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My Idle Gaming System – Chapter 354: A Surging Ascendancy Value! I Bahasa Indonesia

Chapter 354 A Surging Ascendancy Value! I  Noah felt the tug of destiny from the existence that was none other than Osmont!

He had gotten an overview of the enemy and what role Osmont required him to play, so he simply moved in after receiving the signal as his anomalous soul silently fused into the barriers of space, his Sword of Shattered Reality outstretched and ready.

”The effects of your Quasi-Primordial Relic will be dispelled in the next few seconds…when that occurs, I will truly show you which of us is the sky and just what little thing is the frog!”


Within the depths of this Reality, Noah’s awareness could see a shocking battle in place within an enclosed domain as the fantastical figure of a mesmerizing Primordial in the form of a golden green Vine could be seen.

The illusion of two Ascendancy Halos could be seen as one was white and the other shone with a beautiful blue hue- this existence looking utterly dazzling as if she was too pristine to even touch!

Yet Osmont seemed to have locked her into a perilous domain filled with vile essence that was filled with Chthonian horrors that all surged towards her.

’A Celestial Vine…’

Noah gazed at this fantastical situation with sharp eyes as he pulled upon the memories of multiple existences he had just turned into Undead Vassals in the White Tier Continuum Apocalypse Reality.

The Bloodline of Celestial Vines was a unique race that had tied themselves to Primordials purely on their merit of being stupendous in the field of Alchemy!

They could refine Elixirs and Pills to even help existences advance their Realms, with the Peerless Alchemists from their race being respected individuals anywhere they went.

Such a Bloodline…was the first enemy Osmont took and asked Noah’s help for as one couldn’t help but marvel at the boldness of this being!

Opposing the Celestial Vine was Osmont himself…and could this being even be described?

’Is that his True Form?’

Noah could barely see the light of an Ascendancy Halo around Osmont as this being currently took on a stupendous form, long spanning aurora wings erupting from his back as he looked like a Primal human who could only be seen in ancient times. Runic Dao Lines swirled over his skin as they had Flames of Edicts surging through them powerfully, his entire body seemingly bathed in multicolored flames.

His face was that of utter confidence even as the words of this Celestial Vine that was known as Cecilia rang out!

This was because Osmont had truly planned out for many things, even bringing Noah into the picture as with this in place…

’If with even me around we can’t take this Primordial down…that would be too much of an embarrassment!’

Noah’s eyes released dazzling rays of light as he moved.

The aura around the Primordial Celestial vine was continuously rising as she seemed about to reach her most powerful state, but this was where Noah was supposed to come in as he surged forward while surging the essence of his Edicts and the new Edicts he had begun attaching to his soul…all into the Sword of Shattered Reality!


”The might of a Primordial is undeniable!”

The grand voice of the Celestial Vine that had not even noticed Noah as her voice rang out with a tinge of victory.

She didn’t notice that silently, a golden sword was piercing through the void and cutting everything apart without so much as a sound.

Attached to this dull and chipped golden sword, Noah held onto it tightly as his blindingly blue eyes released arcs of light!

Blue eyes filled with ancientness as memories of hundreds of millions of years crossed through them, these same eyes filled with a wild sense of excitement!

Noah’s first actions against a Primordial that would result in their death.

This was a crucial moment as his Sword of Shattered Reality resonated with his surging essence and cut across the blinding authority of the Blue Tier Ascendancy Halo as he actually came close to the vibrant golden green layers of the Celestial Vine!


The Primordial Cecilia finally noticed.

But…it was too late!


Like glass being shattered, the dull golden sword within Noah’s hands sank into the skin of the Primordial Celestial Vine as it bypassed the authority of her Ascendancy Halos!

As for how this was possible? One factor was the might and sharpness of Noah’s broken Primordial Relic, and the other was the Essence of over 15 Edicts that Noah has suffused into the Sword of Shattered Reality as he released a fraction of power that he could currently display, but this fraction was more than enough to achieve what Osmont wanted.

It was a few seconds but…

”I can only immobilize her Origin and Soul for 10 milliseconds!”

10 milliseconds.

A short or long period of time depending on how powerful an existence was- and Osmont only needed a mere few milliseconds as he acted with haste.

Osmont’s figure shone with incandescent majesty as the Runic Dao Lines filled with the Flames of Edicts snaked across his majestic figure, turning into a streak of light that shot towards the immobilized Celestial Vine that at this moment was screaming in her heart and soul to stop the effects imposed on her by the Sword of Shattered Reality!

Yet…Noah’s words of 10 Milliseconds were of utmost confidence as Noah matter what she tried, her Origin and soul could not move even a minuscule distance.


A crucial moment arrived as the two sides battled for supremacy, Osmont’s figure crossing space at such speeds that he seemed like a mere blur of light and smashed onto the defenseless Primordial!


An impact enough to cause the shattering of Cosmos erupted out.

Noah’s figure was also blasted apart as his soul felt cascading waves of pain, portions of his body torn as the impact was simply overbearing!

’This guy didn’t hold anything back…but is it enough?’

With calmness, Noah gazed forward.

He saw the shocking scene of the beautiful Celestial Vine…with her chest entirely torn open as she seemed to have not even noticed it yet!

”Haha! It’s over for you flies! My Origin shall be unbound in a few milliseconds as by then…!”

The voice of Cecilia echoed out madly as she seemed exuberant, but the figure of Osmont clad in multicolored flames and vibrant wings of light turned around while holding a pulsing Origin of a Primordial that still dripped of fresh golden blood within his hands.

”Foolish Primordial…you are already dead!”



A flash of light.

A slow of time.

The Origin within Osmont’s hands was shattered as the Primordial Celestial Vine shuddered with disbelief!

Noah looked at this scene with coldness as he had but a single dangerous thought.

’Killing Primordials…is this easy?’


A dangerous thought as one of his bodies aided in the death of a Primordial while the other had began a shocking path of conquest in a White Tier Continuum Apocalypse Reality!


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