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“Let me go, Tina! I am going!” Lillia yelled out. She was not using all her strength because she did not wish to harm Tina, who was still pregnant. But she could not let Blake die!

“Lillia! Stop! We do not know if he is in a bad situation or not. We only know he is stuck with a dragonic. From what Bret told us, the dragonic did not seem to want to harm him. If we make any sudden moves or you show up and use your magic, then what!? Blake would not be able to live with himself, nor would we if you were captured or died. I am just as worried as you are. I want to go out and bring him home myself, but I can’t! So please….” Tina had tears in her eyes. When Lillia turned and looked at her, she also started to tear up. The two girls were deeply in love with Blake. They loved him very much and did not want to lose him.

“I will go. With Sister Lillia here, the base will still be safe, and I can fight head-on with the dragonic, especially if it is only one. I also put a tracking spell on him without him knowing.” Noa was worried about his safety going out like this, so she had already prepared a tracking spell and put it on him when they kissed.

Lillia looked at Noa with tear-filled eyes and hugged her. “Please bring him back safely.”

“I will… I will bring our husband home.” Noa patted Lillia’s back.

Noa did not waste time. After gathering a few things, she quickly left the base and headed in the direction Blake was in. It would still take her some time, but as long as the tracking magic was still on him, she would be able to find him easily.

And said man was currently walking through a forest with a short dragon girl at his side. He was looking for a cockatrice. He really wanted to try their meat if it could be eaten, that is. “Hey, Faana, can you conceal your aura? I think this is scaring all the monsters away.”

“Ah!” Faana blushed. She knew Blake was looking for this cockatrice thing but forgot she was also still releasing her aura. Only other dragons would be willing to come near her. She quickly concealed her aura and, with red cheeks, looked up at Blake and said: “Sorry.”

Blake instinctively reached out and patted her head as he said: “It’s fine.” Blake didn’t even notice this casual action he did on reflex. Faana touched her head. She had never had her head patted like this before. Her mother nor father cared about her. She could count on one hand how many times she had seen them in the past thousand years. But this one little action was enough to bring a smile to her face as she walked while holding her head.

Blake did not notice any of this. He was too busy looking for a cockatrice. He was bound and determined now to find one. If he could roast one whole, he wondered if it would be the biggest chicken ever roasted. He was unsure now since birds of modern times evolved from dinosaurs. And with how messed up history is at this point, there is no telling if humans roamed during the age of dinosaurs as well, and there were just no traces of it, or it was hidden from the general public and only known to a certain few.

After learning so much about earth’s true history, he did begin to wonder just how much of it was hidden and how much of it was true. There were many different species of humans that we were told about, but no one knows for sure if that was all of them. There could have been many more out there that had yet to be discovered. After all, there was an entire continent under ice that never got to be checked for any fossils. He wondered if there was a chance that humans had appeared earlier than when they were first discovered in modern history, that is. But none of that really mattered now that humans were actually alive and well during the old world.

“I do wonder though….” Blake mumbled.

“What do you wonder?” Faana asked. She was very curious about the human next to her.

“Nothing really important. I was just thinking about this planet’s history after the reset happened. Humans were said to not have been around for millions of years. But I am wondering now if this was not a true fact and they were around much earlier than the public was told.” Blake explained.

Faana pursed her lips, not really understanding what Blake meant. “You humans worry about strange things.”

“Haha. I guess you can say that. After all, humans are curious beings by nature. Otherwise, we would not have made it as far as we have.” Blake replied. It was true that if humans did not have curiosity, they would not have progressed as quickly as they had.

“Hmm…. I guess that makes sense since it was due to humans and ather dragons that we dragonic were forced into the void with the other races.” Faana paused as she realized her words might look as if she was mad about this. She quickly waved her hands back and forth as she continued: “Don’t get me wrong, I could care less about such things. In fact, I would have preferred no war at all. Blake, can I ask you a question?”

“Hmm? Sure.” Blake could see that Faana seemed bothered by something.

“Let’s say…. Let’s say I was against the dragonic’s ways. My own people’s ways, would you believe me?” Faana asked. She wondered if this sounded strange, but she really did not like the ways of her people.

“I see no reason not to. After all, although it might be because you find me interesting, you have not once talked down to me. You have also treated me as a friend and not an enemy. From what I know of your kind, you will not hesitate to kill any humans. I, for one, have seen this firsthand. We, humans, were hunted down and killed off. But I also know that just like how humans have their bad, there are dragonics who might be good. And I only thought this way when I met you, and we really began talking.” Blake figured since Faana was being upfront about herself, he would do the same. Give and take. She opened up so would he. This way, they could form a friendship.

“I see… I guess that is true. Although I do not know of any other of my clansmen that are like me. I might be an oddity. If I was truly like the others, I would have killed the humans at the base and dragged you away instead of just following you around. You see, I never had people to talk to much. I may look young, but I am quite old, and because of this body, I am seen as a disgrace. In fact, I am twenty years old this year.” Hearing Faana’s last sentence made Blake trip over his own feet and stumble. He was starting to wonder if it was all females who were like this!

But the important thing he was getting from Faana’s words was that she was someone who longed for companionship. Whether it was friends, family, or probably even lovers, she yearned for some kind of relationship where she was no longer alone. He could understand this to a point. He had many people around him, but before he died in his past life, he was also alone. He had to fight all by himself and try to survive until he finally joined a group trying to reclaim land. But even then, he did not talk too much with people unless they were on the battlefield.

“Well. Well…. A trash princess and a human roaming about. An interesting duo indeed.” A voice came from overhead. Blake felt a cold chill run down his spine as he looked up to see a woman standing in the air. Her long dragon tail swayed back and forth as her dragon wings spread out to either side of her. Her horns slightly glimmering under the sun.

Faana quickly went on guard and stood in front of Blake with her arms spread out in front of him. She wanted to protect her newfound friend. If they could be considered friends, that is. “The young miss of the Veldamere clan, Darla Veldamere! What are you doing here!?”

“Huh? That is what I should be asking you. Why are you walking around with food?” Darla asked while giving a mocking smile. “Is it because you can’t find anyone else to talk to since you are basically disowned by the royal family?”

“Darla, do not pick on the little princess. You might make her cry again.” Another figure showed up. She was also a dragonic female.

“Triana, why the hell are you still following me around!? No, never mind, let’s deal with the matter at hand. Princess Faana, hand over the human now!”


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