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Nanomancer Reborn – I’ve Become A Snow Girl? – Chapter 1218: Talking With Zenotype Bahasa Indonesia

“If you had chosen that path, it meant that you gave up humanity’s weapon of being able to adapt and overcome. Machine can learn but the natural adaptive benefits a person’s body can offer far surpasses that of a machine.” Zenotype said as Shiro tilted her head slightly.

“Normally I’d say I agree but so far my machines have shown the most adaptability in my experiments.” Shiro replied. In her trials with the source code, her nanobots were able to thrive. Compare that with the human body it was in a league of its own. It wasn’t that she was supporting the idea of making herself full machine but rather her being curious as to why this machine deity would say such a thing.

“That may be so on the surface but have you ever wondered why the people have suddenly started to use mana when they were incapable so long ago? How a few people are able to bring themselves to the top of the food chain in this world of monsters and gods? You for example.

“The system does not record such data down but the human’s adaptive capabilities allowed them to utilise the system better than most races out there. If you think about it, aren’t there more human gods compared to monster or demi races?” Zenotype smiled as he waited for Shiro to digest the information.

“While monsters gain power quickly, they lack a lot of the foundations human have. Demi humans such as elves and dwarves are naturally talented as well in their own aspects but long have they been a race that specialised. There are a handful that escape this specialisation but they are few and far between. As for humans, well, they are the most diverse in this world governed by the system. So had you forsaken your humanity you would have lost that vital edge you hold over this great machine. When I saw your nanobots for the first time, I had wondered what kind of being made them. Were they one who forsook their body like me or on the small chance, someone who retained their humanity? So I am glad that you are not fully machine.” Zenotype smiled before standing up.

“Leaving already?” Shiro asked as Zenotype nodded his head.

“My own goal was to evaluate the user of the nanobots and make some calculations of my own. The benefits I offer are very pale in comparison to your own talents. Even if I were to become your enemy I doubt you will even break a sweat getting rid of me as you have already infiltrated the system with your tampering. So I will give you this, when my presence is needed, I will come without hesitation.”

Snapping his fingers, a coin appeared on the table as he faded from the room.

“Mom, he noticed I was trying to scan his code since I was curious.” Error whispered as circuits appeared on Shiro’s arm.

Patting his head, Shiro smiled.

“Don’t worry about it, I was also confused but it seems like he wasn’t lying. Turning himself into machine has significantly reduced his chances of breaking the limit.”

During the conversation, Shiro had activated a portion of Error’s power and started to peer into his codes herself. While he was indeed strong, stronger than a lot of the god’s that she had seen, his room for growth was rather abysmal.

‘I suppose that’s what he meant by not being able to break through the limit.’ Shiro thought to herself while picking up his coin.

Strangely enough, this item did not have a name and only had a description.

[A strange coin filled with divine energy.]

Shrugging her shoulders, she placed it into her inventory and stood up.

“Welp, that roughly wraps up our meeting. Time to go back.” Shiro smiled as a few of them let out a breath of relief.

“Jeez I thought you were going to pick a fight with a few of them but seems harmonious for now.” Madison scratched her hair as Shiro chuckled in response.

“I’m not that much of a fighting maniac. A few trustworthy allies are better than just killing everyone. If at the end of everything, we were the only ones left, the world would be rather dull now wouldn’t it?” Shiro smiled as they left the private realm.

With everyone returning back to what they were doing before the meeting, Shiro, Nan Tian and Aarim resumed their experiments.

This time however, Shiro wanted to involve the item that Odin had gifted her.

The Bifrost.

Taking out the Bifrost core, Shiro placed it on the table.

“Let’s see, the core says it protects me during realm travel. If we were to make a tunnel to the side of creation, I should be able to ignore the instability with this item. It’s a little risky but shall we run some light tests before I give it a go?” Shiro asked as both Aarim and Nan Tian froze momentarily.

“Wait you want to use it already?” Aarim furrowed her brows.

“Yep. I don’t know what kind of time limit we’re on so I’d rather sort things out over at the side of creation early. As you know, I’ve delayed the gods arriving on Earth with the little stun I pulled but it wont last forever. If I can figure out how to use creation energy and balance things out, I’ll be able to reclaim some of my power as a First Born.” Shiro shrugged.

If she was able to balance things out, she wouldn’t need to worry that her destruction energy corrupting everything around her. If she wanted to save Earth and come out as victor, she didn’t want the prize to be a dead planet with everything corrupted under her power.

Scratching her head, Aarim thought for a moment before nodding.

“In that case then let’s resume experiments at my mage tower. Are you know, my mage tower is connected to a reflection of the same tower on the side of creation. If we repeat the experiment I did with the tower, it should give you a portal to test out the Bifrost.” Aarim suggested as Shiro didn’t waste any more time.

Snapping her fingers, the three of them were suddenly teleported to Aarim’s office.

Blinking her eyes, Aarim shrugged and started to get some equipment out from her storage room.

“I’ll send out a notification for the mages to evacuate the tower for today since we’ll be conducting a rather big experiment.”

“Alright, I’ll go sort some things out on my end as well.” Shiro smiled before gesturing for Nan Tian to follow her.

As the two of them left the room, Shiro opened her mouth.

“I’ve already ran some simulations in my mind after Error gave me a quick scan of the Bifrost. I’m 80% certain that I can travel to the side of creation on my own with Error but bringing someone else is a little… difficult. Its mostly due to the composition of everyone that lives in the side of destruction. The imbalance of energy will rip you to shreds even the protection of the Bifrost. Nan Tian your case is a little special but I’m not too keen on testing it out so the plan is for me to venture out to the other side alone once we run a few tests.” Shiro smiled as Nan Tian furrowed his brows.

While he could manipulate creation energy to some degree, it was still far from optimal.

“Will you be alright on your own?” He asked with a slight frown. He knew that if Shiro was telling him this now, she wasn’t going to change her mind.

“Mnm I should be ok. I trust that all of you will handle things without any problems while I’m taking a small holiday.” Shiro chuckled lightly.

“Plus, we have a god slayer and a few potential god slayers within our party. All of you are plenty strong without me.”

“I’m not worried about our situation. I’m more worried about you. Dangers follows you, not us.” Nan Tian joked, causing Shiro to let out a small laugh.

“That’s true. I have Error with me so I should be fine. I also have some safety nets of my own.” Shiro reassured but she could tell that Nan Tian was still concerned.

If she was being honest, she was also a little concerned. While her sixth sense was always very accurate, this time it was vague. She had a gut feeling that her trip to the side of creation wasn’t going to go that well but that was it.

A slight unease.

“At least bring Nimue with you along with Error. She will help take care of your body while you’re over there. Plus, with her being able to stay within your mana realm, she doesn’t have to worry about her body being shredded just like Error.” Nan Tian suggested since the more people they could bring over the better. It was to guarantee Shiro’s safety even though she was the strongest out of them.

Even the strongest may need some support no matter how little that may be.

Thinking about it for a moment, Shiro nodded her head and sent a message out to Nimue.

Placing her phone back into her inventory, Shiro walked around the mage tower, observing the surrounding without saying a word.

This trip should solve quite a few questions that lingered in her mind. Especially after the meeting with the other ‘Shiro’.


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