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RE: My Dragon Girlfriend In The Dragonic Apocalypse – Chapter 100.1: The Unicorn Part 1 Bahasa Indonesia

–AN) 2 more chapters on the way–

Anna’s face paled as memories began to resurface in her mind as she nodded her head. “Mmm… I will not look down on anything when you take me outside.”

Blake scratched his head. He realized he should not have said anything like that. He pulled Anna into a hug and rubbed her back. “Don’t worry. With me around, I will protect you no matter what. If anything happens to you, it is because I am dead.”

Anna’s lips curled up as she hugged Blake back and nodded her head. She really liked having a big brother she could rely on. She was not as affected by the thoughts of the past anymore. She took it as a source of strength and used it to make herself stronger. Combined with the fact that she wanted to be someone who could stand proudly next to her big brother, she was working as hard as she could. Some days she could barely move at all, but she still dragged her body down here to train ever since it was set up. She had been sent to the medical bay many times. She even had a limb almost fully severed off, but she gritted her teeth and fought her fears as she continued training.

But after a month of intensive training, she had begun to make a lot of progress. She could fight monsters bigger than herself, and now, although she had to be told the weak point, she had killed her first dragon golem. She was actually quite proud of herself and happy that her big brother saw it.

“Big Brother, I am gonna go back to training.” Anna pushed off from Blake and smiled as she ran off. Blake chuckled and waited for her to run out of sight before going in a different direction.

Blake was actually quite surprised he ran into Anna here since the place was so big, but when he thought about it, it was not too abnormal to run into others in the training field. After all, each zone was only about twenty miles wide. And with people coming and going, you were bound to run into someone.

Blake ran through the forest and quickly came upon an earth dragon of his own in a small clearing. He quickly dispatched it and continued on toward the center. It was only when he got about halfway that he started to run into hobgoblins, a higher evolutionary breed of goblins. They were much smarter and quicker with their attacks and could also use magic. Where only one out of one hundred goblins would be able to use magic, all hobgoblins could, and they used it quite efficiently in close range combat. Such a race was very good for Blake to fight against at this time, especially in groups.

Blake dodged left and right as he used magic as well as his sword to fight six hob goblins at a time. One even used arrows and used wind magic to speed them up, so they were even faster than bullets. Luckily they were still nothing compared to novice elven archers, as the arrows were easily batted down.

In just under a minute, he had killed the hobgoblins turning them into rubble on the ground. He stood there looking at the rubble and felt like casting another golem. He once more created the same ugly golem as before with a few extra sticks in it and had it follow after him as he continued deeper into the forest.

Eventually, he came up to a goblin village run by hobgoblins. Blake slowed his steps and decided to send his golem in to see how quickly it would get defeated. Now his golem did have the same trait as any golem who was made of the material around it and could easily regenerate, but if it was destroyed in a single attack, there was no coming back from it as the magic core that is implanted in the golem during its creation would dissipate.

The golem listened to Blake’s command and rushed forward. It was quickly spotted as it entered the mud hut village of the hobgoblins and was quickly attacked seconds after. Arrows rained down on it, and magic spells smashed into it from all sides, but because it was not enough damage to destroy it in one go, it just stood there and regenerated. Only after many attacks did the golem’s magic core run out of energy, and the golem collapsed to the ground.

Blake pursed his lips as he realized his current golems could only last for five minutes max under continued attacks of lower level races. Blake did not run into the goblin village as he did not wish to die and be sent back to the medical bay. There were just too many of them for him to effectively battle without any sort of support.

Blake sighed as he ran around the village, picking off what goblins he could, making sure to keep the numbers no greater than ten before moving on. He was heading to the higher level area to try to fight a few higher tier monsters. Some of which he had never seen before.

It did not take him long before he came upon what looked like a mythical unicorn but was actually a very disturbing looking monster with a sharp drill like horn on its horse body but what made it grotesque was that half of its face was unhinged showing its large razor sharp teeth with blood dripping from its gums. “Well, I can’t pussy out now, even if this is seriously some horror movie type shit,” Blake complained as he looked at the thing in front of him. Sadly he was not going to get the element of surprise as it raised its grotesque head and looked in Blake’s direction.

“Shit….” Blake mumbled as he readied his sword. He had a bad feeling he was about to be sent back to medical bay, but he still stood his ground and readied for battle.


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