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My Daughters Have Regressed chapter 156

156 – My name is Ha Tae-ho. And I… #7

156 – My name is Taeho Ha. And I… #7

distant place.

A castle in the kingdom of Ordor.

The princess of Ordor, who turned 40 this year, was looking out the window.

Princess Ordor was a beautiful woman with blonde hair and deep blue eyes, but she was aging beautifully because she could not get married.

I took good care of it, so I looked like I was in my early 30s.

“The sky… .”

The sky, pierced by black light, was now very calm and beautiful.


Then Princess Ordor noticed that something had broken into her room.

“I thought a thief would sneak into my room. you’re second The thief who came then hid me on a high watchtower and let me look down on the world.”

Princess Ordor looked at the thief hiding in the room. And I was a little surprised. The thief had no eyes, no nose, no mouth, no ears, no full face, no arms and no legs.

It was just a blurry darkness.

It looked like a haze.

No, it seemed like an indescribable existence.

The princess was taken aback inwardly, but said as if nothing had happened.

“It was a very pleasant memory. I am naturally weak… . It was because he was a body that could not escape the capital of Ordor. It was really, really, a very pleasant memory.”

The Princess of Ordor chuckled.

She remembered the daring thief who had come to Ordor to steal the most precious thing.

He proudly said, “Since you are the most precious treasure in this palace, I will steal her.”

What an arrogant, rude, brave thief!

Looking at the strange haze in front of her eyes, the princess tried to remember his face.

But nothing came to mind easily.

Surprisingly, I don’t remember at all.

It was as if only his face had been touched by fire.

Princess Ordor was very sad about that fact.

“… a thief You seem to have lost even who you are. Please come back. to your home. This is not your home. This is Princess Ordor’s room!”

The black haze shook greatly at the princess’ scream.

After that, it disappeared with the wind through the wide open window.

“… He seemed like an orphan who lost his home before. You are still like that. I still feel like a child who is lost and lost his home. Be really pitiful.”

Princess Ordor shed a heartfelt tear.

Although she was aging beautifully, she was truly an SSR-class princess.


Haze has now completely escaped the palace.

He had no legs, but his steps were busy searching for something.

He didn’t know what he was looking for.

Because I didn’t even know who I was.

However, whenever I looked at the street, it seemed like something familiar would come to mind, and my heart moved aimlessly toward it.

What he finally found was a hut.

It was a shack in a filthy back alley, but the lights were off and the door was locked with multiple locks.

Of course, things like locks didn’t matter to him now.

He entered through the crack in the door like transparent smoke.

Hwareuk, Hwareuk-.

As he entered, a mysterious power arose and the candle was lit.

It was an old, shabby room.

A single bed with a folded futon.



The objects on the desk were covered with cobwebs, suggesting that the owner of the room had been away for a long time.

he sat down in a chair

Of course, sitting is an abstract expression, and he had no hands to touch the armrests, no legs to step on, and no hips to sit on.

Still, he sat in the chair.

This seat was very comfortable.

‘Finally I found my home. This was my home.’

It seemed that all the scenery was waiting for him.

He felt very good and comfortable in this old and rundown place.

‘This is my home.’

he felt satisfied.

I’ll have to sit in this chair forever.

It was around the time I was thinking about it.


Someone knocked on the door of an old, shabby cabin.

He suddenly remembered that he had once ordered a pizza.

Is the pizza you ordered back then here?

How long has it been since you ordered delivery from the tavern and it’s coming so late?

It’s late in the evening, so it’s time to go to bed!

I can’t.

It was when I opened the door because I wanted to say something to the delivery man.


When I opened the door, there was no one beyond.

I can only see the dreary streets.

He was very disappointed.

Perhaps the knocking on the door was an hallucination.

The moment he turned his head with regret, he noticed that someone had entered his little house.

It was a woman.


I thought so, but I didn’t.

The woman was quite tall, so she looked like an adult no matter what.

And the appearance and atmosphere were like a princess in a fairy tale.

“… I finally met you!”

cried the dark-haired woman.

It was a cheerful, bright and powerful voice.

It was a voice he had never heard before, but the man thought he knew this woman. who was But nothing came to mind.

“Dad… !”

Princess, you and I look alike, so you seem to be confused. i am not your dad

No matter how you look at it, you look past twenty, right?

I’m not even married yet… .

i still… .

I… .

“no! Dad is Naru’s father!”

He knew this conversation.

I wanted to ask something more, but the black-haired princess’s body was scattered as white powder. The man seemed to recall a little memory at that time.

this is not my home

have to go

But where?

* * *

Whoo oh-.


“… Dad!?”

Naru hurriedly opened the window at the sound of the wind blowing.

I poked my head out to look at the garden, but no one was there.

“… uh huh… .”

Naru pursed her lips and wept bitterly. Tears were about to fall, but Morumoru held Naru in his arms and rubbed his soft body against Naru’s face.

– Meowong.

Whoo oh-.

Then the wind blew again.

Naru shouted while looking at the window with a brightened face again.

“Dad… !?”

This time, I was convinced that it was real.

Naru rushed toward the garden without even wearing shoes.

Thanks to that, Morumoru was scattered across the bed, but Naru had no time to care.

“Dad… !!!”

Naru shouted with joy and headed for the garden entrance.

But Naru couldn’t see anyone.

“Dad… .”

Whenever Naru heard the wind blowing like this, he thought that his father had returned and looked around. Naru’s mother, Brigitte, was heartbroken as she watched the scene through the window.

“What if I get sick and lie down… .”

A week has already passed since the Great Destruction of Phrygia.

The world has changed a lot… , people started to live again as if nothing had happened. It really surprised me.

How can people move forward as if nothing happened?


At that moment, Brigitte turned her head at the sound of someone calling.

It was Garot.

“Garrot, how are you? Any progress?”

Garrot shook his head at Brigitte’s question.

I looked all over Phrygia, but I couldn’t see the man, Judas.

“The problem is that I can’t remember his face.”

Garot tried to imagine the face of Judas.

However, in the many things he had done with Judas, his face and voice remained soot as if someone had burned them with fire.

It wasn’t just Garot.

Brigitte couldn’t even think of Judas’ face.

I just vaguely feel his shadow in the faces of children like Naru, Cecily, and Hina.

Saint Iris, who was looking through books about this, spoke.

“Saint Philemon transcended and became one with Yahbach. It is said that at this time, people could not think of Saint Philemon. Probably no one will remember the face of Judas.”

It was embarrassing.

To find someone you can’t even remember their face?

Can you find it in the first place?

Where is Judah today and what is its condition?


Garrot looked at Cecily’s face as she walked down the aisle. It seemed certain that Judas was alive.

The proof was children like Naru, Hina, and Cecily. If children still exist in the world, the future possibility of children being born still exists.

Rumbling, dripping-.

Cecily opened a drawer in the hallway.

It looked like it was looking for something.

Garot said.

“… Cecily, I don’t think Judas would be in a place like that.”

“I don’t know… !”

Cecily went through all the drawers in the mansion, picked up the carpet on the floor, picked up a pebble from the garden and looked under it.

He seemed to think that Judas was hiding in the darkness.


Garrot stroked Cecily’s forehead or cheek well.

he was a cute kid

If you can’t find Judas like this… , Will this child disappear after all?

“Garot, get some rest.”

At Brigitte’s words, Garrot coughed, cleared his throat, and went to the bathroom. When I turned on the shower head to wash myself, I felt something creepy.


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Judas was a rather perverted man.

I wondered if he had come back for a chance to take a shower, but it was just a breeze coming in from the bathroom’s open window.

Garrot, who was embarrassed for nothing, looked around and found a small and pretty box. It was a box for soap.


Opening the lid of the soap box, Garrot asked a little.

Of course, there was only fragrant soap in it, but no Judas.

“Where are you… .”

While Garot was washing and drying her hair, Brigitte was changing her clothes. Brigitte was startled when the underwear she had hung on the hanger swayed in the wind and fell to the floor.

“Are you Judas… !?”

Of course, no answer came.

Brigitte suddenly felt sad.

So just as tears were about to come out, someone came into Brigitte’s room.

“Were you crying all alone?”

Salome frowned and asked mischievously.

Regarding that, Brigitte deliberately turned her head and smirked.

“Who is crying? So, what are the results of the investigation?”

Salome, like Garot, was wandering around Phrygia to investigate something. It was something that could be called a strange phenomenon.

“They are just shadows. It doesn’t look like it’s trying to harm people, it just stands there. Some of the shadows seem to be talking… .”

After the Great Destruction of Phrygia, shadows appeared in the world. Incorporeal shadows appear all over the world and begin to occupy a part of daily life.

The shapeless, faceless eerie shadows were terribly feared by the people. However, the shadows were just standing at the entrance of the mansion or the threshold of the house.

It was like a death god, and it was so strange that it made people’s hearts tremble.

“Do you think it will harm people?”

Brigitte asked.

Then Salome remembered the shadow she had seen in the residential area of Number 34. The size of the shadow was very small.

At first glance, he looked like a child.

The shadow just hung around the entrance of a house when the owner of the house said something strange.

“They said he looked like the son of the landlord who moved into the past. The son of the former landlord got sick and died when he was 10 years old. He said he had a habit of hanging out.”

Salome had heard many similar stories.

The shadow bears a striking resemblance to someone who had gone missing or died earlier—it was the same story.

‘Is it related to Judas?’

Even Salome didn’t know that.


Then Salome found Hina rustling in Brigitte’s room.

Hina held a crystal ball in her hand and was rolling it around.

“marble… .”

Salome knew that Hina had begun to take an interest in magic. There was a wizard named Brigitte in the mansion, and Hina would often hang out in Brigitte’s room like this now.

‘I hate to be in debt to Brigitte.’

It was when Salome had such an idea.

Sharp screams were heard from the first floor of the mansion.

“hehehehe… ! Everyone is coming and looking at this place… ! Something strange is trying to invade the mansion… ! This Sifnoy, it’s the first time I’ve seen anything so strange… !”

It was Sifnoy’s scream.

Everyone ran to the lobby on the first floor of the mansion and soon noticed that something strange was hiding behind a pillar on the first floor of the mansion.

It looked like a black stain, or it looked like a clump of dust, or it looked like a dark cloud in the house.

“That… .”

Garot frowned. Is it like the shadows that began appearing all over the world from Freesia?

It was truly an unknown monster.

It was a very ominous situation, so Sifnoy growled and swung the broom in his hand like a weapon into the air, threatening.

“This Sifnoy has a duty to protect the mansion… ! Uninvited guests are to leave quickly… ! If you don’t, I’ll beat you with this magic broom… !”

Boo-woong, boo-woong-.

Perhaps because Sifnoi’s threat worked, the stain hid behind a pillar and trembled.

In a way, it seemed like he was hesitating.

It looked like he couldn’t step forward, and he couldn’t even go outside. It was as if an uninvited guest had come to the party.

A black blob and a nymph wielding a broomstick towards it.

It was at a time when everyone was watching this scene nervously.


Naru, Cecily, and Hina approached the stain slowly enough to be almost simultaneous. They walked away slowly, finally spreading their arms and running wildly, shouting with one voice.

“Dad… !”


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