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Chapter 353 A Terrifying Defender! III  In the Boundary Between Realities.

As one of his bodies began a shocking path as a Defender within a Continuum Apocalypse Reality, the other body that contained a large portion of his soul was shooting towards a certain Reality that seemed to be surrounded by vibrant waves of destiny all the time!

This time around, Noah had received a message from the unique anomaly that was Osmont as this being actually wanted to cover all his bases and ensure the death of a Primordial- something that was wild the current Noah as the being he was bound to was simply too overbearing.

Osmont had a First Firmament Primordial as an enemy, but what about him? A Princess with an unknown identity that more than likely stemmed from the Cardinal Royal Bloodlines of the Primordials if not someone even more pristine, with her power at the Seventh Firmament of Ascendancy if not higher!

At his current stage, Noah could only laugh at the thought of even raising a hand against her! But the mission now was simple.

”Just contain her for a mere few seconds…does this guy know about my Sword of Shattered Reality?”

Noah retrieved the broken Primordial Relic that used to look like a broken sword, but after days of having it devour Primordial Hearts from all the loot obtained in Idle Mode- a glimmer of stellar lights had begun to appear on this dull-looking gold sword as it vibrancy seemed to be coming back!

With this broken Primordial Relic, Noah could anchor the body and origin of an existence in place for some time depending on how powerful they were.


His figure blended into the surrounding space as he was akin to a wisp of a soul, heeding the words of Osmont that also mentioned that two more existences in the First Firmament were lying in wait as enemies that he had to avoid. He had been in tune with his destiny long enough as he traversed the vast space and came to float outside of the Boundary of a glimmering Reality.

A Reality that seemed to pulse with unbound destiny! This was the Reality that Noah Osmont moved around in as it seemed after taking care of his current enemies, he would stretch his influence to the countless Realities out there!

’Just how successful will you be? Or even me for that matter…in these vast Realities, can we really make a mark that withstands all the old monsters out there?’

Noah’s expression flashed with sharpness and waves of destiny as while he waited for the signal from Osmont, he contemplated what the both of them were doing and just what they could achieve in the future!

’From the First Firmament to the Ninth Firmament…and then further past that into the stage of Reality. Can’t be that hard to achieve it, right?!’


His will was undaunted as this thought rose up in defiance, the broken golden sword in his hand releasing a sharp light as at this moment…


A message from Osmont came.


Noah’s body glimmered with intense light as with the Sword of Shattered Reality at the forefront, he pierced into the Veil of the Reality before him and followed the strings of destiny sent out by another anomalous existence!

And even though he was only a wisp of a soul, he should be able to display a fraction of the power of what could be considered his main body in the White Tier Continuum Apocalypse Reality as it held a large portion of his power and soul in order to make sure that he would succeed in this venture.

’A fraction of my current power…should be enough to hold a Primordial in place briefly!’

His cerulean blue eyes shone with utmost confidence as he surged forth with a light of brutality!



An existence halfway through the First Firmament of Ascendancy spoke out with an ashen expression as his body was surrounded by revolving golden flowers that tried to prevent the pervasive darkness leaking from multiple Undead First Firmament Vassals that surrounded him.

His figure looked ragged as his golden robe was torn, the rotating golden flowers that shone with the aura of many Edicts nearly dim as one could even see a hazy illusion of an aurora of wings erupting from the back of this being!

He was staring hatefully at the Undead Vassals surrounding him and releasing their third waves of attacks, but he was even more focused with dangerous eyes towards the blue-eyed young man sitting on top of an Undead Winged Ender who had corrupted the group of Defenders before him as this being even made him the next target!

”Don’t do this…it will only be your loss! There is a nearby Dimensional Rift tha-“


White Ascendancy Halos instantly bloomed from the Undead Vassals surrounding this being as the vibrant golden flowers protecting him this whole time shattered, his body being battered sideways as he coughed up golden blood before the claws of an Ender inexplicably stomped on his chest and shattered his Origin.



A few seconds after that, this being holding a hateful expression towards Noah rose once more as with immense respect and the aura of a powerful Undead, it bowed towards the master of the Supreme Necromancer System with fervor!

The cold winds of this Glacial environment surged as Noah added the 11 First Firmament Undead Vassal onto his forces, his soul currently feeling a shocking surge of nourishment and power from the feedback of dominating these beings.

Along with this were their abundant memories, Daos, Nomological Edicts, and Bloodlines that Noah could now pick and choose to form his own!

Even more so…each First Firmament Undead Vassal he obtained had a single White Tier Ascendancy Halo so far, guaranteeing Noah 15 Nomological Edict at full completion per person as so far- Noah could access 165 Flames of Nomological Edicts that should be foreign to him!

Of course, most of them were Minor as a few were Greater Nomological Edicts, but such shocking results after Noah just began nearly made him shift his focus to entirely obtain more Undead Defenders.

But his focus was still there as after collecting a small platoon of such a force, he turned his eyes towards the direction that his latest Vassal was pointing to before he perished.

A nearby Dimensional Rift in the freezing cold lands where even now, snow was ravaging all around!

”Let’s go!”


He ushered his most powerful First Firmament Undead Vassals forward as his entire Legions followed close behind, their direction being to divide and conquer as Noah would not forget about his other purpose here- to add powerful and high ranking Dimensional Rifts to idle mode!

Just what loot would dungeons that contained First Firmament existences who had attained Ascendancy Halos grant?

Noah wanted to answer this question as soon as possible as while a cycle within a White Tier Continuum Apocalypse Reality began chaotically, he moved to defend the nearest post by facing Invaders for the first time- a small army of Undead Defenders already forming behind him!

As they went forward, his figure remained atop the Undead Winged Tiger Ender as his eyes flashed with multicolored light, absorbing the memories of these beings that ranged in the hundreds of millions of years and sorting the Edicts he wanted as he felt like in a matter of moments…he could raise his Ascendancy Value crazily the moment he cemented the Edicts he had just obtained onto his soul.

He moved with care and purpose as he proceeded forward though, with him not knowing that gradually- more existences had begun to notice his actions among the countless illusory screens as their eyes began to focus on him!


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