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“Do you think he will break this time?” Tina asked. She was hoping after everything they taught the girls that, Blake would stop being stubborn and just give the girls what they wanted.

“Who knows? He is pretty stiff when he decides on something. He always sticks to his words which makes him reliable but sometimes…. Well, we can only watch over them. For now, at least the girls will not feel as left out.” Lillia cared for those in their relationship. She wanted everyone to be happy as she was.

“I think you two might be in for it tonight, though….” Noa had spotted a small glint in Blake’s eyes.

“Well…. I won’t complain. But Lillia….” Tina felt kind of bad since Lillia was about to give birth.

“It’s fine. I will just watch from the side….” Lillia pursed her lips. She knew when to hold back.

In the bathroom, Blake and the girls did not hesitate to undress. The girls kept taking peeks at the thing hanging between Blake’s legs. They had stolen a few glimpses at it before, but now they could openly look, so they were quite happy.

“Just so you know, I will not go all the way. But if you wish for me to assist, I can make an exception tonight.” Blake could only make this much of a concession.

The girls’ eyes lit up, and both nodded as they quickly dragged Blake over to wash their bodies off. The bathroom that was already steamy became even more steamy soon after….

After a hot bath and a release, Blake called a meeting of all his current base leaders. “What is on the agenda today, Blake?”

“I had a thought while I was out. I was thinking we may be able to set up a few outposts when we figure out a decent way to do communication. Right now, we do not have the best means of communication. While we have short wave radios, they will not always work, which is not good if we wish to really figure out a method of expansion and better defense. We can easily make these outposts as early warning systems for any kind of invasion, whether it is a monster or a sentient being.” Blake explained.

“This has been troubling me as well. But to put an outpost now would mean exposing ourselves if it is found. What should we do then?” Mike also thought of this idea since it was important to have some kind of early warning when the base might come under attack.

“Either way, it would happen sooner or later. This would just give us more time to evacuate if need be.” Blake replied. He did not want to get caught off guard.

“What about this…. If we can make a means of communication the old way by using the already existing lines, then we can easily run lines to these outposts from a junction point. Just like a phone company.” Bret spoke up. He had a bit of knowledge in this field, so he knew this was the best way to go about it. “I would say satellite would work best, but ever since mana has filled the air, satellite frequencies are hard to pick up. I had tried to tap into some military satellites a few days ago, and it was ify.”

“That’s right. You were actually tech before you joined my squad.” Mike nodded before thinking for a moment. “If we can make it to one of the old bases, we may be able to get some gear for better communications now that we have the strength to do it. But this is if the base I have in mind is still intact.”

“Oh? What base?” Blake could not remember any bases being around here.

“It’s a hidden base that is only used in emergencies. If anything, the base was probably left alone since there was not much time to move out when the dragonic attacked. But we will need to be careful because we will be going through some of the other factions that rose up during the start of the apocalypse. If they are still active, then they will be much stronger than before.” Mike answered as he got up and walked to a shelf, and pulled out a map. He then laid it on the table and pointed at a spot.

“We are here. We will need to take a three day trip here.” The spot Mike pointed to was a spot near the water, which was indeed three days away. Maybe more with monsters in the way. “We will need people with knowledge of this kind of equipment. So we will need to form a proper team for this expedition.”

“That won’t be a problem. I would prefer it if it was all men. I am not trying to say the girls are weak, but this will be a delicate mission, and if we run into any goblins, it might turn ugly quickly.” Blake was not trying to be sexist. He was just trying to protect any girls that might end up in a bad situation.

“Blake, if you are so worried about how goblins are, why don’t I give the girls in the base real world knowledge of the goblin and orc race? It won’t go as far as to penetrate, but it will at least give them a real understanding of how goblins are. Currently, the training center does not have the natural instincts of goblins and orcs.” Lillia spoke up. She had noticed Blake’s concern over this issue.

Blake sighed and thought about it for a moment. He knew it might be rough, but if it were to get them used to understanding the nature of these races, it might be for the best. “As long as it is not too traumatizing. Make sure you warn everyone ahead of time and explain in detail what might happen.”

Lillia smiled and nodded as she said: “Don’t worry. As a woman myself, I will make sure they understand everything. I do not want them to become fearful but cautious. And learn how to protect themselves when such an event happens. It will give them a higher survival rate and less chance of actually being done in.”

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