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When they arrived at the base, Blake stopped and did not enter right away. “Mina, one thing I should warn you is that there were two beings inside that you should be awar….”

“Papa!” A figure suddenly shouted out as it came flying through the air. Blake looked up to see Destiny falling towards him. In his panic, he quickly moved to catch her. The little girl landed in her Papa’s arms and giggled as she nuzzled into his chest. “Papa! Papa!”

As for the little fairy on top of his head, she had long frozen in place. The aura of an ultimate being was something that one could easily recognize. “Lord! I am so sorry!” Rin jumped down. She had been watching Destiny while her princess and Lillia were working on a project together. “The young princess asked me to bring her outside to play. I did not expect her to jump over the gate!”

Destiny, although young, was still half dragon and had power greater than any human at their current stage. Rin knelt on the ground, waiting for punishment, causing Blake to sigh. “Rin, can you stop kneeling like this? We do not punish people for small mistakes, and I know just as well as you that when it comes to me, Destiny doesn’t listen to anyone.”

Rin slowly got up but kept her head bowed as she said: “This servant thanks Lord for your grace.”

“Rin, please… this is not the elven palace.” Blake let out a defeated sigh. Rin had been like this ever since the incident. With every mistake, she was bowing her head to him. But he did not see any reason to punish her. He had hoped she would have calmed down over time, but it seemed she was still set in her old ways. He walked over and lifted Rin’s head, and smiled at her. “Relax. Why don’t you take a few days off? I know you have been working hard the past few months. I know! Why not let Bret show you around more? You haven’t done that yet right?”

At the mention of Bret, Rin’s lips twitched. She did not leave the palace much because the human brute kept trying to talk to her! She could tell that her new Lord was trying to set the two of them up, but she really had no interest in such things! But since it was already said, she could only nod her head and accept her fate. “I will do as Lord says….”

Rin turned and jumped back over the gate and landed just as a certain man walked out. She looked at the big burly man who was walking over to her with a smile on his face. Her brow twitched. Seconds later, a sharp yelp came from the other side of the gate. “Ow! Rin, why did you kick my shin!?”

Blake, who heard the cry loud and clear, chuckled. “It’s up to you now buddy.” He muttered before calling out to Mina: “Ah right…. Mina! Hey Mina!”

“Huh!?” Mina, who was in a daze, snapped out of it upon hearing Blake call out to her. But when she looked down and saw the little figure staring up at her with curious eyes, she froze once more.

Destiny looked at the little figure on Blake’s head and tugged on his shirt, and asked: “Papa, why is there a little person on your head?”

“Her name is Mina, and she is part of the fairy race. Be nice to her and do not harm her, okay?” Blake said softly. He did not want to seem like he was reprimanding her, but he also wanted her to know that she should not harm Mina at all.

“Okay!” Luckily she would listen to what Blake said without question. But she was still curious, so she stared at the little figure waiting for her to move. But even after so long, the figure did not move. She tilted her head and gave it a questioning gaze as she thought: She seems to be broken?

“Mina!” Blake once more called out. Only then did Mina snap out of her frozen state once more.

“Blake…. May I ask if this is what I think it is?” Mina did not dare same the name, but she still had to ask this question.

“We will talk more in the base. For now, we will go in.” Blake jumped up over the gate and landed on the other side. But what he saw almost made him trip and fall. For some reason, Rin was chasing after Bret trying to kick his shins. Seeing such a thing caused Blake to chuckle before walking into the base.

Mina finally settled down enough to take everything in. To her surprise, the base Blake talked about was quite spectacular. They had so many different areas set up, and there were so many people walking around. Everyone was smiling, and no one seemed to be out of place. “Blake!”

A pair of huge breasts bounced up and down as a set of floppy ears matched her breasts’ movements as she ran over to Blake with a bright smile on her face. This was one of the cow girls, Mona. “Blake! You were not here all day! I missed you!”

Mona wanted to hug Blake’s arm, but when she saw Destiny, she stayed back, not daring to anger the little girl. But just standing beside the man who saved her from being stuck outside was enough for her.

“Mona, how are you today?” Blake asked. He was still trying to keep both cow girls at a distance until he evolved. He could not take on any more girls at this time. Plus, the cow girls still needed more time to adjust to their new lives. But internally, he did wish to push his face in between Mona’s and Moha’s breasts…. They looked very soft.

“I am doing fine! Madam Lillia has been helping us, Mookin adjust to life here.” Mona replied with a smile. She, as the leader of the cow girls, named her race the Mookin.

“That’s good. Do you know where Lillia is now?” Blake knew Lillia was up to something today, but he never got a chance to hear the details.

“From what I know, Madam Lillia is in the training room. She said something about expanding it and adjusting the settings to make things more real. This is why no one is down there at the moment except for Madam Lillia and the other madams.” Mona answered. She had her hand behind her back, and her slim tail was wagging back and forth. If it was just a bit more puffy, it would look like a dog’s tail wagging back and forth.

“Alright, let’s go down there then.” Blake was not going to send Mona away since the girl never listened anyways and would lower her head if he tried. She and Moha had forced their way into being his personal servants.

Blake arrived at the training room, which with one look, made Mina’s mind explode as she looked at the training grounds that was completely made from magic. “This…. How can….. I see…. Blake, the mother of this child, is really an ather dragon?” Mina already knew the answer, but she still had to ask.

“Mm…. My wife Lillia is an ather dragon, but by knowing this, you will be forced into a contract….” Blake scratched his chin. Maybe he should not have said anything.

“I understand. Something this important must not be given away!” Mina nodded her head in agreement. She had no problem signing a magic contract to keep her from speaking about such things. “This place is truly amazing….”

“You are here!” Lillia suddenly landed in front of them. She looked at Mona, who quietly stepped behind Blake with her head lowered, and then looked at Mina, who was once again frozen. “Oh, a fairy? It’s been many years since I have seen one of them. But it is even more strange for a fairy to be with a human. What brings this little fairy here?”

“It seems something happened with her clan and the main fairy clan. I am not too sure myself on the specifics.” Blake explained.

“I see. Although I think she is broken.” Lillia looked at the fairy who was so stiff that if you pushed her, she would topple over and fall like a stick.

“Big Sister, why did you run…. Blake~!” Faana cried out when she saw Blake, her lips curling up into a smile. She landed next to Lillia but did not go forward when she saw Destiny glaring at her. Instead, her eyes landed on the figure on Blake’s head. “Oh, a fairy!”

Blake really wondered if these two were actually sisters. He noticed that the two always spoke in the same fashion as of late! He sighed and said: “Mina! Wake up!”

“Huh!? Ah! Right… Ummm…. Yes…. Blake, I seem to be seeing things, but I can swear I am imagining the little dragonic princess along with the princess of the ather dragons standing before me…..” Mina felt like she was hallucinating, but she did not remember eating any strange mushrooms today. But there was no doubt about it. Her imagination was really placing two enemies who should be trying to kill one another standing peacefully in front of her.

“No, you are seeing things correctly, but…. You know Lillia?” Blake asked. He was surprised since most did not seem to recognize her.

“How could I not!? She is the most powerful ather dragon in existence!” Mina cried out as she flew into the air and hovered in front of Lillia. She was basically fangirling over Lillia. And said person stood there with her arms crossed across her chest and a smug expression on her face as she listened to Mina’s praise.

“I see….” Blake shrugged and said: “Faana is no longer a dragonic, well, in name only. She is now Lillia’s sister. She left her clan to live here with us. As for Lillia, she is my wife. The daughter of Destiny here.”

“I see…. When you said a place for everyone, you really meant everyone, including those of the dragonic race….” Mina realized that this place was truly a paradise for those who did not want to be stuck under the dragonic’s rule.

“Yep. While I do hate most dragonic, I will not hate those who wish to get along with the other races and live freely. While the contract we place on people restricts the actions of those against the people of the community, it does not control their free will. If they do not wish to leave here, they can leave at any time. We do not hold people against their will, but the contract will always stay. This is to keep our people protected no matter what.” Blake explained.

“I see…. Can I see the contract circle?” Mina asked. Blake nodded and looked at Lillia, who waved her hand and created the circle she used on everyone for Mina to read. After twenty minutes, Mina nodded and said: “I will tell my grandfather that this is a very safe place for us. I am sure he will be thrilled.”

Blake smiled. He was happy this worked out much easier than he had expected. By having a diverse amount of races here, it will help to show that this place is a place for everyone, which is what he wanted most so he can build a place for people to come and go freely.


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