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Outside of Time – Chapter 197: Reunion of the Three Bahasa Indonesia

In the underwater world of Binding Island, Xu Qing moved with intense pain assaulting his entire body. The wounds on his legs, arms, and stomach that were slightly healed were torn apart again. More blood flowed out, dyeing his body and tattered robe red again.

Although his body was protected by spirit energy, so the seawater wasn’t able to touch his wound, the pain still grew more intense as he moved.

This time around, Xu Qing’s injuries were too serious. Even the purple crystal couldn’t heal him quickly.

At that moment, the fog in the surroundings was engulfing everything. Xu Qing could ignore the anomalous substances contained in it, but he could sense dense corpse poison in the fog.

In his current state, encountering corpse poison would cause the purple crystal to divert a portion of its recovery power to cleanse it. It wouldn’t be beneficial to his recovery.

In addition, he also saw some corpses in the fog crawling up from the ground as though they had revived. They let out beast-like roars and ran amok in the fog.

Once he was enveloped by the fog, he would definitely be in a life-and-death crisis.

“I have to leave this place as soon as possible.” Xu Qing’s eyes narrowed. He gritted his teeth and endured the intense pain as he sped forward.

This intense activity caused his face to turn even paler. However, Xu Qing had no choice but to forcefully ignore the pain. As the fog continued to spread, he ran toward the exit and even used the flight talisman.

However, his body was heavily injured and his spirit energy was almost exhausted. At the same time, he had to retain a certain amount of energy for dangerous situations. As such, he could only activate the flight talisman and couldn’t rely on his cultivation to move faster.

Just like that, time flowed by. After about fifteen minutes, Xu Qing finally rushed out of the range of the temples.

Looking around, other than thin fog that covered everything, there was nothing else. Only the fog in the distance continued to devour and approach. Many temples and coral buildings were instantly devoured by it. Wherever it passed, everything would be dyed black.

There were very few people here to begin with, and at this moment, there was no sign of them at all. Only the roars of the revived corpses in the fog could be heard.

Xu Qing’s expression was gloomy. He noticed that even the bottom of the sea was the same. There seemed to be an even thicker black fog rising from the bottom of the sea, preventing Xu Qing from escaping from below. He continued to speed forward.

However, he was too far from the exit, so after moving forward for a while, as the fog in the surroundings filled the air, he was inevitably enveloped by it.

Almost at the instant the fog enveloped him, Xu Qing’s spirit energy defense fluctuated intensely and was rapidly corroding. At this moment, his vision was also severely obscured.

Only the roars of corpses could be heard from all directions.

Killing intent flashed in Xu Qing’s eyes. He lifted his right hand and the black iron stick slashed to the side. A savage low roar rang out at close range. It was a revived corpse.

Different from the Sea Corpse Race, this corpse was a Seven Blood Eyes disciple when it was alive. At this moment, its entire body along with its eyes was black. Even though its neck had been torn open by the iron stick and its head had fallen off, its hands still grabbed fiercely at Xu Qing.

Xu Qing’s left hand formed a seal and the water curtain instantly spread out.

The corpse was sent back by more than 100 feet.

Xu Qing didn’t continue fighting. The roars in the surroundings increased and a hint of determination appeared on his face. He formed a hand seal and pressed down on the ground. Immediately, countless water droplets formed beside him and instantly fused into a plesiosaur.

After it appeared, the plesiosaur suddenly expanded to a thousand feet in size. After it enveloped Xu Qing, a low roar echoed as the plesiosaur rushed forward.

Wherever it passed, any corpses that blocked it would be sent flying.

This was Xu Qing’s final trump card. Once the plesiosaur collapsed, it would be even more troublesome for him to leave this place.

Fortunately, the speed of the plesiosaur was very fast and its huge body possessed impact force. Although it was constantly corroding and shrinking, the spirit energy Xu Qing stored in the plesiosaur was abundant. This allowed the plesiosaur to carry Xu Qing through the fog at high speed, slowly getting closer and closer to the exit.

On the way, he also encountered some Seven Blood Eyes disciples. All of them were running with all their might, ignoring each other.

However, just as Xu Qing was about to reach the area where the exit was located, because too many cultivators had died here, he heard countless roars coming from there.

Many of the Seven Blood Eyes’ disciples were stopped by the zombie tide. Xu Qing’s expression was gloomy as he performed a series of hand seals with both hands and grabbed out.

Immediately, his plesiosaur shrunk as though it was withering. The spirit energy contained in it rapidly surged into Xu Qing’s body, allowing the dried up spirit energy in his body to be replenished.

The plesiosaur started dissipating.

However, at this moment, Xu Qing couldn’t care less. As the plesiosaur’s figure disappeared, more than half of the spirit energy in Xu Qing’s body recovered. Although his physical injuries were still serious, his overall combat strength recovered a little.

As he performed a series of hand seals, water droplets appeared and spun around him. He rushed out and leaped over the zombie tide. When he encountered obstructions, some of the water droplets outside his body would spread out, enveloping and shaking off the other party.

Just like that, Xu Qing flew all the way. Everywhere he passed, the corpses would be enveloped by his water droplets, turning into balls of water that couldn’t disturb him. Some time later, Xu Qing finally saw the exit.

Just as he was about to cross the exit, Xu Qing suddenly saw a figure running over from another direction.

As the figure ran, he also threw out mechanisms that would explode upon contact in the surroundings. Amidst the rumbling sounds of explosions, a familiar voice rang out from the fellow on his back.

“Zhang San, you can do it. That’s right, throw them and blow them up. Aiyo, you threw them in the wrong direction. You should have thrown them over there.”

It was Zhang San who was running and the captain who spoke.

Zhang San was panting as he ran with all his might. As for the captain on his back, he didn’t seem to care about the environment here and kept commenting.

“Shut up!” Zhang San was furious.

“Eh, Zhang San, why are you talking to your original captain like this!” The captain was dissatisfied and took out an apple to take a bite.

“If you speak again, I’ll throw you down and run by myself.”

“Big Brother San, you can do it!”

Xu Qing’s expression was a little strange. He glanced at Zhang San, who was rapidly approaching, and the captain, who had lost his lower body. He once again realized the captain’s madness.

Zhang San also saw Xu Qing. His eyes instantly lit up and he quickly threw out a thread that shuttled over, directly wrapping around Xu Qing’s body. He borrowed the momentum to leap over rapidly.

“Ah, Deputy Captain Xu, what major thing did you do to make yourself so weak like this? Could it be that you went to the merfolk princess’ bedroom and were squeezed dry?”

The captain also saw Xu Qing. When he noticed that Xu Qing was covered in injuries and his tattered Daoist robe, his eyes lit up.

“Can it be recovered?” Xu Qing didn’t answer. Instead, he glanced at the captain’s body and calmly asked.

“No problem. I’ll be alive and kicking after I get back,” the captain said proudly.

“Mm, then I’ll send you a feather1 later,” Xu Qing said calmly.

“Feather, why would you send me a feather?” The captain was stunned.

“What are you still chatting about? Hurry up and leave.” Zhang San was anxious. He felt that Xu Qing and the captain were both crazy. This place had become so dangerous, but the two of them were actually chatting.

Xu Qing retracted his gaze from the captain’s body and left in a flash. Zhang San hurriedly threw out the threads to coil around him and borrow the momentum to speed away. Just like that, they neared the exit. They immediately entered it and disappeared.

Not long later, the surrounding black fog drowned this place.

The entire underwater world was completely enveloped by fog, but the fog did not stop. It continued to rise through the ground, the tunnels, and all the other locations.

Xu Qing moved extremely fast in the passage between the island and the underwater world. The poison here had mostly dissipated by now. Even Xu Qing did not know if it had dispersed naturally or if it had spread to somewhere else.

In just about eight minutes, his body broke through the surface of the water. The moment he leaped up, the flight talisman on his body activated with all its might and he transformed into a stream of light that headed straight up.

Zhang San was the same. He took out his flight talisman and followed closely behind. Only the captain’s voice was still filled with surprise as it continued to ring out.

“Xu Qing, what does giving a feather mean?”

Xu Qing didn’t reply.

“Deputy Captain Xu, you still owe me 8,000 spirit stones. What do feathers mean?”

Xu Qing didn’t even glance back. He directly rushed out of the tunnel. After stepping into the outside world, he felt a violent wind blowing at his face. He immediately looked around and his expression suddenly changed.

Zhang San was the same. After he rushed out, his expression changed as he noticed his surroundings.

The outside world was in chaos and violent wind blew everywhere.

Streams of black smoke flowed up against the current, connecting to the array formation in the sky like a hurricane. There were a total of eight of these streams, with two on each island.

Countless strands of black gas on the ground transformed into threads that continuously fused into the eight hurricane-like fog, causing it to continue to expand. In fact, when Xu Qing and the other two looked over, the spiraling fog not far away from them began to undergo a drastic change.

A fork appeared at the top. These forks quickly transformed into snake heads. There were a total of nine heads, and after they formed, they let out a deafening roar toward the ground.

This roar was so powerful that even the ground started shaking.

Its cultivation and combat strength rose rapidly. It seemed to have broken through the Seven Blood Eyes’ array formation and instantly reached the Core Formation realm, and it was still rising.

The pressure formed by this scene caused Xu Qing’s heart to tremble. He recognized this huge snake. It was the snake that he had seen on the mural, the snake that was coiled around the giant.

The other seven rolling fog were the same. They all formed the appearance of large snakes one after another. As they roared, there was an intense transformation in the anomalous substances in the four islands.

Regardless of whether it was the remaining merfolks or the Seven Blood Eyes’ disciples, they were all invaded.

Corpses opened their eyes and revived one after another.


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