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Outside of Time – Chapter 77: Are You Selling Corpses? Bahasa Indonesia

The sea breeze blew over, lifting Xu Qing’s hair.

He walked forward, allowing the wind to blow his hair and the hem of his pants. He was like a knife that was about to be unsheathed. His eyes gleamed coldly as he glanced at the woman who changed directions and left.

Xu Qing hesitated for a moment. He didn’t wish to kill on his first day here. Hence, he retracted his gaze and continued walking toward the inn.

However, the wind didn’t stop.

At that moment, when the sea breeze reached the shore, the intent to attack became even stronger.

Among the seven to eight burly men chasing after the woman, one of them had a scar on his face. He looked like the leader. When he saw this scene, he sneered.

“Regardless of whether it’s true or false, capture this brat for me as well. With the fluctuations of the sixth or seventh level of Body Refinement, he must be someone with contribution points!”

As they spoke, these seven to eight people immediately split into two groups. Four of them chased after the woman, while the remaining four headed straight for Xu Qing.

Xu Qing frowned and swept his gaze over the four people who were approaching. These four people weren’t ordinary either. They were all cultivators and most of them were at the sixth level of Qi Condensation. Moreover, it seemed like they mainly cultivated body refinement.

However, he really didn’t want to kill someone as soon as he arrived in this city. Hence, he stepped back to avoid them and spoke in a low voice.

“I don’t know her.”

“Brat, I don’t care if you know her or not. You’re just unlucky!” The burly dude who pounced at him sneered. He waved his hand and punched out. The other three also attacked separately. One of them even had a saber in his hand as he laughed sinisterly.

Under the moonlight, the blade gleamed coldly and was even smeared with poison.

Xu Qing’s eyelids drooped.

Some people in this world liked to linger around the gates of hell. He originally didn’t want to make a move but since the other party had killing intent, Xu Qing silently moved his body and no longer retreated.

Instead, he moved like lightning and instantly appeared in front of the person who threw the punch. His left hand then landed on the forehead of the person.

His speed was so fast that it was astonishing.

With a bang, the burly dude’s head exploded under Xu Qing’s astonishing strength that was comparable to the great circle of perfection in body refinement. Amidst the bloody mess, Xu Qing’s expression was calm. He took a step forward and arrived in front of the saber-wielding person. Under the person’s horror, he used his shoulder to knock him.

Half of the saber-wielding person’s body suddenly collapsed.

After that, Xu Qing threw two punches through the air at the two remaining people whose eyes were wide open and whose expressions changed drastically.

Just as the two of them were about to retreat, a fluctuation appeared in the air in front of them, instantly enveloping them. In that instant, the two of them trembled intensely and blood spurted out. Their chests caved in, completely shattering as they breathed their last.

Everything happened in the span of two breaths and all four of them died.

This scene caused the four burly men who were sent out not far away to stop in their tracks. They stared at the expressionless Xu Qing with dumbfounded expressions and each of them felt as though their scalps were about to explode.

“Mis… misunderstanding… we…” That leader’s earlier arrogance completely vanished. His body trembled and he was about to speak when he saw the coldness in Xu Qing’s gaze. His mind then rumbled as he frantically retreated.

The instant he retreated, Xu Qing moved.

In the next instant, other than this leader, the other three people all trembled and spat out mouthfuls of blood. Bloody holes could be seen on their temples as they fell to the ground and died.

Xu Qing’s figure appeared beside them. He retracted his blood-stained finger and walked toward the fleeing leader.

Xu Qing had a habit of not killing but once he acted, he wanted to eliminate all hidden danger.

At that moment, Xu Qing moved closer to the other party. With an indifferent expression, he lifted his right hand and was about to descend.

“Fellow Daoist, I’m one of the Night King’s men. Don’t be rash…” The leader was shocked and hurriedly spoke with a look of despair.

Xu Qing’s right hand paused as he looked at the pale-faced burly dude who was trembling intensely.

“Seven Blood Eyes disciple?”

“It’s not the Seven Blood Eyes but…” The burly dude started and subconsciously answered. However, before he could finish his sentence, Xu Qing’s right hand had already landed on the burly dude’s forehead.

With a bang, blood splattered everywhere.

Xu Qing bent down and wiped his hands on the corpse. After that, he lifted his head and stared into the pitch-black distance. He pondered for a moment. He wasn’t familiar with the terrain here, so he didn’t search for the fleeing woman.

However, he remembered the other party’s appearance.

After that, he lowered his head and was about to deal with the corpse when he suddenly had a thought. Xu Qing abruptly turned his head and looked at the inn in the distance, his body forming an attacking stance.

At the entrance of the inn, an old man appeared out of nowhere. This old man wore a shopkeeper’s robe and had a hunchback. His face was covered in age spots and his complexion was sallow. He looked sickly.

After noticing Xu Qing’s gaze, he grinned and revealed his yellowed teeth as he smiled.

“Kid, are you selling those corpses? How about eight corpses for ten spirit coins each?”

Xu Qing started. This was the first time he had heard of someone wanting to buy a corpse. Hence, he cast a wary glance at the old man but didn’t say anything. He lowered his head and began to deal with it.

After being rejected, the old man shook his head helplessly.

“What a pity, what a pity. The corpses that just died are the freshest.”

A long time later, Xu Qing was done with his business. He then looked at the inn, hesitating in his heart as to whether he should stay there or not.

As though he could see Xu Qing’s hesitation, the old man outside the inn smiled and spoke.

“You look like you’ve just arrived here. In the vicinity, other than my shop, which is still open for business, the others are all closed. 80 spirit coins or 80 contribution points per night. I’m not lying.”

“Contribution points?” Xu Qing looked at the old man. Previously, he had heard the woman who framed him mention contribution points.

“As expected of a newcomer. You’ll know the value of contribution points in the future. It’s the same as spirit coins.” The old man grinned.

Xu Qing frowned. He felt that everything in this city was strange. The value of spirit coins and contribution points was the same. Someone wanted to buy a corpse and the property prices were so ridiculous.

“Don’t think it’s too expensive. The nights in the main city aren’t too peaceful. The other inns aren’t cheap either. I only have two rooms left.” the old man said with a fake smile.

Xu Qing pondered for a while. He looked at the sky and then at the old man. As he pondered, he narrowed his eyes and glanced at the street. At that moment, there was a blood shadow rapidly approaching. Its target was this inn.

When he got close, he saw the figure of a cultivator. Without saying a word, he threw out a leather bag filled with spirit coins and disappeared into the inn.

“There’s only one room left now.” the old man said with a smile as he checked the leather bag in his hand.

Xu Qing thought about it and decided to walk over. He handed over the spirit coins and booked the last room on the second floor. Before entering the room, he headed downstairs to the counter where the old man who was smoking a pipe asked.

“What’s the point of buying those corpses?”

The old man looked up and grinned.

“I have a little pet at home. They like it. What a pity, you still won’t sell it to me. If you have such a thing in the future, remember to sell it to me. The price is negotiable.”

Xu Qing fell silent and glanced at the old man before entering the room.

Here, he checked carefully. After confirming that there was nothing wrong, Xu Qing pushed open the window and looked outside.

In the darkness of the night, the city was pitch-black. The vast moonlight cascaded down, as though draping a mysterious veil over the black city.

The whistling of the ship’s flute on the distant sea was transmitted by the waves. Under the beam of the lighthouse, one could faintly see huge boats slowly approaching.

Looking at these, Xu Qing recalled the words of the female disciple beside the teleportation array. He then realized in his heart that this city was like a deep pool, hiding too many dangers. He finally knew where the faint smell of blood came from. After all, he had added a hint of blood to this city earlier.

This place was very different from the environment he had lived in before in terms of architecture and cleanliness. However, at the core, there didn’t seem to be any difference.

“In the end, it’s still the Chaotic Era…” Xu Qing mumbled. He stopped thinking about these things and started to consider the entry test.

“Although there’s a high chance that I’ll be able to pass the test, I still have to be prepared. Once I fail, what should I do? Also, the Diamond Sect’s ancestor is currently my greatest threat. I have to improve myself as soon as possible and then kill him.”

As these thoughts ran through his mind, the sky outside grew darker and darker. Although there were no roars or strange sounds from mutated beasts, as the wind blew in, the sounds of hooting and wanton laughter could be heard. It was the dark side of humanity.

Xu Qing was used to this and didn’t bother with it. He lowered his head and took out a sack.

This item was something he had obtained from the Diamond Sect. He had also checked it on the way and was extremely shocked.

This cloth bag looked very small, only the size of a palm. In reality, after opening it, it contained many things. There were so many items inside that it was the size of a bed.

He had heard of such an item at the scavenger campsite. It was called a storage bag.

A storage bag was an extremely rare item in the area Xu Qing had lived in previously. Its value was astonishing and it was very difficult to purchase.

Just this storage bag was enough to make the Diamond Sect’s heartache. Not to mention, there were many pill bottles inside that were filled with Clear Dust Pills.

There were more than 30 of them.

Compared to this, what made Xu Qing even more surprised was the 110 spirit stones inside!

Xu Qing had never seen spirit stones before but Captain Lei had once imparted some knowledge to him during a meal and it included spirit stones.

It was an item that was much more valuable than spirit coins. One piece was equivalent to 1,000 spirit coins and it was made from highly concentrated spirit energy. At critical moments, one could directly cultivate. Any piece of it was extremely valuable and Captain Lei had even described its appearance. That was why Xu Qing recognized it.

These items were his greatest harvest from the Diamond Sect. As for the other miscellaneous items, they were nothing compared to his storage bag and spirit stones.

Even though Xu Qing had checked many times on the way, he was still shocked by this windfall after he was done tidying up. This was the greatest fortune he had obtained since he was young.

“If I don’t pass the test, then this sum of money should be enough for me to speed up my cultivation in this Seven Blood Eyes main city…” Xu Qing muttered and closed his eyes to begin cultivating.

No matter where he was, no matter what the next test would be like, to Xu Qing, cultivation couldn’t be stopped. This was the foundation of his existence in this world and it was also the best guarantee for his survival.

After all, in this chaotic world, something that seemed eternal like the sunrise and sunset might change one day.

Anything was possible.

The only thing that didn’t change was the survival of the fittest.

Also… in Xu Qing’s experience, places with many people were even more dangerous than forbidden zones. This was because it was the most difficult to judge the viciousness of the human heart.

This was especially so for this Seven Blood Eyes main city that clearly hid dangers and mysteries.

To the youth, this place was also a forbidden zone.

Another type of forbidden zone.


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