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Number One Zombie Wife – Chapter 375: Reality (15) Bahasa Indonesia

Mu Yi Fan believes that Zhan Bei Tian has the ability to persuade Zhan Guo Xiong and make him agree with their affairs, and so he has not been too worried about this matter. On the third day of Zhan Bei Tian’s stay in the hospital for observation, Mu Yi Fan confirmed that Zhan Bei Tian has gone through the discharge formalities without serious physical problems.

During this period, Feng Yu visited Zhan Bei Tian in the hospital and brought with him doc.u.ments many times. Every time when he came to the ward, he saw Mu Yi Fan holding Zhan Bei Tian and asking all sorts of questions. Some questions, even made him very confused, and the more he listened, the more confused he became.

Just like now, when Mu Yi Fan came out of the hospital and got on the bus, he immediately held Zhan Bei Tian and asked, Bei Tian, how long have you there?”

This problem made Feng Yu, who was driving not help but looked at them in the rearview mirror.

Zhan Bei Tian read the doc.u.ment and said, Almost 100 years old.”

Mu Yi Fan stared at him with big eyes: A 100 years old? Why came to me when you are an old man?”

Zhan Bei Tian gave him a look: Would you dislike me for it?”

At that time, although he was a hundred years old, his appearance did not change much because he drank the spring water of s.p.a.ce all the year round and cultivated in s.p.a.ce. He remained like a man in his thirties. He decided to pretend to have aterminal illness and end his life in the book and left that world because he had to go to find Mu Yi Fan.

No.” Mu Yi Fan kissed his face: I will only take care of you. If you can’t walk, I will be your crutch. I can also feed you and help you take a bath. In my eyes, even if you are old, you are handsome.”

Thinking that Zhan Bei Tian has been waiting in the book for 60 years to find him, he loves this man very much and this fact makes him love and love this man more. But this 60 years is only the time in the book, and the time of s.p.a.ce cultivation has not been included in it. Then when one add up the time in reality, it’s such a long and painful day, so he will love Zhan Bei Tian with the rest of his life, every minute and not even a second will not be missed.

Zhan Bei Tian’s eyes flashed a smile: You really don’t dislike it?”

Mu Yi Fan asked him, Will you dislike me in my old age?”


That’s it then isnt it?” Mu Yi Fan said more and more excitedly: Besides, if you are old and can’t move, I can’t take more advantage of you, how can I dislike it?”

Zhan Bei Tian: …..

The original focus is about this here.

Mu Yi Fan exclaimed after being excited: The only pity is that your little brother can’t get up.”

On second thought, his eyes suddenly brightened: Which means that I can counterattack?”

Zhan Bei Tian:

He decided to ignore the silly man and keep reading his papers.

Mu Yi Fan saw Zhan Bei Tian ignoring him and he turned to the topic in time: OK, OK, let’s not talk about this. Let’s talk about our son. I think we should have another son called Liu Yi? What kind of child is he?”

Zhan Bei Tian thought of Liu Yi, and his face showed all kinds of helplessness: He looks like you when you were a child, and he is very naughty.”

At that time, he would name the child Liu Yi because he wanted to keep Mu Yi Fan memory, and he would try to find a way to get along with this person. However, with the child face looking like Mu Yi Fan, there is no way to deal with it. Because Zhan Liu Yi is almost a copy of Mu Yi Fan, he would fail to even scold him after screaming the first half of the sentence, and he would keep his eyes and sigh when he was in trouble. Moreover, every time he saw Zhan Liu Yi, he will think of Mu Yi Fan who is not in that world, and his heart will feel pain, so, each time when facing this child, can only paste on a cold face.

Fortunately, with the company of this child, he didn’t feel that these 60 years have pa.s.sed like long years.

Mu Yi Fan smirked, That’s my seed, and of course he is like me.”

Then he calmed his smile and asked in a m.u.f.fled voice, What about Zi Yue? Does he still hate me so much?”

Zhan Bei Tian rubbed his head: He doesn’t hate you at all, and has forgiven you a long time ago, but he just didn’t have time to say it. He has also regretted for a lifetime not saying that he had forgiven you. After you were gone, I seldom saw Zheng Jia Ming and Zhuang Zi Yue again. Maybe they realize that I didn’t like to see them, so they seldom appeared in front of me.”

What about the Quack? How is he doing?”

I asked him to run a hospital. After Zheng Jia Ming and Zhuang Zi Yue got married, he bought two adjacent suites, one for Zheng Jia Ming and Zhuang Zi Yue. He lived in the opposite suite himself, because he didn’t want to hinder the two young people in love.”

Mu Yi Fan exclaimed: I didn’t expect that Zheng Jia Ming and Zhuang Zi Yue finally came together and Tian Nan finally married Rong Yan, which is also a complete success. By the way, do you hate this Zhuang Zi Yue now when you restore your memory?”

That’s the resentment of the last life. I don’t care about it in the present. This Zi Yue has nothing to do with the Zi Yue in the book. How can I hate him?”

Feng Yu at the front seat driving was in a confused state after hearing all that, there was fog all over his head. The more he listened, the more confused he was. Finally, he decided to concentrate on driving.

Just then, Mu Yi Fan phone rang.

He saw that it was Zhao Yi Xuan, and immediately picked up: Mom.”

Zhao Yi Xuan said angrily and quickly, Mu-Mu, I just heard that your brother said something about you and Bei Tian. Are you dating now? Don’t you like girls? What’s the matter with you having it on with men? Its amazing good luck to find such an excellent man. Good. A man like Bei Tian should take good care of you…

Mu Yi Fan was a little sad and amused, and He didnt know if his mother was angry or praising him for finding a good man.

Mu Yue Cheng rubbed his forehead, standing beside Zhao Yi Xuan, he seemed to have no words to say to Zhao Yi Xuan in the end he said: Mama Mu, are you against or for this? Give me the cell phone. Let me talk to him. ”

What are you going to say? It’s almost time for the plane to take off. We’ll talk about it later.” Zhao Yi Xuan didn’t give Mu Yi Fan a chance to talk at all: Son, your brother has booked us a ticket for country Y, and we will come back in a month, and then interrogate you.”

Before Mu Yi Fan could speak, she hung up.

“…” He looked at his cell phone speechlessly, and admired Mu Yi Hang’s quick action. Today was the third day when he came out of the closet and his brother told his parents about this. He was also smart enough to arrange their travel abroad to mull over things when their parents who could not accept his and Bei Tian’s affairs. When they came back, their anger had almost disappeared, and they would figure it out that itis best to give their consent. Besides, Zhao Yi Xuan always had been open minded person who traveled abroad for many years and his parents are always well-informed will not be like other parents who because their sons like men, they will cry and quarrel and make have to break up with Zhan Bei Tian.

When Zhan Bei Tian saw him looking at his mobile phone, he asked curiously, What did Auntie say?”

My mom and dad, they don’t seem to agree with us.”

Zhan Bei Tian held Mu Yi Fan’s hand, did not speak, but has a plan in mind.

In the following days, Zhan Bei Tian became very busy. He often took the doc.u.ments home and saw to it that he took a bath and had a rest in the middle of the night. In addition to solving the business that had not been handled for several days, it seemed that he wanted to complete the workload of one month ahead. Then, at the end of the month, he suddenly said that he would take a week to travel.

Mu Yi Fan originally wanted to go with him, but now he works in Mu family corporate. He must be responsible for his work. He can’t ask for leave every time he wants. Otherwise, it’s hard for him to establish prestige in Mu family.

But without Zhan Bei Tians accompany, the nights were very lonely, and Zhan Bei Tians apartment was very s.p.a.cious. When a person is at home alone, it seemed empty and cold, which made him not used to it. Every night, he can only sleep with the pillow that Zhan Bei Tian slept on.

After a week’s hard work, when Zhan Bei Tian came back, he quickly finished the day’s work and Mu Yi Fan asked for the afternoon’s leave to pick up the plane. But as soon as the car left the company, Zhan Bei Tian called to say that he had returned to the Zhan Family and asked him to come to the Zhan Family for dinner.

Mu Yi Fan had to drive to the Zhan Family villa.

In the past, he often came here for dinner. The Zhan Family is the same as his second home. He is very familiar with the place here. When he entered the villa area, he suddenly became nervous. Because this is the first time he came to the Zhan Family after his a.s.sociation with Zhan Bei Tian, he felt like when an ugly daughter-in-law saw her mother-in-law.

He came to the gate of the Zhan Family villa, and Zhan Bei Tian came to open the door for him.

Mu Yi Fan didn’t see Zhan Bei Tian for a few days. He hugged the man excitedly. Because this is the gate of the Zhan Family, he also held back from kissing him.

He asked in doubt, Didn’t you get back to T city at three in the afternoon? Why is the time suddenly advanced? What happened? Why return to the Zhan Family? ”

Zhan Bei Tian patted Mu Yi Fan’s hair and explained, I changed my ticket after I finished my business there. I was too busy at that time. I didn’t have time to inform you. When I got off the plane, my grandfather called me to say that I hadn’t been home for a long time, and then said I had to come back.”

He took Mu Yi Fan’s hand and walked into the villa.

Mu Yi Fan looked at the hand with ten fingers tightly clasped, and a smile rose at the corner of his mouth. Instead of flinching, he held Zhan Bei Tian tightly.

When they entered the hall, they saw Yang Feng Qing, who was discussing with the servant aunt what to cook at night.

Mu Yi Fan immediately greeted her with a smile: Aunt Yang, h.e.l.lo.”

The moment Yang Feng Qing saw Mu Yi Fan, her smile was even brighter: Mu-Mu, h.e.l.lo, are you tired from work today? Do you want to go to Bei Tian room to have a rest?”

Not tired.”

Zhan Bei Tian said, Mom, we will go to the backyard to find grandpa and them.”

Yeah, go ahead.”

Zhan Bei Tian led Mu Yi Fan to the backyard.

Mu Yi Fan noticed that Zhan Bei Tian seemed to tell Zhan Guo Xiong what he had to do, and felt nervous again, and couldn’t help shaking Zhan Bei Tian’s hand.

Don’t worry, I’m here for everything so leave it to me,” Zhan Bei Tian rea.s.sured

His voice seemed to have a soothing effect. Mu Yi Fan was relieved, he went on holding Zhan Bei Tian’s hand tightly and smiling.

In the backyard, Zhan Guo Xiong and Zhan Lei Gang were playing chess beside the swimming pool. They looked very focused and don’t notice the arrival of Zhan Bei Tian and Mu Yi Fan until Zhan Bei Tian called them to look up.

Zhan Guo Xiong saw the hand between Zhan Bei Tian and Mu Yi Fan, frowned, and said in a deep voice, “People who can retaliate are not afraid of other people’s jokes.”

Zhan Lei Gang looked at the past, didn’t say anything, but stretched a face to express unhappiness.

Zhan Guo Xiong added: Are you still this open? When some guests come to dinner, what do you think you two look like holding hands like that?”


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