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231 A Great Power Crushes the Weak


The Foundation Building cultivator of the Sea Corpse Race who was about to arrive suddenly paused.

He was a nonhuman when he was alive. His appearance looked like a human but had six eyes. Other than the two on normal locations, he had one on his glabella, two on his cheeks, as well as one on the back of his head.

More than half of its body had already taken shape in the teleportation array, and it showed his head and eyes.

His breathing was clearly hurried. Regardless of whether it was the five eyes that Xu Qing could see or the sixth eye that he couldn’t see, all of their pupils constricted.

All the eyes showed shock and disbelief. The intense changes in his mind couldn’t be concealed at all.

“Yo-your life fire? Not a ball!! Thi-this…”

This Mystic Brilliance Form Foundation Building cultivator of the Sea Corpse Race only felt a rumbling in his mind and his body shivered. The intense life-and-death crisis caused his soul to tremble, and he wanted nothing more than to destroy the teleportation array. However, the teleportation was almost finished, so he couldn’t do it while in the teleportation array. He quickly shouted at the black-robed scholar.

“Hurry up and destroy the teleportation array!”

In reality, he wasn’t the only shocked one. The black-robed scholar from the Sea Corpse Race, who was about to approach Xu Qing, also felt his mind churning at this moment.

The heat and light of the flames in Xu Qing’s body at this moment was too terrifying!

That volcanic eruption-like might caused the black-robed scholar’s eyes to feel as though they were being pierced by countless needles. The intense pain was incomparable, and he couldn’t look straight at Xu Qing. The shock he felt was so great that his mind was about to collapse.

How could the black-robed scholar dare to approach? An intense life-and-death crisis subverted everything in his mind. There was only one path in front of him.

That was to violate the race’s instincts and not listen to the words of the higher-ups. He would make use of their arrival to attract the enemy’s attention and escape rapidly.

He instantly made a judgment and retreated.

At that moment, Xu Qing, who was standing in the distance, lifted his head.

The volcano in his body shook the heavens and the earth, burning the seawater in the surroundings. Even his eyes emitted piercing flames like a divine son.

His gaze seemed to be able to penetrate all barriers and obstacles. Even the fluctuations of the teleportation array couldn’t affect it at all. Xu Qing directly locked onto the six-eyed cultivator of the Sea Corpse Race.

In Xu Qing’s eyes, everything was extremely slow.

The black-robed scholar was slowly fleeing. The dust in the surroundings seemed to have stopped, and everything seemed to be fixed eternally.

The fluctuations of the teleportation array were like ink in the water, slowly spreading. Only the six-eyed cultivator moved relatively faster.

However… it was still very slow!

Being stared at by Xu Qing shook the mind of the six-eyed cultivator. His expression changed drastically and he couldn’t help but wail inwardly.

“Two balls, it is definitely two balls. Since this Seventh Peak cultivator of the Seven Blood Eyes has two balls of life fire, why didn’t he let me out earlier!!” As he wailed inwardly, the teleportation array suddenly showed signs of destruction.

Clearly, on the other side of the teleportation array, someone was helping him destroy the teleportation array and avoid this calamity.

However, it was too late.

Xu Qing lifted his right hand and gently pressed toward the teleportation array.

A ball of black fiendish fire erupted from the volcano in Xu Qing’s body and spread out crazily. It instantly formed a huge black flame palm that descended toward the teleportation array.

This palm emitted an astonishing heat that carried an aura that could burn everything. As it landed, cracks appeared on the ground, as though the ground was about to shatter.

All the seaweed withered and turned into ashes. The seawater in the surrounding area also evaporated in an instant, forming a hollow space, revealing the dimming teleportation array.

It also revealed the six-eyed cultivator whose mind had collapsed and was letting out hysterical roars in the teleportation array.

He didn’t have time to escape. The incomparably intense life-and-death crisis caused him to let out a mournful roar. He used all his strength and four additional arms grew out of his body.

He raised all six hands and the life fire in his body erupted to activate the Mystic Brilliance Form. At this moment, he didn’t hesitate to destroy his magic apertures and stimulate all his potential, turning his body into a ball of flames that resisted Xu Qing’s black fire palm.

At the same time, he also took out three magic artifacts and spat out a blue jade. Amidst his despair were malevolence and madness.

However, it was still not enough!

A ball of life fire wasn’t worthy of being an enemy of a cultivator with a life lantern.

As the black fire palm landed and everything in the surroundings turned to ashes, the six-eyed cultivator’s magic artifacts were of no use. Two of them instantly cracked and collapsed. The third one also collapsed in less than half a breath of time.

The last to shatter was the blue jade. It shattered with cracking sounds. After that, the powerful body of the Sea Corpse Race cultivator started collapsing.

In the blink of an eye, three of his six arms collapsed. Amidst the bloody mess, his legs couldn’t withstand it and exploded.

The remaining three arms were all twisted from the huge impact. In the end, they couldn’t resist and exploded into blue blood mist.

The black palm ruthlessly slapped down on the ground, crushing everything below!

The teleportation array shattered and turned into ashes.

A deep palm print appeared on the ground, and the six-eyed cultivator’s body was completely destroyed. Only a ball of green fire was left. The dim ball of green fire that looked like it could be extinguished at any time fled crazily into the distance.

Its speed was extremely fast in the eyes of those who hadn’t formed their life fire. In fact, they wouldn’t even be able to see it clearly. However, in Xu Qing’s eyes, it was still very slow.

He took a step forward.

With this step, the surrounding seawater exploded, transforming into torrents that rolled crazily to the sides.

His speed was so fast that he broke through all obstacles in the blink of an eye and appeared in front of the shocked six-eyed cultivator. He then casually grabbed it.

He ignored the other party’s life fire and directly penetrated it, grabbing the soul inside like he was grabbing a chick.

No matter how the other party struggled, it was useless. In the end, amidst the Sea Corpse Race cultivator’s mournful cries, black flames covered Xu Qing’s body and instantly enveloped him.

He directly refined his soul!

Even now, the dead six-eyed cultivator couldn’t understand why this Seven Blood Eyes disciple was clearly so strong but still interrupted his teleportation several times.

After all, he had never seen someone who could reach such a level after just forming their life fire. Hence, from what he knew, it was impossible for Xu Qing to have just formed his life fire.

In the span of three breaths, as Xu Qing released his grip, the soul of the Sea Corpse Race cultivator was refined into his body and burned like firewood.

Xu Qing then turned toward the black-robed scholar who looked to be fleeing slowly in his eyes. Looking at the other party’s fleeing figure, Xu Qing even had the time to think about the difference between having life fire and not having one.

“The difference is indeed too great.” Xu Qing sighed with emotion and took a step toward the black-robed scholar.

The speed of the Mystic Brilliance Form caused the black-robed scholar to be unable to see him clearly at all. As the seawater exploded again, Xu Qing had already appeared in front of him.

Before the black-robed scholar’s movements could change, Xu Qing had already lifted his hand. A black-flame dagger appeared and slashed across the black-robed scholar’s neck.

The head and the body that were separated into two were connected by the black flames.

As the flames spread up and down, they split into two again and were burned at the same time. After they turned into ashes and dissipated, Xu Qing looked in the direction the youth from the Third Peak had fled in earlier.

The other party’s figure could no longer be seen. Clearly, he had fled far away and it was impossible for him to know the changes here.

Xu Qing thought about it and gave up on pursuing.

Other than escaping, the other party could also release bizarre entities. Although the latter made him a target and escaped, he still helped him a little in the end.

Xu Qing started collecting the spoils of war. He then checked his surroundings and confirmed that he had indeed not missed anything. Only then did he leave, instantly disappearing from this place.

Under the Mystic Brilliance Form, Xu Qing, who was speeding through the underwater world, felt exhilarated. He had an indescribable feeling. That strength that came from his body made Xu Qing feel very safe.

His speed was so fast that ordinary Foundation Building cultivators couldn’t see him at all. At the same time, the feeling of a volcano erupting in his body shocked even him.

‘I wonder how I am now compared to the captain…’ Xu Qing mumbled inwardly. As he sensed the rising life fire on his life lantern, he deeply realized how terrifying the Mystic Brilliance Form was.

“All my abilities seem to have transformed!” As Xu Qing sped, he lifted his right hand and waved it. Immediately, a black sea of fire that was much more majestic than before spread out, instantly destroying a teleportation array of the Sea Corpse Race.

After that, he clenched his fist and pressed it against the ground. Immediately, the ground rumbled and cracks erupted, forming a huge pit.

He performed a series of hand seals. The seawater in the surroundings suddenly churned and gushed toward the deep pit with a thought. After it was filled up, it formed a storm-like vortex that spread in all directions with astonishing lethality. Ordinary Foundation Building cultivators would definitely collapse and their bodies and souls would be destroyed.

“Both spells and my body are strengthened!” Xu Qing was in high spirits. In a remote place in the underwater world, he suddenly stopped. As the sounds of the seawater exploding in the surroundings slowly rang out, Xu Qing looked at his shadow. He then waved his hand and took out the black iron stick, glancing at it.

The shadow instantly trembled. The Diamond Sect’s ancestor in the black iron stick also trembled intensely. In reality, after Xu Qing activated his Mystic Brilliance Form, they had been keeping quiet.

In that state, Xu Qing gave them a very terrifying feeling, especially when Xu Qing’s Mystic Brilliance Form was much more powerful than the Mystic Brilliance Form of a ball of Life Fire. He killed a cultivator with a life fire as easily as killing a chicken. This made them extremely terrified.

“The assessment period is almost here.” Xu Qing slowly spoke.


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