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Outside of Time – Chapter 132: Forbidden Sea Dragonwhale (2) Bahasa Indonesia

“Dragonwhale.” Xu Qing drew in a deep breath and mumbled as he waved his right hand. Immediately, a dragon roar rang out from his body and a gigantic head that looked like a dragon or a whale drilled out of Xu Qing’s chest.

It was completely black and gave off an extremely profound feeling. At the same time, it emitted a shocking aura.

It roared and rushed out of Xu Qing’s body and grew larger and larger. It broke through the protective barrier and charged into the sky. As it roared at the sky, its entire body was revealed!

Its huge body that was 800 feet long emitted a soul-stirring aura. Each of its fluttering tentacles emitted a blue fluorescent light.

With its appearance, the surface of the sea instantly rumbled, as though it was attracted by it and formed a huge wave. As for this dragonwhale, even if it only slammed down, it was enough to cause earthquakes and floods.

The disciples on the surrounding magic boats were all shocked.

“Forbidden Sea Dragonwhale!”

“This is a special spell of the eighth level of the Sea Transformation Art. However, not everyone can form a Dragonwhale at the eighth level. This requires extreme mastery!”

“The physical strength Xu Qing emitted earlier was already shocking. Now, his spell has actually reached the eighth level…”

“Such combat strength…”

Everyone gasped.

Xu Qing was still sitting cross-legged on the magic boat. He looked at the dragonwhale moving in the sky, his eyes revealing an intense light. He had been waiting for this day.

According to the records in the Sea Transformation Art, when one cultivated it to the eighth level, one’s 800-foot-high spirit sea could transform into a Forbidden Sea Dragonwhale. This dragonwhale was formed by a spell and would exist forever.

It would swim in the sea and accompany the Seventh Peak’s disciple’s boat.

This allowed the disciples of the Seventh Peak to obtain even greater help when they went out to sea.

However, to form the Forbidden Sea Dragonwhale, the cultivator needed extreme mastery over the art, not all eighth level disciples could accomplish it.

“I’ve finally reached this level.” As Xu Qing mumbled, with a thought, the dragonwhale that was growling in the air suddenly swayed and landed on the surface of the sea, stirring up a large amount of seawater. Its figure also fused into the sea and disappeared.

Only Xu Qing could condense its figure in the sea with a thought.

The existence of the Forbidden Sea Dragonwhale was actually a watershed for the Seventh Peak’s disciples!

“If I encounter the Diamond Sect’s ancestor at sea now, there’s a high chance that I can kill him!” A cold glint flashed in Xu Qing’s eyes.

“Even if the battle is not on the sea, I will have a chance of heavily injuring the Diamond Sect’s ancestor if I spare no expense!”

“Now, I have to head out to sea first. I have to temper my cultivation and gather resources. When I return, I will think of ways to kill the Diamond Sect’s ancestor as soon as possible!”

“I’ll go and increase the level of my magic boat at dawn. If it is refined quickly, I’ll set off tomorrow. If it is late, I’ll head out to sea the day after tomorrow!” Xu Qing took a deep breath. He could sense that his shadow had become more agile with the double breakthrough in his cultivation and body.

This made him even more confident.

At the same time as Xu Qing’s Dragonwhale formed and roared, its roar spread throughout the ports, so many disciples from the other ports also heard it.

This sound was very special. Outsiders might not be able to tell but to the Seventh Peak’s disciples, they were familiar with it.

“Someone else has reached the eighth level and even formed the dragonwhale. This aura isn’t ordinary… Interesting.”

In Port 32, in the Coast Guard Department, a huge departmental battleship was slowly sailing out of the harbor. Unlike the magic boats of the other disciples, the battleship of the Coast Guard Department was specially made by the sect.

A gray-robed youth stood on the battleship. This youth’s entire body emitted powerful fluctuations. Under his blue hair were golden eyes. He stared into the distance and muttered.

“Senior Brother Ding, do you need us to make some inquiries?” Seven to eight Coast Guard Department disciples followed behind him. At that moment, one of them spoke in a low voice.

Zhou Qingpeng was among them. He was at the back, wearing a cautious expression.

Clearly, he had accomplished what he had said at the gathering that day and was introduced to the heaven chosen of the Coast Guard Department. It was the blue-haired youth, he was other than Ding Xiaohai, who was known as the number one Qi Condensation cultivator on the Seventh Peak. Even some core disciples had to treat him as a fellow Daoist.

“Let’s talk about it after we return,” Ding Xiaohai said calmly and retracted his gaze.

At the same time, in the Homicide Department, the captain of Team Six was lying comfortably on a chair. He held a rare pentagon-shaped fruit in his hand and was happily eating a corner. He seemed to have sensed something as he looked toward the direction of Port 79 and smiled.

“This is because his mood is clear, so he broke through. It’s simple and direct. This kid… I like him, but he’s still a little weak. How can my team member be so weak? Should I find him a few more people to kill?”

The captain of Team Six was indeed the pervert that Zhang San had mentioned. He actually put down the fruit and seriously pondered over this question.

On this night, Xu Qing’s dragonwhale attracted the attention of many people on the Seventh Peak, causing people to have mixed feelings. Some were filled with anticipation, some were envious, and some were jealous.

However, there were also people who were extremely angry and sad but couldn’t find an outlet to vent their anger.

They were the cultivators of the merfolk race.

At this moment, in the alley where the merfolk youth died, several figures appeared. The two people in front, one tall and one short, were other than the older sisters of the merfolk youth, and were also the third highness’ lovers.

Among them, the elder sister seemed very calm, but the younger sister beside her was trembling. Her breathing was hurried and the glands on her face were standing up. Her eyes revealed monstrous killing intent.

At the side, there was an old man from the merfolk race. He stood there bitterly and spoke in a low voice.

“His Highness’ aura disappeared here, but the traces have all been dealt with. However, with His Highness’ strength and identity, there’s a high chance that he isn’t dead. He just disappeared, I wonder if his life slip in the clan…”

“His Highness’ life slip has… shattered.” Before the old man could finish speaking, the younger sister of the two merfolk women gritted her teeth and spoke.

The old man fell silent and his face gradually turned pale.

As a Dao Protector, he knew what his end would be. However, it was His Highness’ request that he was strictly not allowed to follow, and he also had roughly guessed His Highness’ hobby.

However, no matter what, he never expected such a thing to happen…

“Could it be the higher-ups of the Seven Blood Eyes?” The old man hesitated.

“If the higher-ups of the Seven Blood Eyes wanted to kill, do they need to hide it?”

“Continue investigating, especially since His Highness has a wish box in his storage bag. This item is extremely important and can’t fall into the hands of others.” Among the merfolk women, the elder sister took a deep breath and coldly spoke.

“Sister, His Highness has fallen, we must take revenge for His Highness. Why are you still paying attention to the wish box!!” The younger sister glared at her angrily.

“You should know the importance of the wish box. That’s a gift from the previous era.”

“I only know that His Highness has fallen. We have to find the murderer!”

The two sisters’ gazes met. After a long time, the older sister calmly spoke.

“You take revenge and I’ll take the box. We can do this both. As a member of the royal family, His Highness has the Bloodline Mark on him. If we encounter a killer at close range, we will sense it.”

“Now, go and search for everyone who had conflicts with His Highness during this period of time, including the families of the people he killed. We have to search and investigate them one by one. I really want to know who has the guts to kill my race’s young master!”

“After I find him, I’ll torture him and make him and his entire family wish they were dead. They’ll wail in pain and their souls will be stuffed into the fish and prawns. I’ll bite them into pieces and swallow them alive!!” The younger sister gritted her teeth and revealed madness in her eyes.


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