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Blake spent the next two days spending time with Destiny while taking care of Tina at the same time. Lillia, who felt left out, sat at the side and pouted. Blake kept trying to bring the mother-daughter pair closer together, but for some reason, Destiny was attached to him the most. Blake really felt bad about this, so he did his best to keep Lillia at his side as well. Where he went, so did Destiny and Lillia.

But it was on the second day that things turned into a joyous occasion once again. “Blake, my water broke!”

Blake’s eyes widened, and began to panic all over again. This was a bit different compared to Lillia giving birth as it was not an egg but a small baby who could easily be harmed in the process of being born. “Okay, let’s get you to the medical room quickly!”

“Sam, Erica, watch over Destiny for us,” Lillia said as she helped Blake put Tina into a wheelchair they had long prepared.

“I want to go with Papa!” Destiny was already throwing a fit which caused Lillia to snap and turn around and yell: “Destiny Harris! Just listen to me for once and stay with your Mama Erica and Mama Sam! Mama Tina is about to give birth to your new brother or sister!”

Destiny instantly quieted down. She lowered her head and bit her lip. She did not expect her Mama to suddenly yell at her! Tears began to form but were quickly stopped when she felt a big hand on her head. “Listen to your Mama.”

Destiny looked up at her Papa, who was looking down and her and nodded. She wiped her tears and hugged Erica. This whole scene broke Lillia’s heart, but she had no choice. She quickly brought Tina to the medical bay they had set up in the palace. Noa and Nellie followed behind them.

Sam sighed and patted Destiny’s head. “Des….” Des was Destiny’s nickname. “Don’t be mad at your Mama, she loves you very much, but right now, she has to protect your Mama Tina. Giving birth is not an easy thing.”

“…” Destiny did not say anything. She just pushed her face into Erica’s stomach. The sisters looked at one another and sighed.

Lillia and Noa took over things as Blake sat at Tina’s side and held her hand. “I will be here throughout the entire process.”

Tina looked at Blake and smiled while nodding her head. “I know…. You would never abandon any of us in our time of need. You have always been there for us when we needed you the most.”

Blake smiled and gently moved a lock of her hair behind her ear before kissing her lips. “Follow the girls’ orders and use my hand to bear with the pain. I will be right here.”

“Mm….” Tina nodded and took a deep breath. A little while later, the room was filled with screams as she worked hard to push the baby out of her stomach. The process was not easy. Once things were set in motion, Tina was forced to push and push for almost two hours straight. It was draining on her body, and it was not easy at all. But in the end, a smiling child appeared in Lillia’s arms. “It’s a girl.”

Blake smiled as he leaned over and kissed Tina. “You hear that? We have a baby girl.”

“Mm….” Tina nodded weakly. Her eyes grew heavy, and the world began to spin around her.

“Tina!? Tina!” Blake yelled out as Tina collapsed in his arms. “Noa!”

“On it!” Noa quickly chanted a healing spell and a strengthening spell that would help restore Tina’s stamina. Only then did the pale complexion on Tina’s face become normal again. Her breathing steadied, and she was now in a deep sleep.

“What was that?” Blake asked, looking up at Noa and Lillia.

“She was just weak from pushing so hard,” Lillia replied before handing Blake the newborn child. “I think it was because of this child….”

Blake looked down at his new daughter and saw she had a small set of horns and a thin black pointy tail. He was very confused. He looked up at Lillia with a wrinkled brow for some kind of explanation.

“It’s not unheard of.” Nellie was the one to speak up. She was assisting while Tina was in labor and stood at the side. “The old world humans would sometimes have what were called cursed children. But in fact, they are just children with high magic capabilities. But they were given another name: Devils.”

“Ah! Now that I think about it, one of the humans who helped fight against the dragonic also had horns and a tail. It was hard to see because he always wore a cloak, but he definitely had them.” Lillia suddenly spoke up.

“I see…. Not that I care. My daughter will always be my daughter. Look how cute she is.” Blake smiled, and he gently poked the little girl’s cheek. The little girl looked at Blake and smiled. She had not cried at all, but her eyes were open wide and filled with curiosity. “Are all babies supposed to be this smart looking?”

“It is due to her high level of mana. The cursed children always seemed to be geniuses. Which made many of the common human folk fear them and shun them.” Nellie explained.

“I also heard about this. There was once a girl who was very beautiful, but because of her being a devil, she was burned at the stake in the town center. They called her a seductress who was using her devil powers to seduce all the men in town. But from what I heard, the girl never once had a partner and worked at an orphanage most of her time and only left to do some shopping.” Noa never really cared about humans except for Nellie, but this story intrigued her because she did not know what a devil was. But when she heard the whole thing, she felt sorry for the girl who was probably wrongly accused.

“Well, none of that will be happening here. My daughters and sons will not be treated in such a way. They are my children and will live happy lives as children should.” Blake was very clear on this. He did not want his kids to be feared.

“Mmm…” Tina slowly opened her eyes. What she was met with were hazel eyes staring back at her curiously. “She is so beautiful….” Tina’s eyes began to well up with tears. All the pain was worth it.

“That she is. We need to give her a name.” Blake said as she moved his daughter into Tina’s arms. Tina thought for a moment before looking up at Lillia. “Sister Lillia, can you name her?”

“Me?” Lillia’s eyes became wet. She and Tina were very close, but she never expected Tina to allow her to name her baby. “Then…. Hope?”

“Hope….” Tina thought for a moment before nodding. “Destiny and Hope. Our daughters will grow up to be symbols of what we believe in.” Tina smiled and gently caressed Hope’s cheek as she called out softly. “Hope Harris. My child, you need to grow up strong.”

Tina had long noticed the horns and tail, but she did not care. This was her and Blake’s baby. She had heard bits of the explanation while she was slightly out of it. But she personally did not care. To her, there was nothing more important than showering the child created between her and the man she loved with love and care.

Blake wanted to hold a base-wide celebration for the birth of his two children, but since Tina needed more rest, it had to be held off. It was decided that a party would be held within a week’s time.

That night Blake let Tina and Hope rest together while he took Lillia and Destiny outside to look at the stars. It was a very clear night, and all the stars could be seen, making for a spectacular visual display. Blake and Lillia sat next to each other on the ridge above the base, with Destiny sitting half on Blake’s leg and the other half on Lillia’s leg. She was leaning back, looking up at the starry sky with sparkles in her eyes.

“Lillia, thank you.” Blake was looking up at the sky when he suddenly said this out of nowhere.

“Why are you thanking me?” Lillia asked in confusion.

“Because of you, I am able to have two beautiful daughters and people I truly love and wish to protect. When I first met you, it was a stroke of luck. But let’s say instead of you being in that hidden cave, there was a weapon of some kind or just some ancient text. I do not think my current life would ever come about. I might have just traveled to the mountains to hide out. Then Tina, Noa, and even Erica and Sam would not have come into the picture. I might have met them, but I would have been only worried about my own survival and would have repeated my past life’s mistakes. You have changed me. You have turned me into the man I am today, and I need to thank you for that.” Blake answered as he turned and looked Lillia in the eyes. Her flaming orange eyes were captivating even in the darkness.

Lillia blushed from ear to ear. She leaned over and went to kiss Blake on the lips, only to have a small hand appear, blocking her lips. “I want to kiss Papa!”

Lillia felt like crying! She began to think that maybe she should not have had this child! Blake, on the other hand, burst out laughing. He kissed the little hand before moving it and kissing Lillia’s lips. “Don’t be jealous of your own daughter.” Blake teased, causing Lillia to snort. But in the end, she adored her daughter and wanted to pamper her as well, but her daughter just wouldn’t let her! The three spent quite a while stargazing before returning back inside to sleep.

Blake spent a few months helping at the base getting the outpost in operational order. Things were looking up. Tina was walking about normally again, and the new baby was doing fine. Destiny would throw a fit once and a while, but she was starting to warm up more to Lillia. One thing that had come in handy after quite a few tests was that the cow girls milk had been confirmed to be safe to drink. Dr. Stanley had tested it, and it turned out to be highly nutritious and perfect for kids. So, Blake, had the girls drink that, which gave Tina a much-needed break from breastfeeding.

The cow girls had started to speak and had settled down in the palace. They wanted to repay Blake for saving them and allowing them to finish evolving. They all seemed to already have names they gave each other. Mona, Mosa, Mota, Moda, Moha. When Blake heard these names, he wondered if they chose the mo part because they used to be cows…. One thing he did notice was that Mona and Moha seemed to be highly attached to him. When the girls asked if he had been spreading his pheromones around, Blake could only sigh and deny it, as he really had no idea why they kept following him around!

If he was in the palace doing stuff, they were always right there to serve him tea or bring him snacks. They seemed very happy to do so as well! Not that he was complaining. Because both girls were very beautiful, but he was afraid his wives would beat him up if they thought he was doing things with them! He tried to block all these things out as he tried to figure out the quickest way to evolve.


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