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Blake walked into a small side room that was much cooler than the forge room. There were two couches facing each other and a coffee table in between. On the side was a coffee maker, which Thardra had become addicted to. On the other side was a drafting table with a mess of papers and even more wadded-up paper strewn about on the floor. Blake sat on the couch as Thardra went to his drafting table and picked up a few sheets of paper that were almost as tall as him. He then walked over and sat down on the couch facing Blake. “Lord, what do you think?”

Blake looked at the blueprints, which showed weapons that did not resemble any gun from modern times. It had a similar shape in its makeup but had a ball at the end near the handle. “This is?”

“Condensed mana. It’s something I came up with after reading some of the books you provided me on science. The thing about these weapons is they are actually none elemental. Which means they are something never seen before.” Thardra started to become excited as he began explaining things. “From the books, I read, things break down into atoms and whatnot, and everything is a kind of energy at its source. So, the way I see it, mana can be used not only as a means to cast magic but also as a weapon itself if condensed into a form that allows you to use it as such. Everything is in theory at this time, but if we are able to make this weapon, it should be able to pierce through any defense, even an elder dragonic’s barrier.”

“Oh?” Blake smiled. He never thought Thardra would take his world’s knowledge and so easily mix it together with the old world’s. “Do you think you can make this become a reality?”

The light in Thardra’s eyes died down as he shook his head: “Sigh…. Although I do wish I could say yes, it is a no. The problem with this is that if I want to even come close to starting any of this, I would need someone knowledgeable in these kinds of processes. I have asked around the base but haven’t found anyone who knows. Plus, I would need a few more bright minds to help with the magic portion as well. I am basically learning these things myself from scratch, just from the books you gave. So I am not even sure if what I am thinking is plausible….”

“All inventions start from an idea. Never write them off unless you have tried them out and find they are not possible. Basically, we need to find people who have worked in this field, right?” Blake asked.

“Pretty much, and even more dwarves or even elves would be helpful in this. I asked Madam Noa, but she did not understand what I was saying… She was never part of the magic research that the elves do.” Thardra replied. You could tell by his expression that he seemed to be feeling slightly defeated.

“Don’t lose hope. I am not just building this small base but a place for all races to come to live. As you know, we do not do much to restrict people here. We just do not want any traitors or people harming one another. This is a place where everyone can live freely without fear of being harmed in any way. So I am sure once we start to build up more and begin expanding, we will be able to bring in these minds you need, and they can help you build the weapons we will need to protect ourselves. I have faith in you, so if you need any resources, just let me know.” Blake actually really appreciated Thardra’s enthusiasm in wanting to make new weapons using his world’s technology mixed with magic. It was what he had in mind, to begin with, and when he brought it up with Thardra, he jumped on it and was raring to go.

“Don’t worry. I will do what I can to help. I owe you and Madam Lillia my life. I will never forget your kindness and the welcome you gave me. Hell, even my home is much better than anything I ever had! Haha! And to tell you the truth….” Thardra leaned forward with a big grin. “One of the ladies with the curvy body has been stopping by my house at night. I tell you what a ride she is! Hahaha!”

Blake laughed out loud. He knew who Thardra was talking about. He never expected that Thardra liked them big. “I wish you happiness then.”

“Haha! Maybe soon, I will have me some mini Thardras running around. I will have to have, Lord, come and name a few.” Thardra was grinning from ear to ear. Blake was glad that such things were not looked down upon. But then again, he was a perfect example of how the races can mingle without issue. After all, he had an elf wife.

“Oh, right before I forget. Let’s head down to the storage room. I got some even better things for you to look at.” Blake grinned as he said this. Thardra instantly became interested.

Not long later, in a large basement that was specially made for things like this, Blake took out the jet and the vehicles he snagged from the base. When Thardra saw them, his eyes went so wide they took up half his face. “You got to be shitting me! You humans really outdid yourselves! But such things are beyond me at this time to even know where to begin. I will need some of your people who know more about it to explain things to me before I can even begin working on a blueprint for these.”

“I am no military buff, but it should be semi-top-of-the-line equipment. Luckily it was never destroyed. I want to make a trip cross country someday and visit the most top-secret base in the country, but I am not sure when that will happen. Probably not until we have solidified our foundation here and have claimed a good portion of the land for ourselves.” Blake did not want to head off on any long, long-distance excursions until he was sure things were set up here so that if he was not around, everything would still be safe. Although with Lillia and Faana alone, things would definitely be okay for more problems but if a major attack happened, even the two of them wouldn’t be enough.

“You just bring me what you can, and I will do what I can to make something new out of it. Don’t worry, Lord, I will not fail my mission.” Thardra smacked his lips as he clapped his hands together. He looked very excited. “Lord, I must request that you hurry in finding me some helpers.”

“Haha! I will try. Oh right… Did you make any dwarven ale yet?” Blake had been wanting to try the dwarven ale. He heard it was really good from Lillia.

“Hehe… One more month and it will be perfected. Then the two of us will sit down and have a few mugs.” Thardra liked Blake’s attitude. He was straightforward and willing to do what he could for those around him. Thardra took an instant liking to the young lad and was proud to call him Lord.

“I will hold you to that promise. I will be off. I need to go dump the rest of this stuff in the other storage rooms. So they can be used.” After saying his goodbyes, Blake went off to do what needed to be done. Only after unloading all his stuff did he go outside the base to take a look around after everything.

One part of the space had a small stream that was used by the kids who liked to play in it. Someone even tested the water to find that it was mana rich and very clean, so it could be drunk as well. Although the water in the base was all magic-based thanks to Lillia’s magic inscriptions.

Along its banks was a clothesline for those people who liked to dry their clothes in the sun. A few elderly were off at the side playing chess and other games. Some were even whittling away at some wood, making carvings. The serene way of life here was much different from the base he was at before. Everyone here looked very happy and content with life. It was as if the apocalypse had never happened.

Blake had people call out to him which he smiled and waved as he made his way to the gate. With a single leap, he jumped up onto the tall twenty-foot wall and saw Mike staring off into the distance. “Something wrong?”

“Blake, yeah….. I keep seeing movement out there, but I can’t make out what it is. It seems to be a mile out.” Mike passed the binoculars to Blake.

Blake took them and looked through them off in the direction Mike was pointing. He did not see anything at first, but after a few minutes, he saw something poke its head out and look in the direction of the base before ducking back out of view. “I am not sure what that is either. It looks human, I guess, so maybe it’s some survivors. I will go take a look.” Blake turned and looked at the others on guard and pointed at two people. “You two, with me.”

“Yes, Lord!” The two men saluted and jumped off the wall. Blake jumped down after them. He then turned and looked back up at Mike. “Do me a favor and keep an eye on that spot.”

“Will do,” Mike answered and brought the binoculars back to his eyes.

Blake moved quickly with the two men in tow. He would normally just go by himself, but since he should also make use of his people, he decided to bring two with him. As he reached the location and stopped to look around, he froze in place from what he saw in front of him.


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