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Outside of Time – Chapter 145: Demon Lands on the Island (2) Bahasa Indonesia

Xu Qing stopped in his tracks. After sensing carefully, his expression was a little strange. He still didn’t discover the aura of a Foundation Building cultivator.

Hence, he walked forward with a calm expression. At the same time, he noticed a large number of broken sea lizard skins on this mountain peak.

The auras emitted by these sea lizards’ skins were at least at the fifth or sixth level of Qi Condensation. This allowed Xu Qing to confirm his judgment. When sea lizards shed their skin, they indeed moved toward higher places.

As for the auras that were probing him, Xu Qing didn’t bother with them. He headed straight for the top of the mountain and soon arrived at his destination.

At the top of the mountain was a huge basin surrounded by trees. Many cultivators were scattered around. Their cultivation levels were clearly much stronger than the cultivators from the other mountain peaks. Most of them were at the eighth or ninth level of Qi Condensation and there were even a few who were at the Perfected Qi Condensation Realm.

There indeed wasn’t a Foundation Building cultivator!

As for the cultivators here, their gazes were either savage or cold and filled with bloodthirst. They were clearly fugitives.

Moreover, the human race wasn’t the majority here. On the contrary, the nonhuman races occupied the majority. Among them, there were lone wolves and those who moved in groups.

There were also some who clearly smelled strongly of the sea. Clearly, they were pirates who were at sea all year round.

They were all staring at Xu Qing.

When Xu Qing walked over, his gaze swept past them and he immediately recognized three to five people on the wanted list. A strange glint appeared in his eyes.

However, he didn’t attack. Instead, he found a large tree and sat on it to rest.

Although he had some guesses about the fact that there were no Foundation Building cultivators here, Xu Qing still felt that if there wasn’t even a Foundation Building cultivator, the reason might not be what he thought.

Xu Qing pondered. At the same time, he retracted his gaze from his surroundings. He wasn’t unfamiliar with the malice of the cultivators. Regardless of whether it was the slums or the scavenger campsite, it was all similar.

He sat there calmly and was about to cultivate when he frowned slightly. He coldly looked at the few pirates who were still looking over.

These pirates were a small group of eight cultivators. Among them, there were two humans and six nonhumans. The latter had different appearances. Some had tentacles on their bodies, some had three eyes, and one had wings on his back.

They looked at Xu Qing with unfriendly gazes that contained vicious intent. The winged nonhuman among them whispered to his companions. After that, Xu Qing saw the three-eyed nonhuman walking toward him.

“This place doesn’t welcome the disciples of the Seven Blood Eyes, so you can either scram or stay here as nourishment.” The three-eyed nonhuman approached and said sinisterly. At the same time, the spiritual fluctuations of the eighth level of Qi Condensation were released unscrupulously, forming a deterrence.

Xu Qing seriously sized up the nonhuman in front of him, wanting to determine if his neck was a vital point. He then looked at the other party’s companions not far away. He knew very well that this was a test from this group. If he was easy to bully, he would become their target for plunder.

Xu Qing suddenly lifted his right hand and grabbed behind him.

A translucent figure that suddenly appeared behind him was grabbed tightly by the neck.

Amidst the intense struggle, this translucent figure rapidly became clear, revealing a blue-haired nonhuman with scales all over its face. From its clothes, it was obvious that it was in the same group as this group of pirates.

At that moment, terror appeared in the nonhuman’s eyes. Just as he was about to counterattack, Xu Qing ruthlessly clenched his right hand. The nonhuman’s neck shattered audibly.

This wasn’t the end. The power of the Sea Transformation Art gushed in and in the blink of an eye, the blood in the nonhuman’s body was controlled by Xu Qing to directly break through its body, causing the nonhuman’s body to collapse and explode.

A pile of flesh and blood scattered on the ground but of them tainted Xu Qing’s clothes.

The organs of the nonhuman races were different from humans. Xu Qing didn’t want to waste time identifying the vital parts. If he completely destroyed them, they would still be dead.

Xu Qing’s gaze didn’t fluctuate at all when killing the nonhuman. It was as though he was simply crushing an ant to death. He continued to coldly stare at the three-eyed nonhuman in front of him.

The three-eyed nonhuman’s body trembled slightly and his breathing was clearly hurried. The expressions of his companions behind him also changed one after another. All of them were incomparably vigilant and solemn.

“Misunderstanding.” The three-eyed nonhuman took a deep breath and sensed that Xu Qing wasn’t someone to be trifled with. He spoke in a low voice and slowly retreated.

However, he didn’t know Xu Qing and didn’t know that Xu Qing’s principle was to do his best to kill any existence that threatened his life. Hence, the instant the three-eyed nonhuman retreated, Xu Qing moved.

His speed erupted, and his entire person transformed into an afterimage. The instant the three-eyed nonhuman’s expression changed drastically and he waved his hand to form a spirit energy defense, Xu Qing had already closed in and punched out.

Amidst the rumbling, the three-eyed nonhuman’s spirit energy defense directly shattered into pieces. The eyes of the three-eyed nonhuman narrowed to the extreme and he was about to speak when Xu Qing’s fist smashed into his chest like a hot knife through butter.

The three-eyed nonhuman’s body trembled intensely as his chest caved in. All the organs in his body directly collapsed.

The expressions of the pirates not far away changed drastically. All of them stood up with low shouts and were about to attack. However, Xu Qing’s speed was even faster than them. In reality, when he killed the first pirate, he had already decided to eliminate this group of pirates completely.

Xu Qing’s speed was astonishing. Under the gazes of the many rogue cultivators and nonhuman races in the surroundings, he charged into the group of pirates almost instantly. Miserable cries and the sounds of spells colliding instantly rang out.

In the blink of an eye, six pirates were killed or injured. The expression of the remaining winged nonhuman was filled with unprecedented horror. He soared into the air and was about to escape. However, at the next moment, a sharp dagger whistled over and pierced between his brows, causing his body to fall from the air.

It was over.

Gasps rang out in the surroundings. At this moment, the surrounding cultivators’ gazes became extremely solemn. All of them looked at the expressionless Xu Qing, who was walking beside the pirates’ corpses, with fear.

Xu Qing ignored the gazes from the surroundings and used his dagger to cut off the heads of the pirates’ corpses one by one. He then walked all the way to his resting place and hung the pirates’ heads on the tree as a sign.

After doing all this, Xu Qing sat down cross-legged and looked at the other end of the basin. There was a large boulder there. Behind the boulder, a gigantic snake head was revealed, as well as a familiar figure under the snake head.

“He’s here too!” Xu Qing was vigilant. He knew that the other party was strange. He narrowed his eyes and glanced at the huge snake behind the other party.

This figure was other than the old man from the inn on Panquan Road. When he saw Xu Qing at this moment, he felt depressed.

“Why is this kid here too!”

The two of them looked at each other across the basin but quickly retracted their gazes.

“Unlucky.” The old man said in a low voice, but the eyes of the large snake clearly lit up.

“Gurgle, gurgle.”

“Why are you greeting him? He doesn’t understand your gurgle.” The old man glared at the snake angrily.

“Gurgle, gurgle.”

“What? You want to ask him if he likes snakes or if he likes to eat snake gallbladders? Are you crazy? Is there a need to ask? Didn’t you notice just now? He glanced at your gallbladder again.”


“You don’t believe me?” The old man was speechless.


“I won’t help you ask. Didn’t you secretly register to join the Seventh Peak’s Intelligence Department behind my back? Go back and check how many snakes this kid killed.”

The old man couldn’t be bothered with the huge snake beside him. He felt that ever since this snake saw that kid, Xu Qing, it seemed to have been possessed and its brain was damaged.

“Keep on insisting that he was looking at your figure. Hehe.”


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