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236 Something Is Strange!

The Seven Blood Eyes was a sect that prioritized benefits, so the respect the weak had for the strong was even more obvious. No one was stupid enough to not let go of their attitude when facing the strong.

Most of such people wouldn’t be able to survive until now.

Right now, the respect the Fifth Peak Foundation Building cultivator showed to Xu Qing was as if he was meeting an elder.

No matter what his real thoughts were, very few people would hate such respectful attitudes.

Xu Qing nodded. After scanning his surroundings, he found a corner and sat down.

As he waited for the tide to arrive, he broke open the 41st magic aperture in his body.

Life Fire Foundation Building cultivator’s soul was much more effective. In an instant, Xu Qing’s 41st magic aperture was successfully opened. There was even soul power left to attack the 42nd magic aperture.

Although it didn’t break, there were many cracks on it.


Xu Qing was quite happy. He felt that if this continued, it shouldn’t be long before he could form the second ball of life fire. At that time, although he would look like he had two flames, his actual combat strength would already already reach the peak of the three life fire.

‘It’s a pity that there aren’t many Life Fire Foundation Building cultivators. Whether I can encounter them depends on luck.’ Xu Qing’s thoughts spun as he pondered if he should try accepting some difficult missions next.

While he was thinking, the disciples outside the valley entered the valley one after another and helped the Second Peak disciples dismantle the pill furnace and magic artifacts.

Not long later, after everything was prepared, everyone gathered around the teleportation array. While waiting for the sect’s tide, they also whispered to each other while secretly glancing at Xu Qing.

Xu Qing’s existence seemed to have become their backbone. Although they were on the battlefield, everyone in the valley felt some sense of safety.

During this process, the island also rumbled and quaked many times. The sound echoed in all directions. It was caused by fluctuations from other teleportation points.

The anomalous substances were becoming increasingly dense here.

The sky darkened. The layers of clouds in the sky also became blurry, as though they were hiding some huge danger.

“Senior Brother, I buried many formation eyes on this island. Although more than half of them have been destroyed now, we can still see some scenes.” While Xu Qing was meditating, the Second Peak’s Life Fire young woman covered the torn shirt on her chest with her hand and walked to his side.

Although this woman’s injuries were very serious and her face was pale, it couldn’t hide her beauty. She had an oval face, curved brows, and phoenix eyes. She was an extremely beautiful woman in her thirties. And since she refined pills all year round, the pill fragrance on her body smelled as good as the smell on Gu Muqing.

Xu Qing looked over.

It was unknown if this woman was doing it on purpose. Because Xu Qing was sitting and she was standing, the moment Xu Qing lifted his head, he could see the tattered clothes on the woman’s chest that were covered by her hand. However, her hand didn’t seem to be covering them accurately.

Her snow-white skin seemed to hide astonishing peaks.

Xu Qing expressionlessly shifted his gaze away and landed on the woman’s face. The moment their eyes met, the woman from the Second Peak looked at Xu Qing’s face and sensed the terrifying aura coming from his body. Her heart couldn’t help but race.

However, she quickly realized that she had lost her composure and hurriedly lowered her head to perform a series of hand seals. Immediately, a screen appeared in front of her.

On the screen, one could clearly see a large number of Sea Corpse Race members walking out of the sea one after another. There were so many of them that it was a shocking sight.

At the same time, there were also Sea Corpse Race cultivators in many locations on this island.

There were even some who were approaching them.

“How much longer will the tide take?” Xu Qing asked.

“About 100 breaths of time!” The person who answered Xu Qing wasn’t the woman but Gu Muqing who was walking over quickly.

As though she had arrived in a hurry, her black hair was blown up by the wind and fluttered slightly. As she arrived, a few strands of hair landed in front of her and brushed past her beautiful face, creating a beautiful scene.

This was especially so for her clear eyes and the refreshing and natural aura they emitted. This made Gu Muqing look like a figure from a painting.

After walking over, she glanced at the woman beside her and bowed lightly.

“Greetings, Martial Aunt Li.”

The woman smiled and looked at the girl in front of her meaningfully.

Gu Muqing then looked at Xu Qing.

“Senior Brother Xu…”

Xu Qing looked at Gu Muqing.

Seeing that Xu Qing didn’t mind how she addressed him, Gu Muqing was very happy and spoke softly.

“Senior Brother Xu, this is the control jade slip for the forbidden pill here. You have the highest cultivation base here. The sect requests to activate this pill before we retreat. You can decide.” As Gu Muqing spoke, she handed a jade slip to Xu Qing.

Xu Qing took the jade slip and wasn’t surprised that the jade slip was with Gu Muqing and not the Second Peak’s Foundation Building cultivator at the side. He knew that those old fellows from the Seven Blood Eyes trusted core disciples the most.

Hence, it wasn’t strange for such an arrangement.

Xu Qing took the jade slip and swept his gaze over it. At that moment, whistling sounds rang out from outside the valley. A group of Sea Corpse Race cultivators had appeared. Although they saw the corpses on the ground, the Sea Corpses still rushed toward the valley.

While everyone in the valley was nervous, Xu Qing didn’t even lift his head and continued to check the jade slip.

After that, screams rang out from outside the valley. The bodies of all the approaching Sea Corpse Race members instantly showed signs of rotting. Some even melted into a pool of blue blood after taking a few steps.

This scene caused the expressions of all the disciples in the valley to change and their hearts skipped a beat. However, the Second Peak’s disciples were the first to recover. All of them stared at the outside world. While they were moved, they also looked at Xu Qing, feeling very shocked.

They knew that this was poison.

A poison that even the Sea Corpse Race couldn’t withstand must be a specialized poison. Not only did this specialized poison require extremely high attainments in medicines, but it also required countless experiments.

The former was fine, but the latter was the most difficult.

This was also the reason why there were very few people refining poison on the Second Peak. This was because many times, before one could kill someone, they would be poisoned during the refining process.

Such a powerful poison made everyone feel even more at ease. At the same time, the outside of the valley quickly fell silent. After all, under the effect of the poison and with the black iron stick and shadow taking advantage of the night to go out, it naturally fell silent very quickly.

Just like that, 100 breaths of time was about to arrive. Everyone here stood outside the teleportation array in batches, waiting for it to be activated.

The teleportation array here wasn’t large. According to the number of people here, it would take three activations for all of them to be teleported.

Xu Qing also stood up and walked to the side of the teleportation array. Just as he was about to speak, his expression suddenly changed and he turned his head to look outside the valley.

Almost at the instant Xu Qing looked over, a shocking fire shadow suddenly appeared in the night outside the valley. It was a figure covered in a white robe. It was rushing over rapidly from afar.

Corpse poison emanated from this person’s body and the life fire in his body burned. The aura erupting from his Mystic Brilliance Form far exceeded that of a ball of life fire cultivator. As he got closer, thunder rumbled.

His speed was indescribable. It was impossible for ordinary Foundation Building cultivators to see it clearly. Even the woman with a ball of life fire was the same.

The pressures on the minds of the Seven Blood Eyes’ disciples’ mind rose uncontrollably at this moment.

From afar, it was as though a volcano was erupting in the person’s body. Coupled with the corpse poison, it caused the flames emitted to turn green.

“Two balls of life fire.” Xu Qing’s eyes narrowed.

This person was the first two life fire cultivator Xu Qing had seen on the battlefield.

His aura was astonishing. As he got closer, the sky and the land was dyed green from the light emanating from him.

It was as though a green palm was slapping toward the valley.

The instant he got close, the figure saw everything in the valley clearly. He seemed to pause for a moment but soon, he laughed out for some reason and his speed became even faster.

Xu Qing narrowed his eyes and took a step forward. The instant his foot landed, the life lantern in his body ignited.

Under the rumbling eruption of the volcano, he entered the Mystic Brilliance Form. The familiar perception appeared again and everything in the surroundings slowed down. Only the figure approaching in front was moving at a normal speed.

Xu Qing instantly rose into the air, heading straight for the person.

In the blink of an eye, the two of them collided in mid-air. A rumbling sound erupted, surpassing the thunder and exploding in all directions. At the same time, Xu Qing clenched his right hand into a fist and the life fire in his body burned as he punched out ruthlessly.

The life fire in the body of the white-robed Sea Corpse Race cultivator burned as he also threw a punch over.

The two punches collided. Xu Qing’s entire body trembled and his internal organs were churning. He could sense how powerful the other party was. This strength surpassed Xu Qing’s judgment of two life fires.

He was very clear that with his Qi Condensation foundation and the existence of the life lantern, he would definitely have the advantage even against cultivators with two life fires. However, this white-robed Sea Corpse Race cultivator seemed a little different.

He waved his hand; the plesiosaur manifested and charged toward the other party. At the same time, the black fiendish fire in his body erupted, forming fire daggers that also headed straight for the other party.

Xu Qing lifted his left hand and in the blink of an eye, a heavenly saber appeared above him.

Under the enhancement of Xu Qing’s Mystic Brilliance Form, the might of this saber was even stronger and the range was larger. Its entire body was covered in black flames as it ruthlessly slashed at the white-robed Sea Corpse Race cultivator.

An earth-shattering boom rang out.

The white-robed Sea Corpse Race cultivator’s body was blasted back. He didn’t have it easy either and the life fires in his body were swaying.

Xu Qing’s expression revealed cruelty as he charged over again.

Although the entire body of the white-robed Sea Corpse Race cultivator was covered by his robe and his appearance couldn’t be seen clearly, his eyes showed a hint of madness.

Xu Qing saw this madness and suddenly frowned. However, he didn’t have time to think too much at this moment and still rushed out. In the blink of an eye, he collided with the white-robed cultivator.

Booming sounds continued to erupt. The two of them attacked extremely quickly in mid-air in their respective Mystic Brilliance Forms. Their spells were even more shocking. They continued to exchange blows and attacked over a hundred times in just over ten breaths.

After these full-powered attacks, both of them retreated. Xu Qing spat out a mouthful of blood, and the white-robed cultivator also spat out a mouthful of blood. Other than madness in his gaze, there was also intense surprise and a trace of… discontentment.

Xu Qing stared into the other party’s eyes, but didn’t speak. The volcano in his body erupted and his body rushed out crazily like a sharp blade.


He brandished the dagger in his hand and the heavenly saber appeared again. At the same time, the spirit sea in his body spread out to form a suppression. There was also the black iron stick with the sound of bells.

In addition, Xu Qing also scattered a lot of poison when he attacked. After he rapidly got close, he ruthlessly attacked the other party’s neck with the dagger.

This white-robed cultivator was also extraordinary. As he performed a series of hand seals with both hands, the corpse poison in the surroundings instantly turned cold. It headed straight for Xu Qing from all directions, as though it wanted to freeze him. At the same time, a huge piece of ice appeared in front of him, blocking and attacking Xu Qing.

Xu Qing had no choice but to retreat. As for the white-robed cultivator, his eyes flashed and he suddenly moved. It was unknown what secret art he used but he actually broke through the void and appeared in front of Xu Qing, grabbing at his neck.

When Xu Qing saw this, to the surprise of the white-robed cultivator, he didn’t dodge. Instead, he used his head to ruthlessly collide with the other party’s palm.

At the next instant, the two collided. Xu Qing’s head was bleeding, while the white-robed cultivator let out a miserable cry. His right hand directly shattered into pieces. Just as he was about to retreat, Xu Qing had already stuck close to him and slashed at the other party’s stomach.

His speed was so fast that the pupils of the white-robed cultivator contracted. His mind trembled intensely and he suddenly retreated. However, Xu Qing still tore open his robe, causing some items inside to scatter.

There were many types of items, but the most eye-catching ones were some fruits. There were oranges, peaches, pears, and among them, apples were the greatest in number…


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