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Chapter 1893: Scapegoat

The flight treasure crashed heavily to the ground, ugly fissures snaking across its surface. Though it’d suffered countless attacks, it managed to remain intact.

The vessel belonged to an incomparably formidable ancient faction in the chief worlds. Only such a faction possessed the right to open transportation lanes in the realm. Basic supremes could not operate a flight treasure.


This was a barren and abandoned world. Approximately three thousand senior cultivators surrounded a vessel shaped like a bird and barraged it with furious attacks. Their leader was a young girl in a yellow outfit, she was staring fixedly at the damaged flight treasure.

“Is the intelligence correct? Is she really in there?”

“In response to the princess, our people saw her board this Starcatch Tower vessel with their own eyes,” a man versed in martial arts responded respectfully.

The young girl hailed as their princess was a cultivator of twenty-eight levels of sequence. The man by her side was a very powerful supreme. He’d decapitated the Shangyu Supreme with one stroke.

None of them were void raiders—they were from one of the divine nations of the chief worlds! Divine nations were formidable factions whose names shook the chief worlds. Any who could establish a nation among the realm was no weakling.

Meanwhile, Starcatch Tower was a renowned merchant company in the chief worlds with strength to reinforce their reputation. And yet, a divine nation had casually intercepted one of their vessels that carried a full manifest of senior cultivators.

The vessel proved so durable that even supremes couldn’t break it apart. As time went on, the princess grew more impatient.

“Set up the formation!” she barked out. Though she remained expressionless, her voice betrayed her agitation. It was obvious that there was someone in this flight treasure that she hated with every fiber of her being.


Rules intersected and laws descended, blasting the vessel with another round of daunting attacks.


“What’s going on? Who’s she looking for?” Dismay rose and fell inside the flight treasure. The formation being set up was incredibly strong. Once the treasure broke apart, everyone inside would be vaporized!

Their escort was dead and the remaining Starcatch cultivators similarly executed. The treasure had become a can that couldn’t be opened from inside or out.

“No one move, let me try something.” Lu Yun stood up and signaled for Nightmare to stay put. He entered the cockpit, finding nothing but a few balls of bloody mist.

The treasure’s defensive capabilities could withstand a supreme’s attack, but those controlling the vessel were connected to it. The enormous backlash vaporized them on the spot. The center of the cockpit held something similar to a furnace; it was the heart of the vessel’s movement and laid in smoking ruins.

The formation outside continued its offensive. Lu Yun didn’t dare connect himself to the flight treasure as it’d consign him to the same fate as the balls of drifting mist in front of him.

“Those guys outside have sealed off the spatial power around us. If I want to leave, I need to go through hell or open the cabin doors…” Lu Yun glanced outside. Malice had overtaken the princess and she didn’t plan on letting any of them live. They would all be executed!

After all, if someone learned that a divine nation had hijacked a Starcatch vessel, the two factions would erupt in all out war.

“In that case… I guess a fight it is,” Lu Yun breathed out gently. He took out a piece of enigma stone and etched runes in the air, directing formation glyphs into the flight treasure. Its bird-like shape began to change and black demonic runes extended from the cabin, wrapping around the vessel.

“Stop!” the man shouted. “Your Highness, I’m afraid there is a supplemental king inside the flight treasure!”

“A supplemental king?” The princess set her jaw. “Rising Sunriver does not lack for supplemental kings. Continue at full force!”

“Rising Sunriver?” Lu Yun started. “Jiang Kui’s faction? That nation is Corpse Refiner territory now… it’s beyond redemption!”

His eyes narrowed—no wonder there was something vaguely familiar about the formation surrounding the flight treasure. It was the Great Formation of Corpse Refinement! But it wasn’t just the formation, something else had been added to conceal its true nature. Did Rising Sunriver still wish to give off the impression of autonomy?


The flight treasure emitted a piercing bird call and unfurled massive wings, soaring into the sky and vanishing from the wreck of a major world.

“Rising Sunriver, Starcatch Tower will remember this offense!” Lu Yun’s voice traveled out of the vessel.

Neither the Rising Sunriver princess nor the man anticipated this turn of events. They hadn’t expected that a flight treasure with only a defensive formation left would come back to life! Victory had been essentially guaranteed!

“No!!” she shrieked. “After it! Don’t let it get away no matter what!”

Three supremes rose in the air before she finished to give chase.


“What’s going on? Rising Sunriver bears no grudge against Starcatch Tower, so why did it attack a Starcatch vessel?” Those inside the cabin had heard the commotion outside.

Since their death was all but assured, the Rising Sunriver princess hadn’t bothered concealing her identity. Who would’ve thought that the supplemental king inside the treasure would revitalize the vessel and escape from right beneath her nose?

“Have any of you offended the Rising Sunriver princess?” Xu Che rose and frostily addressed the crowd. “Rising Sunriver doesn’t have the courage to intercept a Starcatch vessel, so the only reason there can be is that the princess is addressing a personal issue.”

There were three supremes after them and it looked like the supremes wouldn’t stop until they reached their goal. They were hardly afraid of being exposed since they were dressed like void raiders.

All of the powerhouses in the chief worlds were at the empyrean supreme’s tomb. The only thing that Rising Sunriver had to do after they were finished was to blame things on the void raiders. It wasn’t like Starcatch Tower wished to war with the nation if they could help it.

Of course, the caveat was that everyone on the ship had to die, leaving no proof to the contrary.

Dead silence reigned in the flight treasure. No one said anything or admitted to anything.

“Don’t bother,” came Lu Yun’s voice. “The person that the Rising Sunriver princess is looking for isn’t here. We’re just a bunch of scapegoats for that person’s perfect getaway. If my guess is right, they’re headed for the Dark World too.”

He wasn’t worried about their present situation. Three supremes? They didn’t hold a candle to him.


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