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Omega Summoner – Chapter 1398: The Alluring Forest II Bahasa Indonesia

“You mean to say that this plant monster was cultivating? Awesome! But how can it cultivate if it is a plant?” Kabrakan asked.

“It is not strange for even sentient plant life to be able to cultivate in the eastern continent as long as they have the bloodline for it. It might have had an ancestor that was an immortal that cultivated from a plant monster. Still, monsters that can cultivate are extremely rare as they were hunted down back then to be either used as pets or materials.” Peridot stated.

“It is not a secret that a Ryujin would not know of the state of my affairs but I do not need your help. Please, great guardian! Help me!?” The Alluring Queen of the Forest stated as she softly fell into Levin Cloud’s arms which made Peridot raise an eyebrow.

“I can help send you back to the creator if that is what you want! I can easily burn you in this location with one attack!” Peridot stated as she started to conjure up a fireball but Levin Cloud pacified her.

“Even if he helps you, you cannot go against the flow of life. Even the immortals that you know of will reach the end of their lifespans after a thousand years as they were never truly immortal. No one is truly immortal as all things die because even gods can die.” Adrian stated.

“Please help me!” The Alluring Queen of the Forest stated as she looked like she is about to cry. A notification then popped up along with the next quest for Levin Cloud.

Quest Name: Help the Queen of the Alluring Forest?

Quest Difficulty: B

Quest Description: The Queen of the Alluring Forest has failed in ascending to an immortal and was mortally wounded during her tribulation. She is asking for your help as she wants to live due to a small unknown reason that she is not telling you.

Clear Condition: Help save the Queen of the Alluring Forest from her impending death.

Clear Reward: Gain increase mastery in Guardian of the Forest skill

Failure Condition: The Queen of the Alluring Forest dies.

Failure: The Alluring Forest might turn into something else.

Duration: 1 day

Restriction: This is a quest only available to the Faekin race and they must be the first Faekin to step foot in the Alluring Forest.

Note: This is a chain quest, but it cannot be shared to others.

“Why do you want to live anyway? Do you not know why the immortals always regarded cultivation as going against the heavens? Dying from failure is also part of it because that is just how it works. If there is no death in cultivation then this world would have been flooded with immortals by now.

Just be a good plant and accept your death like someone with pride has. You knew the risks of cultivating which means you were also ready for death.” Peridot stated as she knew that she is basically asking them to also take punishment for her.

“What would happen if Levin Cloud helped her?” Adrian asked.

“The heavens will punish us with divine lightning as we will also be subjected to tribulation. It is not just him that will get it but also us since we also knew of her circumstances. She basically endangered us by telling us of her state.

Still, she would not have that much danger in a tribulation because she is a plant. Monsters often attain flesh if they succeed but that also means that they will lose some of their cultivation as they will become a being close to a human. Why did you fail?” Peridot stated.

“It might be due to her heavy blood aura that surrounds her. It seems that she has killed a lot of lives which also held grudges. Does that add to the difficulty?” Adrian stated as he could see the grudges of the dead swirling around her.

“If that is the case then it is true as it is said that those that cultivated the lives of others will face greater wrath from heaven. She must have failed because of that reason. She is not a good being which means she is really destined to die. Let us just leave her but that is just my opinion.” Peridot stated with a firm stance.

“Why do you want to badly live despite doing evil deeds onto others?” Levin Cloud asked the Queen of the Alluring Forest.

The Queen of the Alluring Forest did not want to answer despite Levin Cloud asking clearly. Seeing that she did not want to answer, Levin Cloud started to turn away but the Queen of the Alluring Forest pleaded greatly. She even bowed her head towards the ground until it touched it.

“Please help me! I want to become human for the man that I love.” The Queen of the Alluring Forest stated as she knew that this was her only chance.

The Queen of the Alluring Forest knew that she would be able to live for a year at the very least. It was such great fortune in her end that she was able to hang on for her life this long. She failed the tribulation a year ago and she hid it when a powerful thunderstorm was happening in her area.

She needed to hide the tribulation as she knew that other immortals would hunt her down should they know her location. What she did not expect is that the thunderstorm amplified the power of her tribulation that was already strong. She was confident that she would survive her tribulation but the amplified one had other results.

If she knew that she would fall in love with a mortal man, then she would not have eaten the lives of those that wandered in her forest. She would have just cultivated quietly and sucked some of their life force instead. The Queen of the Alluring Forest knew that this might be her only chance which is why she decided to pour her heart out.


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