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Omega Summoner – Chapter 1396: Towards Hinomoto Bahasa Indonesia

While the four were traversing the tunnel, they also talked about the progress in the western continent. They cannot run at full force as they might unconsciously leak out some of their mana. If that happens then all their prior preparations would have gone into smoke.

They walked but the pace was still fast enough since their stats are quite high. They reviewed the footage of a player from the top guild named Infernum where Siegfried is the guild leader. It seems that one of their core players have gotten some sort of inheritance in the western continent as she was dressed like a pharaoh.

She looked incredibly dazzling in her gold studded appearance and long dress. She is even surrounded by golden warriors or at least something to that extent. She is being served like a true queen of the western continent as she is lavished with gold gifts and surrounded by sturdy guards.

Her main weapon is actually a golden ankh that can produce some sort of golden force fields that have varying effects. The thing that she used in trapping the Shadow of Apophis is an artifact that looked like a golden pyramid. It was a golden pyramid that is one foot in height that shines when sunlight hits it.

She tossed this golden pyramid upwards, and it created a powerful barrier that trapped all of the enemies that she wants inside it for three whole days. Even the upgraded Shadow of Apophis cannot break this barrier with pure force. Even Lebou, the vessel of Shesmu, cannot break through the isolated area that the artifact created.

The player was named Cleo and she is actually one of the rulers of a small city in the western continent. It seems that the Infernum guild made sure that she ascends as a ruler of a town at first which eventually led to a city. She is also dubbed by her own citizens as the Holy Pharoah as she saved them from hunger and death which is very common in the western continent.

The four also noted that she seem to have some sort of divine aura within her but the others do not notice. Adrian also observed that she seems to be a vessel of a god as per the way she is dressed. The god or goddess that she serves is not known but she has similar clothing to the High Priestess Bastet.

“It seems she used a powerful artifact to trap the Shadow of Apophis temporarily. Judging by the power of that item, it might actually be a one use only item. It did not reappear on her hand when she used it.” Levin Cloud stated.

“I agree but trapping a powerful army like that is something that is very useful even if they could only use it now.” Adrian stated as he also noticed that the Infernum guild started their bombardment of the area with spells and skills.

The Infernum guild thought of this plan or rather Faust thought of this plan to ensure that they can deal great damage to the Shadow of Apophis. The isolation barrier only hindered their enemies but they can still attack from the outside. The enemies inside could either sling their attacks from their current location or defend themselves from incoming danger.

A volley of spells could be seen being thrown towards the entrapped army of the Shadow of Apophis. The monsters that were trapped with them died from the bombardment and the Shadow of Apophis was damaged to a great degree but Lebou was there along with the followers of Shesmu.

The followers of Shesmu healed the heavy injuries of the Shadow of Apophis while the latter devoured some of the monsters in its army. The Shadow of Apophis recovered back to full health with just that. Seeing that the world boss was not one to easily take a beatdown, they bombarded the Shadow of Apophis every two hours.

The groups that bombarded the Shadow of Apophis could be seen getting tired but their efforts started to shine. The followers of Shesmu cannot continuously heal the Shadow of Apophis as they would also run out of mana. This will continue on for three days straight until the followers of Shesmu can no longer heal the Shadow of Apophis.

“I guess they have a solid plan. I just hope that it will go on without any interruptions.” Kabrakan stated.

“I see light up ahead.” Peridot exclaimed as she pointed at the source of light from afar.

Seeing the light, the four quickened the pace of their steps but made sure that they do not let out any of their mana from their excitement. Just as the hostess told them, they came out from behind a small shrine that is surrounded by shrubbery. The shrubs are even masking the exit that they came out of.

When all four of them were outside, Adrian could feel that space shifted a little and the tunnel that they were in is no longer in its previous location. It seems that the passage is also special just like the way to enter it. Adrian hypothesizes that there are multiple exits, but this was the exit that the hostess chose for them.

From their location, they could still see the bell tower, but it is incredibly far away. If the bell tower was not extremely tall for a building, then they might not have seen it. Unlike what the hostess told them, the path that they took seem to be at least three hours away from the Vermillion City.

“We should hurry up and enter in the direction of the Alluring Woods. If we go there then the special properties of that place can hide our mana signatures. The only problem is the fact that we can get lost in that area as well. I have traversed that path, but I was escorted by my guards which is why I only know the general direction.” Peridot stated as she knows the eastern continent general areas.

“Why is it called Alluring Woods?” Kabrakan asked.

“That place is home to a special kind of plant called the Allurer. It is a special toxic plant that can create hallucinogens that makes one see visions.” Peridot stated.

“That does not seem that bad since we have Levin Cloud here.” Kabrakan stated.

“It is not a normal plant as it is a monster plant. It uses hallucinogens to make sure their prey does not know that they are already being swallowed whole and digested inside their body.” Peridot added which made Kabrakan’s jaw drop.

“The hallucinogens have the property to disperse mana of the victims?” Adrian asked.

“Yes. I thought you did not know but that is the case. We can use our mana if we use that path as the scattered hallucinogens would just disperse our mana signatures. The only thing that we need to consider is the fact that we can only apply mana on ourselves as spells that use targeting will not be casted properly.

The Alluring Woods are often used by some immortals to train their student’s body. They only go to the outskirts of that forest though which means we will be safe from being spotted if we enter.” Peridot stated as she knew that they could use that path to go straight towards the Imperial City of Hinomoto.

“We can but that also means that we will be monster plant food if we are not careful.” Kabrakan stated.

“I think it is a risk we need to take. The faster that we can verify the sun stone then the faster we can get out of the eastern continent. If we can even steal… or rather retrieve the sun stone then we would be able to say that our mission is a success.” Adrian stated.

“If that is the consensus then who am I to say no. Just make sure to keep me safe as I am easily affected by status ailments that is related to the minds. It is a downside of being a Selvaggian.” Kabrakan stated.

“At least, you would be eaten by a beautiful flower maiden as that is what the Allurer’s form is.” Peridot added.

“Really!” Kabrakan exclaimed.

“Uhuh! That is their form until they reveal what they really look like which is a poisonous plant that has rows of sharp spikes inside their mouths.” Peridot stated with a laugh which made Kabrakan shiver as he imagined himself in that situation.

All four of them then went inside the thick forest that has a special pink mist that surrounds everything inside. Levin Cloud’s senses flared up as he knew the peculiarity of this forest as it seems to be trying to captivate him. He could even feel that the soil itself was trying to capture his heart as if it was seducing him.

“I think we chose the wrong location.” Levin Cloud stated as he felt the presences coming towards them. Giggles of what seems like females could be heard inside the forest and Peridot already knew what those are.


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