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Outside of Time – Chapter 102: Pervert (1) Bahasa Indonesia

At this moment, Xu Qing, who had left the medicinal shop, was walking toward Port 79.

Although the job of the Homicide Department required him to report for duty every day and occasionally head out to assist in patrolling, in reality, he was mostly free when there were no missions. Hence, Xu Qing planned to return to his berth and continue cultivating.

He habitually walked along the edges of the path, trying his best to blend into the darkness as he moved forward silently.

Due to the storm, many cargo ships and the boats of the sect’s disciples couldn’t enter the harbor in time, and were trapped in the sea.

The storm ended today. Although it was still raining, there were still many boats entering the harbor.

Xu Qing walked at the harbor, pondering over his alchemy and cultivation.

“The cost of refining one white pill is about three spirit coins. This is a long term business that will net me huge profits as time goes by.” Xu Qing touched the spirit stones he had gotten for the white pills.

“The expenditure of cultivation is too great. If I want to maintain my previous speed, I’ll need one pill every day. Also, it is almost time to pay the fee for the berth.”

“The refinement of the magic boat will cost even more.” Xu Qing sighed in his heart. He somewhat regretted that he had been too decisive in his killing earlier and missed the opportunity to obtain the other party’s items and contribution points.

He started to ponder over the idea of capturing more wanted criminals or making a trip to the forbidden zone. Otherwise, if this continued, he would be lacking in resources if he wanted to upgrade his magic boat.

In the entire main city, the prices of goods were very high, but cultivation resources were still the most expensive. The commoners could accept the prices of the former, but for the latter, forget about not having the qualifications to purchase them, even the disciples who had the qualifications to purchase them could rarely purchase them wantonly.

To the Seven Blood Eyes’ disciples, the expenditure of 30 spirit coins per day wasn’t much. What really made them secretly kill and plunder each other was the cultivation resources of their target.

If they wanted to advance, they could either accept missions and head out to complete them, or they could secretly kill and plunder. There was no other choice.

On this point, only those core disciples with the core disciple token and the qualifications to reside on the mountain, but did not have the right to obtain a share of the benefits from the sect, would be in a much better situation.

Xu Qing had heard many things about the Seven Blood Eyes over this period of time. He also understood that the so-called core disciples were those who had entered the sect with the tokens of the various peaks.

For example, the Seventh Peak had purple tokens.

As long as one held such a token, they would be able to stay on the mountain after entering the sect. Their robes were all light-colored, like the light purple-robed youth on the streets back then, or the light orange-robed girl from before.

They were usually the juniors of the higher-ups of the various peaks. When they purchased any item, they only needed to pay 50% of what piedmont disciples had to pay. However, the sect restricted them from reselling the items for profit. If they were caught doing so, their identities would be revoked, so they rarely took the risk.

The difference between the core disciples and the piedmont disciples was unfair, but this was the fate of humans. As for the dark-colored robes, only Foundation Building and above cultivators could possess them. They had already surpassed the core disciples and possessed the right to obtain the distribution of benefits from the Seven Blood Eyes.

“I have to think of a way to earn money as soon as possible…” As Xu Qing mused, a commotion rang out in the distance, interrupting his thoughts.

Xu Qing looked at the source of the commotion. From afar, he saw many disciples gathered on the shore, seemingly waiting for something.

Even the Seventh Peak’s disciples on the magic boats at the harbor moved out one after another.

In fact, behind him, whistling sounds could be heard as at least a hundred Seventh Peak disciples quickly gathered from all directions.

All of their expressions were filled with eagerness as they gazed at the harbor in the distance.

Xu Qing was bewildered. Hence, he also looked toward the harbor. Not long later, a gigantic ship slowly appeared at the end of his vision.

This ship was at least 1,700 to 1,800 feet long. It was completely golden and extremely luxurious. Under the setting sun, it shone with a gorgeous light. At the bow of the ship was a huge statue of a human-faced spider.

The human face only had one eye socket which seemed to be embedded with gems. It was extremely showy.

From afar, the boat looked like a giant beast that was breaking through the sea.

There was an even more luxurious pavilion built on the large ship. Among the carved railings and steps, one could see a large number of guards.

At this moment, the humming sound echoed as the ship got closer and closer to the port.

“Third highness.”

“Third highness is back!”

The crowd instantly broke into an uproar.

“Third highness?” Xu Qing curiously looked at the incomparably luxurious ship that was slowly entering the harbor. As it got closer, the fishy smell of the sea permeated the surroundings.

An even more intense pressure spread out from the ship, shocking one’s mind.

After Xu Qing sensed it, his eyes narrowed.

The might of this pressure gave him a sense of extreme danger. It was like those terrifying existences he had encountered in the depths of the forbidden zone’s jungle.

This was especially so when he got closer. He could clearly see that other than the pavilions and guards on this luxurious ship, there were also many sharp spikes that flickered with cold light.

Each of these sharp spikes was over ten feet long. There were complicated runes on them that revealed astonishing lethality.

This ship was the most terrifying one Xu Qing had seen in the past few days.

Just this ship alone made Xu Qing feel that he couldn’t resist it. This allowed him to have a deeper understanding of the Seventh Peak’s magic boats. As his heart trembled, respectful voices rose and fell in the surroundings. Xu Qing saw several people walking out of the pavilion on the majestic and imposing ship.

The person in the lead was a tall and skinny youth in a purple Daoist robe!

The purple robe he wore wasn’t the light-colored one Xu Qing had seen in the past, but dark-colored!!

When he saw the dark-colored purple robe worn by this youth, the identity represented by this scene caused Xu Qing’s expression to turn solemn. He was clear that this youth’s cultivation base was definitely at the Foundation Building realm.


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