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Outside of Time – Chapter 264: 264 Sea Corpse Strange News (6) Bahasa Indonesia

264 Sea Corpse Strange News (6)

To the Sea Corpse Race, lands with such dense anomalous substances were naturally holy lands. However, to other cultivators who absorbed spirit energy, this place was equivalent to a poisonous land.

Moreover, once they stayed here for too long and the anomalous substances in their bodies accumulated without control, the possibility of mutation would increase infinitely.

However, the captain clearly had methods to ignore the poison of anomalous substances for a short period. Xu Qing didn’t know why but he felt that there was a high chance that it had something to do with flesh with divinity.

Clearly, the episode on Binding Island couldn’t be the captain’s first act of madness. He should have done crazy things many times.

Xu Qing also saw that other than the black grass, blood-colored lingzhi, and withered tall trees, there were also blood-colored rivers.

Although the sky was pitch-black, it didn’t affect one’s vision. There were many eyes in the clouds and these eyes were all red. Every time they opened, light would spread to the ground.

As they opened and closed at different times, this land covered by the black sky always had light. Although the lighting was dim, it was enough for cultivators to observe their surroundings.

As for what these eyes were, Xu Qing soon knew the answer.

He saw an eye crawling out of the clouds, revealing the body of a large rotting fish. This fish had a tentacle on its head and an eye at the end of the tentacle.

It couldn’t be seen when it was closed but when it was opened, it emitted a light like a lantern.

These fish were densely packed in the clouds in the sky of the Sea Corpse Race. They would occasionally sink and fly through the air, causing light to continuously spread out.

This scene made Xu Qing feel very strange. At the same time, he also saw many sea corpses. The members of this race were from all kinds of races, most of which Xu Qing had never seen before.

As they moved forward, Xu Qing also saw a scene that caused his mind to shake.

It was a piece of land.

All the lingzhi and giant trees on the ground had been cleared. When the octopus passed by the land, Xu Qing saw a large number of sea corpses digging on the ground.

The portions that had been dug out looked like a palm. However, this palm was too big, a few thousand feet in size. It looked like the burial ground of an ancient giant.

As the ground was dug up and the rotting flesh were revealed, Xu Qing noticed that more sea corpses gathered there. They were casting spells and performing some kind of ritual.

When the ship Xu Qing was on left that area, an earth-shattering roar rang out. Xu Qing’s heart trembled as he turned his head and saw a huge hand that was ten thousand feet long stretching out from the ground, as though it wanted to grab at the sky.

“Revival!” Xu Qing drew in a deep breath.

Other than that, there was a unique creature in the Sea Corpse Race. It was a butterfly with a ghost face.

According to the captain’s common knowledge classes, when Xu Qing saw these butterflies, he knew that these butterflies were called ghost dreams. It was rumored that these ghost dream butterflies were the true natives of this island continent.

They were a race that had appeared here before the Sea Corpse Race. There were many of them on this island continent. As Xu Qing and the captain moved forward, ghost dream butterflies floated over and danced around them.

This scene should have been a beautiful scene, but as the malevolent ghost faces on the butterflies’ wings devoured the anomalous substances fiercely, the scene became sinister and strange.

For some reason, many ghost dream butterflies gathered near Xu Qing. In fact, he could see even more of them coming toward him from afar.

This caused Xu Qing to frown.

“My Dao Protector, why are you attracting bees and butterflies1?” Behind him, the captain coughed softly and spoke.


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