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–AN) Another chapter coming soon!–

“Ah~!” A certain elf was holding the head of a young man who had his face plunged between her legs. She wanted to stop him, but when she felt his tongue teasing her sweet spots, she gave in and allowed him to do as he pleased. Of course, the elf was Noa, and the young man was Blake. Blake always wanted to eat his elf bride. And now he was. He had to say that between dragons, humans, and now elves, they all had a distinct taste. Of course, he did not just stop there. Once he had his fill, he plugged up her hole and sent her up to heaven until she passed out two hours later.

Blake had decided to take the day off, so he laid in bed with Noa sleeping on top of him, his dick still inside of her, with a smile on his face. “When she wakes, I should make the girls dinner. They have all been working hard.”

It had been a while since he had done something like this, so he decided he would take this chance when he was being lazy and treat the girls to something special. It was not like he could go out and buy them presents or anything like that. He could only do little things like this to show how much he cared.

The door crept open, and Sam and Erica walked in soaked in sweat. They smelled the air and pursed their lips because it smelt like sex. When they walked to the bedroom, they saw Blake reach up and press his finger to his lips. The girls nodded and quietly did their thing. When they reached the bath, Erica finally began whining. “I knew I should have stayed!”

“We lost rock paper scissors, remember? We all said no hard feelings, and Sister Noa won.” Sam replied with a smile. She leaned over and kissed Erica on the lips. “We all belong to Blake, and we all do things as a group. Things still needed to be done, and only one of us could stay and wait on our husband when he woke up. Sister Noa was the one who got lucky this time.”

“I understand that, but still….” Erica pouted she was still trying to get used to her new life as Blake’s wife that she shared with other women. While the sex was something she never thought was possible, she still felt selfish sometimes and wanted to keep Blake to herself.

“Hehe. Come, we will entertain ourselves while we bathe.” Sam hugged Erica and kissed her neck. Erica closed her eyes and let Sam’s hands wander her body.

A few hours later, Noa woke up to Sam and Erica lying on either side of Blake, resting their heads on his shoulder. They were just softly talking. But when she raised her head and realized she was still naked and something was still well deep inside her, she blushed. “Awake?”

“Ah? Mmm…. I uh…. Ah~” Noa lowered her head. She wanted to get up, but when she did, she felt Blake pull her back down, causing her to bite her lip to suppress the moan that was welling up.

“The girls were talking, and we decided a naughty elf needed to be punished before dinner.” Noa looked up to see both Erica and Sam grinning at her and knew she could not escape. The sounds of an elf girl being toyed with once more filled the room.

A while later, Blake was in the kitchen. He looked at the ingredients he had set out and checked them all carefully, making sure he had everything he needed. “Let’s see braised drake with a bit of soy and chopped onions. I wonder if I diced the green peppers enough, Lillia would eat them without noticing. Tina and the girls are not picky eaters but Lillia…. And I am sure Faana will also be eating with us.”

Thinking about how much Faana could put away, Blake took out more meat and vegetables. He heated up the stone and placed down ten pans, and got them all oiled up. Because they were expecting to have a big family, the kitchen was quite big with many magic stoves. And a walk in freezer made with ice magic that held all their food. And this was just what was in the palace.

Blake worked in a rotation. Dropping what needed to be browned first, then cooking the meat before mixing them all together to make the final product. When he was done, he filled a bunch of bowls with rice and put them all on a platter. He may not be a professional chef, but he tasted what he made and felt it tasted quite good.

He walked out of the kitchen to the dining room that was set up just for his family to see all the girls dressed up and looking very pretty. Even Faana and Anna were looking cute in the dresses that Lillia supplied them. “Brother!”

“Anna, be good and sit down. This is me treating you girls.” Blake stopped Anna from getting out of her seat. She beamed a smile at him before sitting back down.

“I hope you girls like this. I can’t do much for you all, so please take this as me trying to give you all a present.” Blake just wanted to show he cared for the girls who were always waiting on him when he was at the base.

The girls all looked at Blake and blushed. They felt warm inside to know Blake was worried about such things. “Just having you here and knowing that you love us is enough,” Lillia replied. Her eyes were turned up into crescents as she smiled. She was very happy.

Dinner quickly got underway. Lillia immediately found the green peppers, as did Faana, and groaned when Blake told them not to waste food. As they chatted and joked with one another, Blake decided to tell them his current plan. “I want to get our outposts set up. So Bret and I will be leaving here in the mornings and will be back before dark. Unless we get held up by a monster or something, we should be back without issue.”

“So we are finally going to start building outwards?” Lillia asked excitedly. She had been waiting for this. She wanted to begin really building the base out and making a place for themselves in this world.

“Not fully. Just the outposts for now. This will basically mark our current territory. One mile out in all directions. We will be able to find out if there are more human settlements as well near us. If there are, I will give them an ultimatum as long as they are not crazy, that is. They can either join us or leave our new domain. Letting others on our lands will only cause issues down the road.” Blake wanted to be sure his area was secure. He did not care if others settled there first or not. One mile out from his base was now considered his domain.

“Will you really make them leave?” Tina asked. She felt slightly bad for kicking people out.

“It’s not that I want to force them out, but if they are not willing to join us, they will end up causing us trouble. Think about it. If we let them stay, but they are attacked by orcs? The first thing they will do is run to us. What if we have some girls on patrol? What if there are kids trying to collect some herbs from the areas nearby? It would harm my people, and I can not allow that.” Blake did not even want to think of such scenarios, but when people were in danger, he knew the first thing they would do was try to escape to the safest place. “And even if they did not run to our base but an outpost, what then? Those people might not have time to escape.”

“I was just asking….” Tina stuck her tongue out at Blake. It had been a while since she got a lecture from this man.

Lillia chuckled and nudged Tina. She then put more meat on Tina’s plate. “Make sure you eat more. You are feeding two, not just one.”

“I know! Although I do feel like I am about to pop.” Tina replied as she looked at her ever growing belly.

“No popping. I don’t want my child flying across the room.” Blake teased, causing Everyone to laugh. Tina, on the other hand, glared at him before smiling. She was happy that it was Blake who ended up being her man. The thought of what would have happened if Blake had ignored her scares her. She even had a few nightmares about such things. He did not know of this, but Lillia did. She had dreamt she was raped by a bunch of men and left for dead. She hated this thought, but it was something that could have happened. But she met Blake and was able to live until now and was even having his child willingly. Something she never thought would happen a year ago. She never planned to have kids but now…. She smiled softly as she rubbed her belly.


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