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Back inside the palace, in another room, Sam and Erica were both hugging an egg… “Sam, how much longer do we need to keep hugging this?”

“Don’t complain. Sister Lillia had many things to do, so we are just helping her out. And Nellie was giving the others a guided tour of the palace. As her sisters, we are obligated to help Sister Lillia out since we had nothing better to do anyway.” Sam replied. She also found this boring, but she was willing to help out since her husband’s baby was inside.

“I know that, but my arms are cramping….” Erica whined. They were currently in a side bedroom in the palace where it was much warmer than the other rooms to keep the egg as warm as possible.

“You girls can leave it to me now.” Lillia smiled and walked into the room. She gave both girls a kiss before caressing her egg. “Sorry, normally Nellie will take care of it when I need to do things.”

“Mmm… I should apologize for complaining.” Erica blushed. She was caught red-handed!

“Hehe… You girls are really cute.” Lillia warmly smiled at the two before taking up her position around the egg. It had grown quite big and was hard to hold on her own. Normally a dragon would make a nest for their egg and use its tails to wrap around the egg, but with her current form, this was impossible. Which was why she did the next best thing and made an incubation room and would come in and hug her egg when she was not busy. Nellie would usually take over when she was busy doing something or one of her sisters. Everyone was pitching in so that Lillia’s baby could be born healthy and without issue.

Back outside, Blake sat down and took two beers out of his space pouch, and handed one to Bret. “When Thardra is done with his ale, we can have something even more spectacular than this processed crap.”

“Still being able to have one of these every so often is not bad either, even if it is only one,” Bret replied as he sat back against the railing.

“Bret, where do you see our little base ten years from now?” Blake asked suddenly. It was nothing important, but he was just curious about what Bret thought about the future.

“I am not sure. If things go as you plan, I hope to see at least a thriving town here with many races coming and going. Reclaiming land as we need so we can build the place you envisioned.” Bret answered honestly. He could see at least a town being built up with at least two or three thousand people living in it.

“Mm…. That would be the best outcome.” Blake sighed as he looked up at the sky. “Let’s hope things work out that way.”

The days passed, and Blake and Bret worked out the spots for all the outposts. Things were going smoothly, and everyone who had joined them had settled in. Tel and Ged were busy training people in the elven forms of combat as well as bows to allow for more diversity in the ranks, while they were being taught how to use guns.

As the months passed, Tina was ready to give birth any day now. Blake basically waited on her hand and foot just as he did for Lillia. But on this day during the night, a cracking sound was heard that woke up the girls and Blake. “It’s hatching!” Lillia cried out as she looked at the egg in her arms.

Blake immediately woke up and sat up, and looked at the egg. It was definitely cracking. Slowly but surely, it began to crack open, and a small delicate little hand poked out. Then two tufts of blonde hair that looked like horns. This was followed by a small chubby face that poked out and looked around. This little face looked similar to Blake’s but more delicate and cute. It was definitely a little girl’s face. Blake’s eyes widened as a big smile formed on his lips. The little girl, who looked around four years old locked eyes with Blake and blinked. Her blue eyes shined, and quickly broke out of the shell and yelled out: “Papa! Papa!”

Her waist length hair that curled up behind her like a tail fluttered slightly as she dived onto Blake and nuzzled her nose in his chest, taking in his scent. Blake froze as he looked down at the little girl who was hugging him happily before slowly embracing her and stroking the back of her head. “Mmm…. I am your Papa!”

“Ah! My baby!” Lillia snapped out of her shock and quickly went to reach out for her daughter, only for the hair that was curled up like a tail to slap her hand away. Lillia froze for a second before smiling and reaching out again, only to have her hand smacked away again.

After going back and forth a few times, the little girl finally snorted and yelled out: “Mama! I am hugging Papa now!”

Tina couldn’t hold it in and began laughing. The other girls were also trying to hold in their laughter. Only Lillia felt like she was being neglected. She sat at the side and watched as her baby hugged Blake and blocked all her attempts to get in on the hug.

Blake sighed and patted the little girl’s head. “Lillia, do you have a name for her yet?”

“Mmmm…. I was thinking something that brought us together….. Destiny….” Lillia smiled shyly. It was a look he had not seen on Lillia’s face for a long time.

“Destiny Harris! A good name! Destiny.” Blake nudged Destiny, causing her to look up and tilt her head. “Papa, are you calling me?”

“Mmm… Your name is Destiny Harris. Destiny is your first name, while Harris is your last name. Your mama gave you the name Destiny, and you got your last name from me.” Blake explained slowly.

Destiny pondered these words for a minute before nodding her head and smiling. “Destiny Harris! Hehe!”

“Good! Now come give your Mama a hug as well.” Blake lifted the little girl up and placed her in Lillia’s arms.

Destiny was a little upset, but since her, Papa said so, she would listen. She looked up at the woman who was looking down at her lovingly and felt a stream of warmth well up inside her. “Mama!”

“Baby!” Lillia couldn’t take it anymore and hugged Destiny with all she had.

“Mama! You’re hurting me! Papa, save me!” The little girl was trying everything she could to escape her Mama’s clutches! Only after slapping Lillia in the face with her hair tail a few times did she finally escape and jump back into her Papa’s arms. Lillia once more began to pout.

The whole scene caused everyone else to smile warmly. Blake chuckled and patted Destiny’s head, and said: “Your Mama has been waiting a long time, so be nice and let her hug you for a bit.”

Destiny pouted but slowly crawled back over to Lillia and sat in her lap, and snorted: “Not so tight!”

Lillia pursed her lips and, this time, controlled her emotions as she held Destiny in her arms. She was happy that her baby finally let her hold her.

While things were indeed exciting, Lillia got some pajamas that she and Blake had stolen long ago that fit Destiny and put them on her. Only then did they all lay down. The egg that Destiny hatched from was set aside as it was much-needed sustenance and also held the ather dragon’s heritage in it. So she would need to eat it when morning came.

When the next morning came, Blake woke up to find a small figure lying on top of him, hugging his neck, sleeping soundly. He looked over to see Lillia staring at the small figure with a hint of jealousy and a bit of sadness. Blake knew Lillia wanted to hold her daughter but said daughter seemed more keen to attach herself to him than her mother.

Blake reached up and took Lillia’s hand and placed it on Destiny’s hand, and moved it gently. “Just like that, and she will not be hurt.”

Lillia nodded and did as Blake said as she gently patted her daughter’s head with tears in her eyes. Her baby, that was born from her and Blake, was so cute and loveable that she wanted to hug her all day long. But because she had a hard time controlling herself, she sometimes hurt the little girl, not meaning to.

While Lillia did that, Blake looked at Tina, who was sleeping at his side with a bulging stomach, and reached out and touched it. He would soon have another child as well that would be even tinier than Destiny.

When everyone finally woke up. Destiny sat down on the bed to eat her egg. It was not like she had to chew it. In fact, she just had to place it in her mouth, and it would melt and flow into her body. Of course, she was doing this while sitting in Blake’s lap. Blake had wanted to go out and check on a few things, but because Destiny threw a fuss and said she wouldn’t eat it if she was not sitting on her papa’s lap, he surrendered and sat there while she ate the egg.

“Destiny, your Mama Tina will be giving you a sibling soon,” Blake spoke gently. Destiny turned and looked up at him and smiled. “Then I will protect her! Since I will be the big sister!”

“Mhm! You will have her big sister, and you can teach her all kinds of things when she grows up.” Lillia joined into the conversation only to have Destiny roll her eyes at her as if to say: ‘Isn’t that a given?’

Lillia felt like she had been pouting all morning. No matter what she did, Destiny would cling to Blake and swat her hand away. It was as if she was a nuisance to her daughter! Lillia looked up at Blake with pleading eyes causing Blake to sigh once more. He really did not know what to do about this. “Destiny, after you finish your egg, Papa has to take care of your Mama Tina, okay? So spend some time with your Mama, okay?”



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