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Outside of Time – Chapter 255: 255 Trenchant (1) Bahasa Indonesia

255 Trenchant (1)

On the first ship ahead, the third princess’ eyes were wide open and she felt a piercing pain, but she still tried her best to see everything clearly even though tears were flowing down her eyes.

There was a hint of fascination in her expression, as though she was watching the most beautiful scene in this world.

As for White Robe at the side, he was also stunned for a moment. He looked at Xu Qing and an even more intense sense of urgency rose in his mind.

‘What the hell… How did this kid become stronger again? This Golden Crow… Could this be the emperor-level cultivation art that is circulated on the Forbidden Sea?!’

At the thought of this, White Robe immediately approached the third princess and hurriedly spoke in a low voice.

“Princess, this kid cultivates an extremely vicious cultivation art. I once read about it in an ancient book. It’s called the Dark Name Fate Guiding Art. It is quite powerful. Once he knows the enemy’s name and uses this art, he can instantly take someone’s life. You must not say my name later. Just call me Brother!”

As White Robe quickly reminded, screams rang out from the surroundings.

On the ship Xu Qing was on, the black Golden Crow swung its tail as it circled around.

Immediately, the black sea of tail flames spread in all directions, transforming into chains of black flames. They were like terrifying fire snakes that rushed toward all the Sea Corpse Race cultivators on the entire ship.

After these chains got close to their targets, they quickly wrapped around their bodies and lifted them into the air.

The huge cultivation gap caused the struggles of these Sea Corpse Race members to be useless. All of them were swept up by the black flame chains and surrounded in all directions. From afar, these chains looked like the continuation of the Golden Crow’s tail!

As they were lifted to the air, these Sea Corpse Race members all let out mournful cries.

Their bodies were withering and traces of qi and blood were continuously extracted from their entire bodies, gathering toward the Golden Crow that was moving in the air behind Xu Qing.

Xu Qing’s expression was as calm as ever. He lifted his right foot and stomped down. The terrifying physical strength coupled with the might of the life lantern caused the ship under his feet to directly collapse. It shattered into countless pieces that scattered down from the sky.

Xu Qing’s purple Daoist robe fluttered in the wind. As his long hair danced with the wind, the black Golden Crow on his back rose and covered him.

The fan-shaped tail flames illuminated the surroundings. Numerous dried corpses were wrapped around the black-flame chains.

Coupled with Xu Qing’s demonic face, no matter who saw Xu Qing at this moment, they would feel as though they had seen a demon.

The strange glint in the third princess’ eyes intensified. She had never seen such a person.

However, Xu Qing didn’t care about the third princess who was only at the Perfected Qi Condensation Realm. His gaze swept past her and landed on White Robe beside her.

White Robe, who was suppressing the mosasaur with one hand, also turned his head to stare at Xu Qing.

Xu Qing looked at him and fell silent.

White Robe also looked at Xu Qing with some awkwardness.

Just as the atmosphere became strange, a strange laugh suddenly rang out. Everyone’s gazes turned to the place where the laughter came from.

It was coming from the second ship. As Xu Qing looked over, he saw a bolt of lightning whistling out from the ship and floating in the air.

It was the black iron stick.

Lightning filled it and flowed continuously. From time to time, lightning would jump up from it, forming lightning cracks in all directions.

At the same time, there were also lightning runes flickering on the iron stick. Every rune contained the feeling of Dao, causing the black iron to look incomparably gorgeous like a supreme treasure!

In fact, it would make others feel that once they had it, they wouldn’t abandon it.

There was a bell tied to this black iron stick. This bell was clearly enhanced by lightning and a large number of souls were sealed on it. These souls were clearly from the Sea Corpse Race. All of them let out cries of pain but they couldn’t escape.

Clearly, the Diamond Sect’s ancestor was very considerate. He knew that Xu Qing needed souls. Hence, after rushing into the second ship, he relied on his Lightning Spirit Body to kill while absorbing the souls with the Living Soul Bell and sealing them with lightning.

This way, not only could he show his thoughtfulness, but he could also show his strength.

As for the person who laughed strangely, it was clearly impossible for it to be the Diamond Sect’s ancestor.

At that moment, a figure walked out of the cabin behind the Diamond Sect’s ancestor.

This figure was from the Sea Corpse Race. There was also a ball of life fire burning in his body. He looked like a middle-aged male human cultivator. His body was skinny and the livor mortis spots on his body were very obvious.

He wore a tattered Daoist robe and the corners of his mouth curled up with a hint of pride. As he walked, he let out a sinister laugh.

However, his appearance gave off a strange feeling!

This was because his footsteps seemed a little uncoordinated, as though he had just learned to walk. At the same time, his expression was clearly arrogant but his eyes revealed extreme horror.

This fear was extremely intense and contradicted his expression, forming a strange scene.

He walked to the edge of the ship and stood on the handrail.

His gaze swept disdainfully across White Robe, the third princess, and all the Sea Corpse Race members on the first ship. When his gaze landed on Xu Qing, his expression turned solemn. He knelt on one knee in front of Xu Qing and revealed a respectful expression.

After that, he lifted his hands and placed them on his neck, twisting it ruthlessly.

Amidst the horror of the Sea Corpse Race members on the first ship, this person actually broke his own neck.


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