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Number One Zombie Wife – Chapter 374: Reality (14) Bahasa Indonesia

At one o’clock in the afternoon, Zhan Guo Xiong and Yang Feng Qing came to the hospital again with the soup. When they came to the ward, Zhan Bei Tian was leaning against the head of the bed to read the doc.u.ments, and the other hand rubbed Mu Yi Fan’s hair every after a while.

Mu Yi Fan was sleeping, but his hands were firmly holding Zhan Bei Tian, as if he is afraid that Zhan Bei Tian will disappear.

When Zhan Bei Tian saw them coming, he said, “Grandpa, mom.”

Yang Feng Qing lowered her voice and whispered, Does it still hurt? I stewed fish soup for you. Would you like to have some now?”

Wait until Mu-Mu woke up.”

Zhan Bei Tian has always been a man of one word and Yang Feng Qing didn’t say anything more. She filled Mu Yi Hang with a bowl of fish soup and brought the rest out of the hall.

Zhan Guo Xiong looked at the doc.u.ment in Zhan Bei Tian’s hand: Why don’t you take a rest just after you wake up? The company’s affairs can be handled after you leave the hospital. ”

No problem.”

Zhan Bei Tian’s words are concise and forceful, and even show a momentum that no one else should disturb him.

Zhan Guo Xiong glanced.

After his grandson woke up, the whole person seemed to be more stable and indifferent than before, especially the deep black eyes, which seemed to be sharper, intelligent and calmer than before, like someone who has gone through countless years of hardships, as if nothing could make him shake his resolve.

Zhan Guo Xiong didn’t disturb them. After sitting in the ward for a while, he left with Yang Feng Qing.

By 3pm, the five with Jing Jun Lin, who were rushed back home to have a rest appeared in the ward as if they had made an appointment.

At this time, Mu Yi Fan has woken up, with the just hot meal ready the two were feeding each other and the action is very close.

Seeing their love, Jing Jun Lin and the other hearts were calmed.

Previously, when they heard Shen Qin Yang say that Mu Yi Fan and Zhan Bei Tian were together, they didn’t quite believe that Mu Yi Fan could be changing so fast, and they wondered if it was Mu Yi Fan who wanted to feel something new for a while before and wanted to feel like what it felt to be together with Zhan Bei Tian as a woman.

But when he saw Mu Yi Fan staying by Zhan Bei Tian without eating, drinking or sleeping, he was immediately overwhelmed by Mu Yi Fans change. The person who was held in the palm of his hand since he was a child knows how to love others. It’s really not an easy thing. He sincerely bless them.

When Yan Lei saw that Zhan Bei Tian had almost eaten, he took the lead in saying: Bei Tian, why don’t you tell us something about your stay with Mu-Mu? We are still in a hurry for you to say things in private.”

Zhan Bei Tian drank boiled water, wiped the corners of his mouth with a paper towel, and said in a low voice, What I wanted to say after dinner that night was interrupted by Jing Feng.”

I didn’t know you were together, otherwise I wouldn’t have done it,” Yu Jing Feng explained

“Um.” Zhan Bei Tian hum was to explain that he knew and understand Yu Jing Feng’s intention.

Mu Yi Fan chuckled, I just want to forgive you for your crime in one sentence, it’s impossible.”

Yu Jing Feng can see that Mu Yi Fan was not really angry, and he cooperated: Little elder, how can I forgive me if you are angry?”

Mu Yi Fan smiled with satisfaction at his performance: When I get married with Bei Tian, you will arrange our wedding.”

Yu Jing Feng readily agreed, No problem.”

Others laughed at the words.

Zhan Bei Tian smirk rose from the corners of his face, in a happy mood, very neat and straightforward went on to sign his name on the doc.u.ment.

Zhuang Zi Yue gave a light cough: Mu-Mu, your brother is still in the hall outside.”

He meant to ask Mu Yi Fan if his eldest brother knew about him and Zhan Bei Tian.

Mu Yi Fan was stunned. He saw the door that was not closed. His face changed, he quickly put down his chopsticks. He rushed out of the room at the speed of the wind and closed the door, which made people in the room laugh.

Outside the hall, Mu Yi Hang was sitting on the sofa, keeping his eyes shut.

Mu Yi Fan walked over and sat down, looked at Mu Yi Hang’s grim face, and gently poked Mu Yi Hang’s arm with his finger: Brother.”

“Um.” Mu Yi Hang slowly opened his keen eyes and looked at him.

Mu Yi Fan asked carefully, Brother, did you hear that just now?”

Mu Yi Hang asked in a low voice, Hear what?”

It’s about me and Bei Tian.”

What about you with Bei Tian?”

When Mu Yi Fan saw Mu Yi Hang talking without frowning, he knew that Mu Yi Hang must have heard what he said in the room just now. Because based on his understanding of his brother, if he doesn’t understand something, his brother will show a little expression, such as frowning, squinting, and pursing his mouth. Now his brother had no expression on his face, obviously he knows something about it.

He took a deep breath and said seriously: Brother, I love Bei Tian, not like the love between brothers, but the love between lovers. Just like you and sister-in-law, we are now together. In the future, we may go abroad to get married, or even have a wedding here, but before that, I hope to get your consent with parents.”

Love between lovers?” Mu Yi Hang glanced and looked at Mu Yi Fan sternly: Mu-Mu, do you know what you’re talking about?”

I know what I’m talking about, brother. I’m serious. I only need Bei Tian in my life.”

Mu-Mu, you are a man. When you are with a man, you will encounter many people’s judgmental eyes. Can you stand others’ pointing at you? Do you dare walk on the road with Bei Tian’s hand in your hand?”

Mu Yi Fan stared at him with wide eyes: I kissed Bei Tian on the road. What’s wrong with holding hands? I don’t care about other people’s eyes.”

Mu Yi Hang:

Mu Yi Fan asked, Big brother, you are not against us?”

Do you think my objection is useful?”

Mu Yi Fan said directly, No use.”

Mu Yi Hang:

But without the blessing of you and my parents, I would be unhappy. You and my parents are my relatives. If you don’t accept the man I love, how can I be happy?”

Mu Yi Hang frowned: Some time ago, were you unhappy because of Bei Tian?”

Mu Yi Fan nodded and said, At that time, I was not happy because I didn’t know whether I wanted to be with Bei Tian. After that, I thought about it a lot and struggled for a long time before I made a decision. Therefore, I didn’t decide to be with Bei Tian casually.”

Mu Yi Hang said solemnly: Mu-Mu, I watched you and Bei Tian grow up. I know how he treated you very well. I am also very clear about Bei Tian’s feelings for you. Therefore, I am not against you and Bei Tian. On the contrary, with Bei Tian taking care of you, I am very relieved. Only he can give you a carefree life. I am worried about you. Are you sure about your own choice? You really don’t regret being with Bei Tian? Do you really want to spend your whole life with a man?”

This is his heart’s worry. If Mu Yi Fan chooses other people or women, he will worry about the rest of Mu Yi Fan’s life and for Yi Fan deciding to be with Bei Tian. He is very relieved.

Of course, this does not mean that he agrees that men being together, but the other party is Zhan Bei Tian, who is an exception. He knows that Bei Tian can give his brother happiness.

This is why he was so surprised when he heard that Yi Xue was going to marry Bei Tian. Moreover, if Mu Yi Xue told him that she wanted to be with Bei Tian now, he would definitely oppose it, because he knew that Zhan Bei Tian didn’t love Mu Yi Xue.

I’m sure.” Mu Yi Fan didn’t expect Mu Yi Hang to agree with them so easily, and excitedly said: Brother, I can’t promise you anything, but I can prove my choice this time with my whole life, and I will never regret it.”

Mu Yi Hang saw Mu Yi Fan’s determination and patted him on the back of the hand: I respect your choice.”

In fact, many years ago, he saw that Zhan Bei Tian’s feelings for Mu Yi Fan were not the same, but he didn’t p.r.i.c.k or stop it. Thinking about Mu Yi Fan’s dull head, he wouldn’t be able to figure out Zhan Bei Tian’s feelings. Then, he was waiting for Mu Yi Fan to respond to Zhan Bei Tian’s feelings. He thought about it, but this day still came, so he made a lot of preparations for this day. After all, his original intention was still the same. He wanted to see Mu Yi Fan get married and have children.

Mu Yi Fan looked at Mu Yi Hang happily: Brother, do you really agree with my business with Bei Tian?”

“Um.” Mu Yi Hang rubbed his hair.

About father and mother’s side…”

I’ll convince mom and dad.”

Mu Yi Fan happily hugged Mu Yi Hang’s neck and kissed on Mu Yi Hang’s face: Thank you brother, my happiness depends on you.”

With Mu Yi Hang’s help, his parents won’t have too many objections.

Elder brother, I haven’t had enough. I’ll go in and continue to eat.” Mu Yi Fan jumped back to the room.

Mu Yi Hang sighed.

His mood is very complicated. He has the feeling like someone marrying his son.

Mu Yi Fan entered the room and jumped directly on Zhan Bei Tian: My brother is not against us.”

Zhan Bei Tian had expected this result for a long time, because Mu Yi Hang always knew his feelings for Mu-Mu. The reason why he didn’t stop was because that he believed in his character, and Mu Yi Hang was a brother who loved his brother very much. He usually didn’t object to his brother’s choice, but pointed out a right way for Mu Yi Fan if he was on the wrong road.

My big brother agreed. My parents would never object.” Mu Yi Fan turned to the person on the other side and said, You just wait for the red packet.”

Shen Qin Yang teased him: Looked at you. In such a hurry to get married.”

Mu Yi Fan didn’t care that he used the word Marry.” of course, he need to fast tie marriage with Bei Tian

This made everyone laugh.

Shen Qin Yang deliberately asked Mu Yi Fan, The Mu Family’s people agree, but that doesnt mean that the Zhan Family’s people will agree? Think about Grandfather Zhan. How will he let his grandson be with a man?”

Mu Yi Fan was speechless.

Zhan Guo Xiong is really not easy to deal with. In reality, it may take more time than in the book for the old man to nod his head and agree for them getting married. After all, he does not have a son to coax Zhan Guo Xiong with now, and he may not agree in this life.

Mu Yi Fan watched Zhan Bei Tian nervously.

He’ll agree,” Zhan Bei Tian said


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