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248 Contact!

Xu Qing immediately put away the magic ship and activated the Mystic Brilliance Form. The life lantern burned like a volcano and Xu Qing rapidly headed in the direction of the shadow eye!

What was parasitized by this shadow eye was a moonfish.

This fish was usually hundreds of feet in size. Its head was extremely large and occupied almost 90% of its body. Its short fins, small tail, and its mouth that was always open it look a little stupid and adorable.

Its swimming speed wasn’t very fast either, and it especially liked light. Regardless of whether it was sunlight or moonlight, it liked both. Hence, although it clearly had the ability to dive to the bottom of the sea, it still appeared on the surface and floated there like a dead fish.

This moonfish had a strange ability in the Forbidden Sea. Once it appeared, there would definitely be ferocious injured sea beasts in its surroundings.

Most of these sea beasts wouldn’t kill the moonfish. Instead, they treated it like a floating rag and rubbed it against their bodies, especially the wound area.

The Seven Blood Eyes’ sea record also introduced this.

It was said that the body of the moonfish would produce some strange mucus. This mucus possessed a certain amount of healing effects, allowing the moonfishes to have a place in the Forbidden Sea.

Xu Qing was moving in full speed. According to the direction indicated by the shadow, after flying for a full two hours, he finally saw the souls of malicious ghosts rising into the sky in the distance.

It was the Night Parade of a Hundred Ghosts.

The range wasn’t large, about tens of thousands of feet. It was a little different from what Xu Qing had experienced last time. Clearly, the phenomenon of the Night Parade of a Hundred Ghosts wasn’t fixed.

Xu Qing was a little worried.

He didn’t know if his previous judgment was correct, but he had to give it a try. With a wave of his hand, the magic ship appeared and landed on the surface of the sea, stirring up waves. At the same time, the shadow retracted its shadow eye.

Xu Qing stepped on the magic ship and controlled it to move forward slowly. He slowly got close to the area of the Night Parade of a Hundred Ghosts and listened carefully. Waves of strange sounds rang out in his ears.

These sounds weren’t music at all but ear-piercing sound waves formed by the roars of malicious ghosts. They wailed like ghosts and wolves, causing the listener’s mind to be intimidated.

Xu Qing’s magic ship stopped within the range of the Night Parade of a Hundred Ghosts. He took out the sound-catching bottle and opened it, before pouring his magic power into it.

As thread-like light appeared on the sound-catching bottle and gradually spread, the sound-catching ability of the bottle slowly activated.

Xu Qing watched as the malicious ghosts rose into the air and listened to the strange sounds. He recalled the feeling he had when he first encountered the Night Parade of a Hundred Ghosts, and slowly calmed down.

He didn’t reject the mournful cries but accepted them.

After merging himself with these voices, his mind gradually sank. Time flowed by and unknowingly, a night passed.

The next morning, when the first rays of the morning accompanied by the sea breeze blew past his eyelashes and knocked on his window, Xu Qing slowly opened his eyes. There was a hint of sadness hidden in the depths of his eyes but it was quickly hidden in the depths of his heart.

The sky was bright.

The Night Parade of a Hundred Ghosts was over.

“The night passed so quickly,” Xu Qing mumbled. He recalled what he had felt and heard the entire night. The moment he completely calmed down, he finally heard a different voice.

Now that he recalled it, he couldn’t tell what tune it was.

It felt more like a dream to Xu Qing. However, this time, what he dreamed of wasn’t Grandmaster Bai’s teachings but the scene of him eating snakes with Captain Lei in the scavenger campsite…

After a long time, Xu Qing lowered his head and glanced at the sound-catching bottle. He then waved it. Immediately, the sound from last night rang out from the bottle. It was lifelike and exactly the same. In fact, he even closed his eyes and felt that the Night Parade of a Hundred Ghosts was still continuing.

What made Xu Qing feel even more complicated was that he actually felt like he was in a dream again. Vaguely, the scenes in his memory appeared in his mind again. This time, the scene was the scene of him carrying Captain Lei and moving forward outside the scavenger campsite.

Even Captain Lei’s words from back then appeared in Xu Qing’s mind, causing him to involuntarily lose his focus.

“After this, you have to pay more attention to those scavengers in the campsite.”

“At night, don’t forget to feed those dogs. These little fellows are the most trustworthy ones in the campsite.”

“Also, you have to remember to eat. Don’t eat cold food. Don’t find cooking or heating troublesome. Eat it after it’s hot… You’re still growing, so you can’t be careless.”

“Otherwise, when you get older in the future, you’ll know how tough it is. Oh right, don’t sleep on the bed boards in the future. Don’t be afraid of dirtying the bedding. Remember to bask in the sun after you’re done bathing.”

Xu Qing’s body trembled slightly. The sea breeze landed on his body, blowing his robe and hair. However, it couldn’t blow away the memories and sadness that rose in his heart.

After a long time, Xu Qing sighed softly and lowered his head again. He silently looked at the sound-catching bottle and whispered hoarsely.

“It’s a pity that I haven’t found the heavenfate flower yet…”

After a long time, Xu Qing suppressed the thoughts again and hid all his emotions in the depths of his heart. His eyes slowly regained their sharpness and his face revealed determination. The aura on his body turned cold again.

“I’m still too weak. I have to become stronger!”

Xu Qing’s gaze was firm. After he looked around and discovered that this place was already very remote, he soared into the air and checked again to confirm that there was no one nearby.

Only then did he return to the magic ship. He looked at the sea before suddenly speaking.

“Shadow, summon the giant.”

The rising sun scattered gentle light on the calm sea. From afar, the black sea looked like a piece of black jade. While it revealed mystery, it also emitted a hint of decay under the sunlight.

Perhaps in the past, the depth of the sea was its majesty. However, in this era, its decay came from the breaths of terrifying existences sleeping at the bottom of the sea.

The giant and the dragon carriage were only one of them.

Regarding Xu Qing’s words, the shadow didn’t dare to hesitate at all. Even though it didn’t understand why he was doing this, even though it really wanted to put out a question mark and ask, any intelligent creature would become obedient as long as they were controlled by the fear of death.

Hence, the instant Xu Qing spoke, the shadow didn’t hesitate to open a crack and let out a sound.

Krrk, krrk.

This grinding sound echoed on the quiet sea. It wasn’t very loud but this sound seemed to contain some special signal that could attract the attention of some strange existences.

Under Xu Qing’s vigilance, the wind slowly rose on the sea.

Ripples appeared on the calm surface of the sea. There were more and more of these ripples as the wind grew stronger. They formed undulating waves that chased after each other.

The waves were black, like a piece of satin fluttering in the wind. As it swayed continuously, Xu Qing, who was completely focused, observed the bottom of the sea closely through his plesiosaur.

Perhaps it was because the area Xu Qing was in was too far away from the place where he had seen the giant and the dragon carriage before, or maybe the giant had moved further away, it took longer than before.

The time it took for an incense stick to burn passed. As the seawater rose on a large scale, Xu Qing finally saw the rapids at the bottom of the sea in the distance through the plesiosaur. It was as though there was a colossus striding over rapidly.

“It’s here!”

Xu Qing was a little nervous but his gaze became even sharper. The life fire in his body was instantly ignited and the life lantern lit up as well. His aura suddenly soared as he entered the Mystic Brilliance Form.

In his eyes, the sea seemed to have been stripped of a portion of its black color. It was no longer so blurry, allowing him to see the majestic giant figure and countless swaying tentacles approaching from the depths of the sea.

At this moment, everything in the surroundings slowed down in his eyes. Only the giant’s movements didn’t change at all. It was as though Xu Qing’s Mystic Brilliance Form was completely ineffective in front of it.

It walked toward Xu Qing step by step. Gradually, its figure became clearer and clearer. The sound of the iron chains on its body also spread in all directions. The dilapidated bronze dragon carriage behind it also appeared in Xu Qing’s eyes.

It was rusty and incomparably tall.

At that moment, the distance between them was less than 10,000 feet. Although the giant’s figure was enveloped by the sea, its height and the terrifying aura it emitted were extremely intense.

Xu Qing had never been so close to it before!

The first time, he was about 100,000 feet away, so he could only see a rough outline and couldn’t see the murals on the dragon carriage clearly.

Last time, he was tens of thousands of feet away. Coupled with the increase in his cultivation, he could see the murals clearly.

At this moment, as the range between them shortened to less than 10,000 feet, not only did the murals become clearer in Xu Qing’s eyes, but there was also a pressure that shook Xu Qing’s soul. It enveloped him with an overwhelming force.

The Diamond Sect’s ancestor instantly trembled and quickly entered the black iron stick. As he resisted with all his might, Xu Qing’s mind and body shook. Blood flowed down his nose, and his eyes were bloodshot.

Only the shadow was normal. However, it was clearly afraid of Xu Qing’s torture. Even though Xu Qing didn’t seem to be in a good state, it still didn’t dare to take the risk.

Xu Qing wiped the blood from his nose and coldly glanced at the shadow. He looked at the sea again before analyzing inwardly. Determination appeared in his eyes.

“Although the distance is still a little far… I can’t wait anymore!”


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