning around. “I will see the both of you here at this same spot. But next time, make sure not to be caught in such a situation.”

Blake let out a sigh of relief as he watched the old fairy fly away. The air was too tense for him. He could not attack the old man nor defend himself against an attack by him. He would be basically beaten badly if the old man ever decided to do so. “Alright, let’s head back and talk with Lillia and the girls. We will have a lot of explaining to do. You can explain everything at the same time to make it easier.”

“Alright….. Blake, I am sorry. I never meant to have this happen…. It is absolutely unheard of for a fairy to be with anyone other than another fairy. Our body size really does not allow for it, as you can see.” Mina sighed.

“It’s fine. It is also my fault. Well, the last part is yours, but the other incidents are mine. We will work this out together.” Blake replied with a forced smile. He would not say that Mina was not cute; it was just that he had no idea how to handle all of this.

“Mmm…” Mina sat on Blake’s shoulder and rested her head on his neck. She was very nervous about all of this.

Blake and Mina quickly returned to the gate. When they entered the base, he called a small meeting with just his girls. Since it was a private meeting about adult things, the kids were being watched by Rin and Nellie once more. “So what is it that you had to call us all here so early in the morning?”

“I umm… I will explain….” Mina decided to do all the explaining. It was all about how fairies have an ancient law that says when a female fairy is seen in the nude, whether it be top or bottom, they will need to marry the person who saw them if they are of the opposite sex. And it was a strict law that would always be enforced. “I planned to let the first incident just be a secret, but I was stupid and kinda loss sense of where I was, and well, my grandfather caught me with my skirt off and me using Blake’s shirt as a blanket….”

“And so we are here talking with you girls,” Blake added. He was watching each girl and surprisingly did not see any adverse reaction to anything.

Lillia sighed. She knew all about this and thought, since Blake did not remember and Mina did not seem too offended by what happened, just more embarrassed than anything, that it would all just pass by without issue. She never thought the fairy was such an airhead and trusting of Blake at the same time. While she was happy that Mina trusted Blake, there was definitely no love between them which is concerning….

“Let me ask. Do you love Blake?” Lillia wanted to be straightforward about this since it would be this girl’s future.

“Ah…. Well, I can’t say love since we just met, but I do not find him to be a bad person….. And he is handsome but no actual feelings of love….” Mina replied honestly.

“And I know Blake is the same. So let me ask you. If you were to get to know him more, would you be able to grow to love him?” After everything, Lillia was still concerned. Strict rules about marriage in the races would mean Mina would be alone for the rest of her life if she were denied here.

Mina looked at Lillia with a blank expression as she turned and looked up at Blake. “Well…. Maybe? I seem to not mind him at all. After all, if I was not comfortable with him, I would never have done what I did. I can not give a definitive answer at this time since we do not know each other all that well.”

“Good answer.” Lillia smiled. She was glad Mina was being honest. Honesty was key in this relationship they had. “As you know, our relationship is harmonious. We all love each other. But Blake is always number one in our hearts. This is just how we are. If you wish to give it a try, you can join us. But it will mean you will need to spend more time with Blake, and at night he will only be able to go to your room two times a week until you are sure about your feelings. Only then can you join us in the main bedroom. If you can understand this, then we welcome you. But if at any time you feel you can not be with Blake, let us know.”

Mina had heard a lot yesterday about Blake’s wives and knew that they also did naughty things together. She was unsure how that would be since she had never thought of it before but seeing how well they all got along, it seemed to keep their relationship together and peaceful at that. After thinking about it, Mina nodded her head: “I would like to try….”


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