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Chapter 352 A Terrifying Defender! II  In a unique pocket of space within the White Tier Continuum Apocalypse Reality.

There was the enormous obsidian mass of space vaster than an Emerging Reality where the actual cycle took place, and then there were the countless folding in space where prestigious beings watched the happenings of this cycle!

In one such isolated space, the dazzling figure of Europa could be seen as she had a clear glass in her hand shimmering with golden liquid as crimson white sofas covered all sides of an expansive room that was filled with illusory screens showing the events happening over many locations of the current cycle.

There were 10 central illusory screens that highlighted the most promising and most powerful beings currently, with the Scion of the Solaris Simian currently taking the largest spot as he had already broken out of the Dimensional Rift that held him, descending onto a Cosmos that turned Chaotic the moment he arrived!

The Third Firmament Defenders stationed on this Cosmos had grim faces as they prepared to fight the biggest enemy of this cycle, each of them lighting up with their perks as…


The golden furred Solaris Simian released a sun rending bellow as his Ultimate Perk of a Telos Bloodline activated.

Thereafter…a terrifying Chthonian Horror bloomed as the colors drained from the faces of all powerful Defenders, Little Rosanne that Europa had met earlier spoke out doubtfully.

”Sis Europa…are you sure we shouldn’t have bet on this Solaris Simian? Already at the Third Firmament of Ascendancy and with an Ultimate Perk, while that Noah Eckert is still barely in the lowest stages of the First Firmament with no perk…”

Little Rosanne trusted Europa with her life, but she seemed doubtful when she watched the power of the Scion of the Solaris Simian Bloodline currently rampaging and collecting Apocalypse Points as he ravaged a Cosmos and its Defenders!

Yet towards her question…

”Hmph, you graduate from the Primordial Academy under my tutelage and already think you can judge things more than me, Little Rosanne?”

She sipped her golden drink while tapping the screens in front of her to actually cause the highlighted ones to disappear, only a single screen becoming enlarged in her hands as this screen…it showed the figure of a single dark haired blue eyed existence.

A figure that was currently surrounded by swathes of Undead Legions as there were three strongest Undead that neared the First Firmament of Ascendancy if they weren’t already there!

Europa actually focused on Noah’s screen as she enlarged it and ignored all others, her eyes being the first to watch Noah’s shocking actions as he ridiculously…pounced on a nearby Defender at the First Firmament.

Beings at this stage were truly powerful as most if not all had reached the Cosmic Filament Realm, Noah being one of the rare cases of powerful beings that while still being in the Cosmic Realm….he had reached the Firmaments of Ascendancy!

Against others with a similar Ascendancy Value to him, his overly strong soul that dominated and subjugated over an entire Reality’s worth of beings while also enhanced by the many Undead Vassals he had under him…he could take care of them with little difficulty, and this was displayed by the first Defender he took by surprise.


”What are you doi- GUH!”

With shock, Europa and Little Rosanne watched as Noah used a shattered broken Sword to pierce the body of an unsuspecting existence and cause them to temporarily come to a halt, an Undead Winged Tiger Ender descending thereafter with sharp claws that nearly ripped the Origin of this being in half!


With golden blood overflowing, this being watched on in shock as a fellow Defender killed him, his eyes becoming dark and sinking into oblivion while staring into the cold eyes of this being.


Those around noticed as three First Firmament existences who were nearby noticed this amongst the chaos and surrounded Noah dangerously, their bodies crackling with intense light as Cosmos destroying might was ready to be released from them at any time.

”What are you doing?! You will become bound to this cycle forever if you act against other Defenders and lose!”

Rage and incredulity could be heard in their voices as they gazed at the blue eyed being that was surrounded by darkness.

Yet he didn’t answer them as his blooming Undead Legions surrounded him on all sides.

The dead First Firmament existence within his hands began to shake at this moment, the movement causing the eyes of the three remaining ones questioning Noah to turn grim.


Immense darkness overflowed as the Origin of this being that should have been decaying and shattering actually came to life more than ever, the air he gave off his body being multiple times more powerful as it even seemed his Ascendancy Value was higher than when he was alive!

The Undead First Firmament Vassal then rose from Noah’s arms as he kneeled in respect, his crimson eyes then very quickly locking their gaze onto the three enemies currently letting out waves of enmity towards its new Master.

Its body crackled with essence as while backed by a unique System and the soul of an anomaly, this newly born Undead Vassal moved out as like a plaque, Noah’s will began to spread.

Meanwhile, the figure of Noah itself seemed to be reveling in a wonderful sensation as he closed his eyes briefly to enjoy the information of bountiful memories, Daos, Edicts, and Flames of Edicts!

”This…is the one I chose to be the Champion of this Cycle.”

While watching the illusory screens that began to display Noah’s shocking actions, Europa smiled confidently while Little Rosanne had her eyes in shock, her mother open in a huge O as she incredulously watched a Defender begin to attack any other nearby Defenders and actually turn them into Undead Existences.

’This is the Champion you chose?!’

It was a scene of utter disbelief as at this moment, only the two of them had locked onto it and watched someone’s actions with wonder.

In the Boundary Between Realities.

One of Noah’s bodies that used to be Ezekiel floated silently in the Boundary Between Realities, looking at an endless river of an Emerging Reality that he planned to enter and observe the inhabitants of before taking over its strongest powerhouses and becoming its Overseer if it wasn’t a Domain of Primordials.

He was moving with purpose, but he was still being careful as until he achieved a high stage of the Firmaments of Ascendancy, he did not want to be entangled with any more Primordials as even a single one was already too big of a headache!

As he was about to delve into this Reality though…


Essence shining with the allure of destiny rang beside his ear as a message actually came into his mind.

”Eckert, I’ll be needing a hand soon. The time for me to spill the blood of my first Primordial has come.”



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