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Chapter 1892: Void Raiders

Xu Che was a gregarious person who quickly became friendly with Lu Yun. He came from a world called Sunblaze Realm and had the chance to stretch his legs because the world’s powerhouses had emptied out. They’d all gone to the tomb of the empyrean supreme.

Waves of shock roiled in Lu Yun’s heart when he heard the young man’s self introduction. A world that could be labeled with the “realm” suffix in the chief worlds was the cream of the crop. He knew of Qiu Feishan’s Autumnus Realm, Yun Yi’s Cloudmist Realm, and now Sunblaze Realm!

Other than those, not even the dragons and Morans possessed the right to be called a “realm”. This was despite their worlds of sequence!

Lu Yun learned that Xu Che was also headed toward the Dark World, and that only high supremes could retrieve a world heart… but that cultivators were forestalled from entering a Dark World after exceeding sequence.

There were plenty of senior cultivators in the chief worlds who could shake off sequence at any time and forge their dao palace, but they dragged their heels. One of the primary reasons was that special locales, such as the Dark Worlds, limited access to only sequence cultivators.

Once a dao palace was finished and order coalesced in one’s body, the cultivator became a walking world. That would create repulsion from many special worlds. Thus, sequence cultivators were the primary force in exploring these locales.

The World of Soul Dominion repulsed supremes due to its internal rules, but supremes could still enter via certain special methods. The Dark Worlds, however, were different. The orders of that world rejected all other orders. There would be no supremes in the Dark Worlds. If outsiders entered, even in the form of a projection of the will, one of the two would perish.

While the projections of supremes did not come with a dao palace, they came with the will of order.

Lu Yun was much more at ease after Xu Che’s explanation.

The flight treasure that they were on didn’t stop at all nearby major worlds. Its destination was the major world closest to the Dark World; more than eighty percent of its passengers wanted the world heart.

Other than the conversation between Lu Yun, Nightmare, and Xu Che, the vessel’s passengers rested or read the latest edition of the spirit paper.

Apart from the original edition from the World of Immortals, the other version of the spirit paper was the chief world adaptation from Myriad Spirit’s hands. Both editions had their pros and cons, as well as a different focus in their reports.

Apart from these two, a variety of minor publications abounded in the chief worlds. However, none of them dared use the “spirit paper” name.

The chief worlds were a place of cultivation, so there was no such thing as copyright law. Instead, there was karma. If someone used the name without Lu Yun or the Myriad Spirit Grand Supreme’s approval, they would suffer the consequences.

Granted, Lu Yun wouldn’t care if someone did use it without his permission. He’d created the spirit paper to bolster the World of Immortals’ reputation and demoralize the outsiders invading his home.

It’d now become a mainstay of modern culture, helping cultivators relax after cultivation. Even some grand supremes were highly complimentary of it.

Goodwill streamed to Lu Yun from the chief worlds and fertilized his Karmic Tree. It split once more, creating two saplings that fully matured into adult trees. He gave them to Qing Yu and the little fox. There were now a total of four Karmic Trees in existence.

Apart from budding karmic fruits, the Karmic Tree was an exceedingly useful treasure that could probe other people’s emotions. Whether one bore kind or evil intentions was readily discernible with a quick glance.



Violent trembles awakened cultivators deep in training. The flight treasure was under attack by a group of thirtieth level sequence cultivators! They’d formed a cohort to raid any flight treasure that crossed their path.

Their cultivation had reached their personal limits and their potential was fully tapped. They could not access thirty-one levels of sequence to become a supreme. Thus, they gathered together as a band of desperados and robbed passing cultivators, reaping a piddling amount of wealth.

“Are these bastards tired of living to attack a flight treasure on its way to a Dark World?!” Xu Che glared at the scene outside.

Everyone had their own philosophy of how to live life. Some senior cultivators explored a variety of ancient sites and danger zones when they exhausted their potential, so they might stumble upon new opportunities. But even more chose to join forces and become void raiders, killing and looting anyone they came across.

Normally speaking, however, they were bullies afraid of the strong. While they robbed passersby, they never attacked someone of strength. This vessel was headed for a Dark World and most of its passengers were formidable senior cultivators. Yet the void raiders had still chosen this target?

“There’s a supreme among them.” Lu Yun swept a glance outside. “And more than one of them. They hid their strength before and didn’t dare be too blatant, but with the opening of the empyrean supreme’s tomb and the preoccupation of most powerhouses in the realm, that’s given these guys courage and room to maneuver.”

Xu Che raised a brow. He wasn’t afraid of supremes.

“Be careful, these void raiders are here to loot geniuses,” Lu Yun said to his new friend.

The people around them also heard his words, but dismissive looks appeared in their eyes. Each flight treasure, particularly ones that traveled great distances through the chief worlds, retained a resident supreme. A supreme among these criminals? They were bound to be trash supremes who couldn’t wait to ascend at thirty-one levels. What did they matter?

The supreme on their vessel could smack one hundred of them to death with a single palm strike.



Another loud explosion rang out. This time, the flight treasure didn’t shake. It would appear that the attack wasn’t aimed at it.

“That’s… the Shangyu Supreme’s head!! What’s going on?!” A sequence cultivator cast a horrified glance outside, watching a head whip past a window.

The Shangyu Supreme was the supreme protecting the vessel, but he’d been beheaded. He was probably dead! A tense atmosphere spread inside the treasure.

“These aren’t ordinary void raiders,” Lu Yun whispered. “Maybe they’re from a large faction disguised as void raiders, or maybe they’re a supreme-level force.”

The vessel resumed motion, but not along its original flight path. The flight treasure headed for the Dark World was thus hijacked and captured by a group of raiders.

“My communication talisman isn’t working.” Xu Che took out a jade talisman and infused a tendril of soul force. It remained inert.


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