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Martial Cultivator – Chapter 115: The Most Important Question One Will Face in Life Bahasa Indonesia

Sitting back in front of the window, Chen Chao sometimes felt that Xie Nandu was really a girl who made people very speechless. Of course, he also believed that in a few days, Xie Nandu would definitely not render him alone speechless. She would make many young people speechless.

Sitting in front of the window and watching the pouring rain, Chen Chao’s drifted a little.

“By the way, do you have the confidence in defeating that whatever Saintess?”

Chen Chao unfastened the broken saber at his waist, carefully wiped the handle, and lamented: “This saber is good, but it’s a bit short. I will have to reattach it when I have the opportunity in the future. I wonder if the blacksmiths in the Divine Capital have the ability to do it?”

Xie Nandu said: “Your saber isn’t an ordinary weapon, it was probably made by a famous craftsman. But if you want to reforge it, Sword Qi Mountain has the ability to do so. I just don’t know if they are interested in forging sabers too.”

Chen Chao muttered, “Aren’t swords and sabers the same?”

Xie Nandu did not answer that question. Swords and sabers were inherently different. If they were the same, why were there sword cultivators in the world, but no saber cultivators?

“Sword Qi Mountain doesn’t seem to have forged a saber for anyone before. They are all experts in sword forging and have no interest in sabers.”

After Xie Nandu finished saying this, she changed the topic, “She has studied many books too. I’ve met her a few times and have interacted with her a little.”

When she mentioned interacting with her, the only scene that came to Chen Chao’s mind was these two women meeting and starting to talk about the contents of those classics, asking and answering each other’s questions. Just thinking about that scene made Chen Chao feel a little headache.

“You are thinking too much.”

Xie Nandu looked at the back of Chen Chao’s head as if she could see through him, “We just talked about some casual things, chatting about the past. She’s really cheerful, like a little sparrow.”

Chen Chao nodded and agreed, “Yes, when I saw her for the first time, I felt that she was like summer, and a hot one at that.”

Xie Nandu said, “The situation was so urgent at the time and you were actually still thinking about looking at girls?”

She did not quite understand. Of course, there were other emotions mixed in.

This kind of emotion was very strange.

“What are you thinking? When I rushed into the carriage and picked her up, her face was covered by the curtain and I didn’t see her face at all. I almost… Later on, I kept running and didn’t have time to look at her face. It was only later that I had the chance.”

Chen Chao sighed, the dirt on the saber hilt was wiped clean, and he was somewhat satisfied.

Xie Nandu pondered for a moment and said, “Carried her and ran.”

Chen Chao nodded, “Later on, I even piggybacked her.”

Xie Nandu made a sound of understanding.

Chen Chao sighed and said, “If it weren’t for my quick reflexes, I’m afraid there wouldn’t be a chance for us to chat here now.”

“I originally thought that you two wouldn’t have anything in common to talk about. But looking at it now, it seems that I was wrong.”

Chen Chao glanced outside. At this moment, the rain was gradually easing up.

Xie Nandu said calmly, “This doesn’t seem to be a problem you should worry about.”

She stood up and walked towards the door.

Liu Ye, who had been silent in the room, quickly stood up. But after some thought, she sat back down. She was also smart enough to know that she should not appear at this time, so she did not get up.

Xie Nandu came to sit next to Chen Chao outside the door and asked calmly, “Who’s prettier, me or her?”

Chen Chao was taken aback, and his expression instantly changed dramatically.

Here it comes.

Chen Chao had only read about such an outrageous question in books before.

But he never thought that one day he would experience it firsthand.

He subconsciously swallowed his saliva and looked at Xie Nandu, asking in confusion, “Why would you ask such a question?”

Xie Nandu said, “Because I want to know.”

Chen Chao said, “There are so many women, why do you want to compare with her?”

Xie Nandu replied calmly, “You don’t know those other women.”

Chen Chao was silent for a long time, sighed and said, “I have to admit, you make a good point. I find it very hard to refute it.”

Xie Nandu smiled and waited for the answer.

Chen Chao answered without hesitation, “You’re prettier.”


Xie Nandu looked into his eyes, as if to see if he was lying.

Chen Chao replied as a matter of course, “If I think that you’re prettier, then you’re prettier. What standard is there for judging beauty?” “If there really is one, I think you’d still be prettier too. I think most people would probably agree with me.”

Strictly speaking, Zhu Xia was still just a little girl who had not fully matured. Even though she could be described as pretty, it was more adorable than pretty. Xie Nandu was naturally more beautiful.

Xie Nandu did not see any deception in Chen Chao’s eyes and felt somewhat satisfied.

Chen Chao asked in confusion, “I heard that these kinds of questions usually arise between men and women who like each other. Haven’t we not reached that stage yet?”

Xie Nandu nodded and said, “Naturally.”

Chen Chao wanted to ask more, but Xie Nandu already opened her mouth, “But that’s them. I wanted to know the answer to this question, so I asked.”

Chen Chao said, “You’re really different.”

Xie Nandu smiled and the rain outside stopped.

Summer rain was like this, it came and went away quickly too.

Xie Nandu stood up and invited, “Go for a walk by the lake?”

Chen Chao looked at the greenery outside. The rain had washed the trees and made them look fresh and new.

He hung the broken saber back on his waist.

Chen Chao nodded and followed her out of the courtyard.

The two quickly arrived at the lake. After the heavy rain, the weeping willows by the lake were much greener than before, looking like tender leaves that had just sprouted in spring.

Walking by the lake, both of them were in a good mood.

Chen Chao took the initiative and said, “Living in a place like this is much better than Tianqing County. But these days, I rather miss Peach Blossom Alley, the man who quarrels with me, that kind auntie, and the neighbors, I really miss them. I don’t know if the new warden can really protect them, but I killed most of the demons there, so there shouldn’t be any demons in the next few years.”

When he talked about these things, his eyes were full of nostalgia that could not be faked at all. He really missed the people and things in Tianqing County.

Xie Nandu said softly, “After coming to the Divine Capital, you’ll gain many things, but you’ll also lose many things. Try to be positive, at least you don’t have to worry about spirit medicines now. You can focus on cultivation without any distractions.”

Chen Chao frowned and said, “How can I focus on cultivation with so many things happening? They keep piling up on me. Right now, I just hope I can live longer.”

“It’s not that easy to die.” Xie Nandu looked in the distance and said, “The entire Divine Capital is waiting for you to amaze the world with a single brilliant feat.”

Chen Chao smiled bitterly and said, “I think they may want me to fall from grace even more.”

Xie Nandu smiled and said, “A tree that stands tall in the forest is sure to be blown down by the wind. This principle is quite simple, and you should understand it too.”

Chen Chao said, “No matter how I see it, that should be you.”

Xie Nandu said, “They are also very jealous of me, but I have the academy behind me and Teacher above me.”

“So, what you mean is that I need to find a backer?”

Chen Chao was a little helpless. There was indeed no stronger backer than the academy in the Great Liang Dynasty. But the academy was not a place that he could enter as and when he liked.

Although he was a member of the warden faction, the Warden office clearly would not give him any special treatment.

That Lord Warden did not show favoritism like the dean.

Xie Nandu knew what he was thinking and said slowly, “The sages once said: Heaven has bestowed upon this person a great responsibility…”

Chen Chao waved his hand and said, “If it were possible, I would rather be like you. What’s the point of being tormented like this every day?”

Xie Nandu smiled and continued to walk side by side with him.

The two walked side by side by the lake and soon attracted many people’s attention. Many students still had a negative view of Chen Chao, but at the moment, they did not dare to approach to say anything or do anything. After the incident at the imperial banquet that night, even He Yi had lost, how could they be Chen Chao’s match? Going up to him would only be seeking humiliation. Perhaps there were one or two youngsters in the academy who could fight Chen Chao, but it was clear that the one or two youngsters would not make a move at this time for no reason.

He was merely strolling by the lake with that young lady from the Xie Family, did he provoke anyone?

Feeling the gazes, Xie Nandu remained indifferent. It was like this virtually every time she went out. In the academy, she was a dazzling existence. To others, not only did she have a good family background, she had good luck, and even her talent was exceptional too. Many people were dissatisfied with her for this reason, but they would not say anything.

Chen Chao suddenly asked, “Is the dean a sword cultivator too?”

Xie Nandu shook her head and said, “How could the academy’s dean possibly be a sword cultivator?”

The dean of the academy was clearly a scholar.

Of course, not everyone thought of him as a scholar.

“Then who taught you the sword?”

Chen Chao pointed at Xie Nandu with some shock and said, “You wouldn’t have learned it on your own, right?!”

Xie Nandu looked at him and shook her head slowly, “I did have that idea at first, but I have a senior brother who’s also a sword cultivator. He wrote me several letters, which could be considered as teaching me.”

“The dean’s disciple cultivates the sword?”

Chen Chao raised his eyebrows and said, “Interesting.”

Xie Nandu said, “Although Teacher’s disciples have all studied in the academy, it doesn’t mean that they just remain as scholars for their entire life.”

“That makes sense.” Chen Chao envied, “You have so many senior brothers, I bet you’ll have a lot of people to back you up when you get into a fight in the future.”

Just as Xie Nandu was about to speak, she suddenly heard some commotion in the distance.

She looked over, Chen Chao also lifted his head to look.

A group of people had gathered at the far end of the lake.

Some arguing could be faintly heard.

Looking at this scene, Chen Chao lamented, “The students of your academy really like to quarrel.”

He had won an argument at the South Lake back then, but that was only because he was on the side of righteousness. If it had been something else, he might not have been so lucky.

Xie Nandu looked at the few horse carriages parked in the distance and shook her head, “It’s not the people from our academy who are fighting, it’s other people.”

Upon hearing her words, Chen Chao also noticed that there were some horse carriages in the distance. Those people should be outsiders.

Chen Chao said, “It seems like outsiders have come to the academy to get a scolding again.”

“Not necessarily.”

Xie Nandu said, “Zhu Xia entered the city a few days ago.”

Her words seemed a bit incomprehensible, but Chen Chao quickly understood.

Zhu Xia was the saintess of the Myriad Heaven Palace, she came to the Divine Capital a few days ago. She was already considered late as there were already many foreign cultivators who came to the Divine Capital before her.

Those who came to the academy now might be those foreign cultivators.

Chen Chao sighed, “Even with such a storm in the Divine Capital, they still dare to come out and cause trouble. They are really bold.”

Xie Nandu said, “No matter how heavy the rain, there are still people who would hold an umbrella for them.”

“Am I the only one getting drenched in the rain?”

Chen Chao rubbed his hands, but he did not seem downcast.

But right at this moment, a voice sounded out by the lake.

“Are you Chen Chao?”


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