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The Seventh Peak’s competition on the merfolk island ended with Old Master Seventh’s voice.

This time, the merfolk race didn’t have the chance or qualifications to choose to become allies.

Right now, more than half of the merfolk race had died and their experts were enslaved and suppressed. The wealth on the four islands had also been plundered. However, it was obvious that a race would have more treasures and foundations hidden in the dark.

However, these were things that the Qi Condensation piedmont disciples could not touch.

Although there was the suppression of the array formation, there would still be many secret chambers and storage places that couldn’t be sensed by Qi Condensation cultivators. One could imagine that the Seventh Peak’s Foundation Building cultivators would have a banquet next.

“This time, the Seven Blood Eyes won a huge victory. They killed countless birds with one arrow.”

The captain, who was lying on Zhang San’s back, laughed. His laughter seemed to affect his injuries, he hurriedly took out the apple he hadn’t finished eating earlier and took a bite. His expression became satisfied, as though this could make him feel less pain.

“How many?” Zhang San asked curiously.

“Using the merfolk race’s territory as the venue for the Grand Competition is only an arrangement on the surface. The first wave of plundering by the piedmont disciples is followed by the second wave of plundering by Foundation Building cultivators, then the third wave of plundering by Core Formation cultivators. Finally, the fourth wave of plundering will be done by the old geezers.”

“Like this, the merfolk race’s many years of heritage can’t be hidden at all. Everything will be moved away. This is the first bird.”

“As for the hidden arrangement, we used the merfolk race as bait to lure the Sea Corpse Race over. This allowed the ancestor, who had just broken through and was in a hungry state, to have a full meal. This is the second bird.”

“In addition, this attack can intimidate the surrounding nonhuman races in all directions and increase the prestige of the Seven Blood Eyes. This is the third bird. Just brilliant.”

“As for the fourth bird, the merfolk race is located in a strategic location between the Seven Blood Eyes and the Sea Corpse Race. After occupying this place, we can launch the leapfrogging battle tactic against the Sea Corpse Race. I estimate that the war will begin soon.”

The captain was analyzing at the side and Xu Qing listened. He lacked a lot of key information about this, so he didn’t understand much previously. After hearing the captain’s explanation, he instantly understood. However, he was still a little puzzled and asked.

“Why is ancestor hungry after breaking through?”

“You don’t want to know.” The captain cast a meaningful glance at Xu Qing.

Old Master Seventh, who was in the sky, had a satisfied expression. His gaze swept across the ground and he waved his hand. Immediately, the great wing under him roared at the sky and spat out a purple stream of light.

When this stream of light landed, it spread out, forming a sea of light. After enveloping the four islands, the teleportation was activated.

Xu Qing heaved a sigh of relief inwardly. He and everyone else disappeared without a trace at this instant, teleported back to the Seven Blood Eyes’ mountain gate.

After they left, the eyes of the Foundation Building cultivators in the sky lit up.

Old Master Seventh looked at them and smiled.


As soon as he finished speaking, a hundred Foundation Building cultivators transformed into over a hundred streams of light that headed straight for the four islands. These Foundation Building cultivators naturally would not come here if there were no benefits to be had.

Previously, because the competition was being held and the participants were all Qi Condensation cultivators, they didn’t mind. But now that the disciples were gone, their eyes lit up and they quickly scattered across the four islands to plunder.

At the same time, on the central altar of the Seven Blood Eyes’ main city, a sea of purple light suddenly appeared, forming a huge ring in the air. The figures of the Seventh Peak’s disciples appeared and headed straight for the ground.

Xu Qing noticed that the number of people who returned was less than 2,000, and every one of them emitted a more intense baleful aura.

“When we went, we were over 4,000, but now, more than half are gone.”

When he was teleported, Xu Qing was separated from Zhang San and the captain. He swept his gaze across the surroundings and gained a better understanding of the cruelty of the Seven Blood Eyes Competition.

However, he also noticed that other than the baleful aura, everyone who returned couldn’t hide their excitement. Clearly, their harvest this time was astonishing. In fact, Xu Qing even saw the little fatty in the crowd.

The island the other party had gone to during the competition was different from Xu Qing. At this moment, he was standing there beaming with joy. There were seven to eight storage bags on his waist and he was swollen with arrogance.

After sensing Xu Qing’s gaze, he excitedly ran all the way to Xu Qing’s side.

“How was it? Your harvest was good, right? I also gained a lot this time.”

Xu Qing nodded. However, his entire body was still aching. Waves of weakness uncontrollably spread in his entire body, causing him to be a little fatigued.

Just as the little fatty was about to continue speaking, a figure walked out of the sea of light in the sky. As soon as this figure appeared, vast cultivation fluctuations instantly suppressed the surroundings, causing the disciples to fall silent and look up.

Xu Qing also lifted his head and stared. He recognized the other party, he was Zhao Zhongheng’s grandfather, the Third Elder of the Seventh Peak.

“There are some follow-up matters in the merfolk race’s territory. The peak lord still has to wait for the ancestor to return. As such, this old man will announce the results of this competition.”

“The killing points you have are recorded in your respective identity tokens. As for your harvest, you can rest assured that the tokens won’t record these and don’t have this function. No matter how much you gain, it’s your own business. It’s the same in the past competitions. The sect doesn’t care.”

“This old man will only announce the first place.”

“Ding Xiaohai, step forward!”

As the Third Elder spoke, Ding Xiaohai, whose Daoist robe was in tatters and was clearly heavily injured, immediately lifted his head and barely relied on the flight talisman to rise into the air.

“Ding Xiaohai, who obtained first place in this competition, is bestowed the status of a core disciple. He will wear a light purple robe and have the right to stay on the mountain. However, the cave abode is expensive. You have to buy it yourself!”

The Third Elder calmly spoke, his voice echoing in all directions like thunder.

Ding Xiaohai was excited. He cupped his fists and bowed deeply to the sky.

“Many thanks to the sect!”

The Third Elder lowered his head and looked at Ding Xiaohai, who had always been known as the number one person at the foot of the mountain, with admiration in his eyes.

He admired the disciples who fought for the glory of the sect, but admiration was admiration. He didn’t have any thoughts of showing kindness to the other party. Moreover, the other party was thanking the sect, not him.

From the perspective of the sect, such a disciple was very good. In order to obtain first place, he was persistent and did his best to kill the enemies.

However, from a personal perspective, he felt that the other party’s personality was stubborn and cared too much about his reputation. For this, he sacrificed this rare opportunity to reap benefits. It was very difficult for such a person to survive in this chaotic world.

Since Ding Xiaohai was not going to live long, it would be meaningless to show kindness. Moreover, in this chaotic world, it was important to hide one’s capabilities.

Most of the people who showed too much capability ended up in a very miserable state. On this point, he admired that kid named Xu Qing much more. The kid had silently reached the realm where he was about to break through.

As Ding Xiaohai’s excited voice rang out, the surrounding disciples with bulging pockets were all very supportive and congratulated him.

“Congratulations, Senior Brother Ding!”

“Congratulations, Senior Brother Ding!!” In the crowd, Xu Qing heard the captain’s voice. The little fatty at the side also shouted congratulations. After that, he lowered his head and sighed with emotion at Xu Qing.

“Senior Brother Ding is a good person. He only cares about killing enemies and never snatches resources from us. If only all the disciples were like Senior Brother Ding.”

Xu Qing calmly looked at Ding Xiaohai in the sky.

In this world, everyone had their own way of living. Some emphasized benefits, while others prioritized reputation. There was no right or wrong in this. Ding Xiaohai was already on the verge of breaking through and he could change into the purple robe as soon as he broke through.

However, perhaps the identity of a core disciple was an obsession.

Xu Qing didn’t comment but he knew that he didn’t care about these.

The only thing attracting him to Seven Blood Eyes was benefits. He was very eager to become a Foundation Building cultivator. On one hand, he could survive better if he became stronger. On the other hand, he was very envious of the monthly distribution of benefits after reaching the Foundation Building realm.

In addition, he didn’t like to be in the limelight. Unless the benefits of doing so were astonishing, it would be safer to hide in the darkness.

After he rewarded Ding Xiaohai, the third elder stepped into the sea of light again and teleported away. The disciples on the altar dispersed one after another and Xu Qing also left.

Even though he was exhausted now, Xu Qing didn’t dare to stay in the Seven Blood Eyes for too long. His gains this time were too great.

It was so huge that once it was exposed, the whole Seven Blood Eyes would be shocked.

After all… that was a life lantern that could make even the major sects of the Wanggu Continent envious.

Xu Qing immediately headed to the various shops at the port and sold all his scattered items in exchange for spirit stones.

He then replenished some talismans and headed to the shop that sold array formations. He used the large number of contribution points he obtained from killing in the competition to purchase five sets of protective array formation at an expensive price.

The price of this array formation was astonishing, but the effects were also extremely strong. The array formation could protect the disciple from the attacks of Foundation Building cultivators, who weren’t in the Mystic Brilliance Form, for a long time.

Moreover, as long as there were enough spirit stones, its effect could be maintained and it even had some self-repairing function.

If the five sets were used together, the effect would be even better.

These five sets of array formation consumed 90% of the contribution points Xu Qing had obtained from killing in the competition. However, he knew that it was worth it. After that, he went to the medicinal shop and bought a large number of medicinal pills and poisonous grass.

After doing all this, Xu Qing felt that he was almost done with his preparations. Right now, he only needed to repair the magic boat.

“Let’s see how long it will take for the magic boat to be repaired. If it’s within a day, I’ll wait. If it’s longer… I can’t wait anymore.” Xu Qing narrowed his eyes. He wanted to reach the Foundation Building realm as soon as possible.

With the life lantern in hand, one day delay in reaching the Foundation Building realm would mean one more day of nervousness and uneasiness.

Moreover, he knew that he couldn’t reach Foundation Building in the sect because he wasn’t sure if the integration of the life lantern during Foundation Building would cause fluctuations that would be sensed by outsiders.

This was a serious matter and he couldn’t gamble.

This was especially so when he witnessed the unlucky merfolk cultivator encountering an accident when he was trying to reach the Foundation Building realm in Binding Island. Such an accident was almost impossible in the Seven Blood Eyes.

However, Xu Qing had to be wary.

With the protection of the Spirit Breath Lantern, Xu Qing felt that he already had the qualifications to reach the Foundation Building realm alone outside. He sped up and headed straight for the Transportation Department to find Zhang San.

The sky was gradually turning dark. While Xu Qing was cautiously moving toward the Transportation Department, in an inn on Panquan Road, the old man was wiping some wounds on the snake’s scales with a pained expression.

“You actually went to buy a Transformation Pill and ate it behind my back. Can you eat that thing casually? It’s not time for you to transform yet. You’ve only transformed for a few days after eating it. If you eat too much, your cultivation will be crippled for the rest of your life!!”

“Moreover, you silly snake, you actually ate the transformation pills to participate in the Seventh Peak’s competition. Don’t you know how dangerous that competition is?”

The old man’s heart ached immensely. After he finished applying the medicine, he rebuked angrily.

“Gurgle, gurgle.” The large snake seemed to be very happy. It twisted its body and stuck its head over, speaking proudly to the old man.

“I’m not lying to you. That little thief Xu has his eyes on your gallbladder, huh? You didn’t go to the competition to look for him, right?!” The old man glared.

“Gurgle, gurgle!” The large snake let out a few unconvinced cries.

The old man looked at the large snake in front of him and let out a long sigh. He then stroked the large snake’s head. Like an old father talking to his daughter, he spoke earnestly.

“Silly girl, he said that snake gallbladder is bitter. Doesn’t this mean that he has eaten snake gallbladder before? Moreover, he must have eaten more than one…”

The large snake was stunned and stood there in a daze. Gradually, its eyes turned red, looking like it was about to cry.


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