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Blake frowned. He could sense over fifty people running in their direction. He pulled out a radio and clicked the button on the side. “We got some survivors and some incoming. Stop what you are doing and get into the town center. We will meet them there.”

“Roger…” Bret’s voice came over the speaker. Blake then looked at the group in front of him and said: “If you want to live you need to follow me and step where I step and do it quickly.”

Dr. Stanley looked at the young man and nodded his head as he quickly followed after Blake, and so did the others. Blake brought everyone past a mountain of dead goblins and behind one of the few semi-intact buildings. Bret and the others quickly arrived. “Blake, who are they?”

“Survivors, but the issue is the people who were following them. There are about fifty people, and each one seems to be holding a weapon.” Blake replied.

“No way! I could have sworn we shook them off!” Stanley’s eyes went wide. He had tried so hard to get rid of them but now…. They seemed to have been able to track them down! He didn’t even have time to question how Blake knew this.

“It’s fine. You people look like you have been through a lot. Chuck, get them some food and drink. We will deal with these visitors.” Blake waved Dr. Stanley off. He did not care too much about whether or not the people he was with had brought some danger to him. After all, the whole area was already set up with more booby traps than one could ask for.

“Blake, are we really going to take on fifty people?” Bret asked. He was feeling slightly unsure about all of this.

“Bret you act like this is something hard. Those men all have guns. I highly doubt they have even learned about magic yet. You can say only our camp is up to speed on things. Only when the enlightenment hits will humans regain some of their memories about magic. It is still some time away.” Blake was only worried about these things once it happened since there was no stopping it. He just hoped that he could live long enough to see the outcome of everything. No, he had to live as long as possible to protect those he now cared about and loved.

“Ah…. I guess that is true.” Bret chuckled. The people behind the two were staring at them with weird expressions. Only Dr. Stanley felt like something was off about these two. And not just them, the others with them seemed to give off a strange aura.

Twenty minutes passed when a group of fifty men slowly crept up on the town. A man wearing an eye patch covering a slightly visible scar stopped at one of the trees and peaked out. “It seems the doc and his people are here.”

“Isn’t this the place where all the noise was coming from? Won’t we be asking for it if we try to grab the doc now?” One of the men asked.

“If you are so worried about dying I can kill you now so you won’t have to worry about it anymore. Just shut up and go scout around. See if you can lay eyes on the people here. We need to know who we are up against.” The man with an eye patch ordered.

His group quickly split up in two directions. Only three people stayed with the man with the eye patch. “Leader, I feel like something is off. You see the shiny thing in the open over there?”

“Hmmm?” The man with the eye patch looked where the other man was pointing, and his eyes went wide. “Shit, call the men bac….”


A loud explosion went off. Ten people from the man with the eye patch’s team died instantly, with three more hurt. “Fuck!”

“Jay, get eyes up in the tree! See who these fuckers are! They dare kill my people!” The man with an eye patch face was red with anger. He can’t believe he lost a few of his men just like that.

Jay scurried up the tree and took out some binoculars, and looked around. He spotted a group of people hiding behind a building. “Leader, there is a group of them, including the doc behind the building over there.”

“Flush them out!” The man with an eye patch yelled.

“Not today.” A voice filled the air as ten fireballs flew through the air.

Blake aimed for the man in the tree and the two behind it before tossing out a few grenades around the areas they could escape to. The man with an eye patch had no idea what hit him before he felt his body being torn apart by multiple explosions. The man with an eye patch’s men were in no better shape as they were quickly rounded up and killed. No, who you are, no questions at all. Blake made the split decision to kill them all as soon as he saw the tattoo on their neck.

He stood there coldly, looking at the corpses of the men who were now dead. These people were someone he knew from his past life, and almost lost his life to them. They had discovered him and began hunting him down as if he was some kind of prey. In fact, he had heard stories of this group called the Stalkers. The skull with the eyeball hanging out of it was their mark. They ate the flesh of humans. Something they probably had gotten used to during the apocalypse.

“Alright, clean up!” Blake yelled out. He wanted to finish this and get him. The sun was starting to peak out over the horizon. Blake and his men quickly finished their task before returning to where Dr. Stanley was waiting with his people. They were all huddled in a circle, drinking water and eating cooked dragon meat.

When Dr. Stanley saw Blake walking over, he stood up and greeted him. “Sir, thank you. You saved us.”

“It’s nothing. My name is Blake. I can give you two options. You can come back with us and sign a magic contract that will keep you from harming the people in my base, or you can stay here and fend for yourselves. But do please decide quickly because I need to head home, or my wives might kick my ass.” Blake was in a rush. He did not want to worry the others. So he could only put things like this.

Dr. Stanley looked at him in confusion and wanted to ask what he meant when Bret came over. “Look, sir. We are tired. We just got rid of a goblin den and have not slept yet, so please hurry up.”

“Ah…. We agree.” Dr. Stanley could only agree. He did not know what was going on with these people, but the things he saw just now were imprinted in his mind. He saw Blake using some kind of weird attack, making balls of fire appear out of thin air.

“Dr. Stanley! We do not know them. They said contract!” Helen cried out. She did not know what Blake meant by this contract.

“Alright, I am leaving. Either you follow, or you stay here. I could care less.” Blake did not even give them another glance before quickly walking off. He wanted to bathe and sleep with his wives!

Bret chuckled and walked off, following behind Blake. Bret also knew he could not force others to follow. Everything had to be of their own free will. Dr. Stanley and his people stood there for a moment before slowly starting to follow behind. Dr. Stanley felt that this was their only chance, so he did not even say anything as he followed Blake. But even Helen, who was reluctant, did not wish to be left behind, so she quickly followed as well.

When they reached the base, they were taken aback by the tall metal walls that had a few guards on them. The door opened for them, and the first thing they saw was quite a few older people sitting outside. When Dr. Stanley saw this and let out a sigh of relief. But quickly jumped when he heard Blake yell out. “Why are you outside!? What if something happened!?”

“Lord, you shouldn’t worry about us old folks so much. We could die at any time. That Mike fellow scolded us too but he gave up.” One of the old ladies who were busy hanging her laundry said with a smile.

Blake sighed when he saw this. Even he could not say too much to the elderly. He knew they were stubborn in their ways. “Well… Things are safe now anyway, but still, I would not like anyone here to die on me. Take in more mana so you can live a few more hundred years.”

“Only you, Lord, would care about us old folks. We are still fit as a fiddle. We will be sure to die when you tell us.” The old woman chuckled. Blake helplessly shook his head. One minute she was saying they would die any time. Now she was saying she would die when he said so. He did not think he would ever understand how old folks think.

“Anyway, Old May, can you settle these people in the secure area? They need to wait there for the time being. Lillia is still sleeping.” Blake hated asking her this, but Old May was one of the few people who gave off a kind aura, so he hoped it would ease the tension even if the group was being locked up for the time being.

“No problem Lord. I had to go in anyway. I will also tell that Mike fellow to come out and speak with you.” Old May smiled as she walked over to Dr. Stanley and said: “Follow me.”

Dr. Stanley had many questions, but he still nodded and followed Old May. Old May led the group toward the secure area, which was on the top floor. While she was old, she was much stronger than any of the people in this group. She and the other elderly all trained in the training area as well to kill time, so they were not weak at all. She turned and looked at Dr. Stanley and said: ‘Don’t worry. You made the right choice coming here. The Lord may be blunt with his words, but he cares about the people of this base. Which is why until you sign the contract, you have to be held in the secure area until Madam Lillia wakes up.”

“What is this Lord and Madam stuff? Why does it sound like some kind of fantasy title?” Helen asked. She did not like the idea of addressing anyone in such a way.

“You will find out in due time. But I suggest you get used to it because if Madams hear you disrespect the Lord, you will die.” Old May replied bluntly, causing a cold chill to run down Helen’s back.

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