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Married To The Devil’s Son (WN) – Chapter 304: Power Couple 3 Bahasa Indonesia

After having lunch with her husband and children, her parents, Klara, Roshan, Gina, Zarin and her grandmother came to visit. They were concerned about her and wanted to see if she was alright.

Heaven felt a little strange being around all of them. Her father and Zarin who had turned demon themselves, tried to give her advice on how to adjust to her new self but none of it seemed helpful at the moment. She was still in turmoil, but she knew recovery would take time. She was just lost and scared and even around the people she loved, she felt uncomfortable and stressed out.

Her new heightened senses made her smell everything, hear voices from a long distance together and everyone’s voices in the room. She could hear breaths and heartbeats, and it was overwhelming. She was slowly beginning to panic. It felt like everyone was talking in her ear and touching her everywhere.

Her eyes searched the room, not knowing what she was looking for until she met his eyes. His silver eyes seemed to see through her and deep into her soul. He gave her an encouraging smile and she smiled back at him but he must have seen the panic on her face before that.

He stood up and spoke to everyone, “thank you all for coming, but I think it is wise if we don’t exhaust Heaven and let her rest.”

He was nicely telling them to leave, and they understood. They wished her a fast recovery and hugged her goodbye before leaving. Heaven was so thankful for having Zamiel or she might have run away from the room after a while.

Zamiel came and sat next to her on the bed. “How are you feeling?” he asked.

“A little confused,” she admitted.

He reached for her face and caressed her cheek. “It will get better with time,” he promised.

She hoped so.

When the night came, they went to their children’s room and Zamiel read a story for them like every other night. The feeling of lying next to her children and listening to Zamiel’s calming voice felt familiar, but the memories of those nights were diffuse as well. Slowly she was getting more and more anxious and disappointed. She wanted her memories back.

Heaven didn’t know when she fell asleep, but she woke up to Zamiel carrying her to their bed. The bed that didn’t quite feel like hers yet and this man also didn’t feel like her husband, even though there wasn’t a doubt in her mind that he was.

The way her demon reacted to his touch, and even his scent, was undeniable. He smelled like earth after rain. It was her favorite scent.

When he lay her down, she opened her eyes and still kept her arms around him. She looked into his silver eyes and he gazed back at her in the dark before leaning down and gently pressing his lips against hers.

They were warm and soft, moving in motions that made her shut off her mind. Her body came alive instead, heating and tingling faster than before. But it was the creeping feeling under her skin that kept waking her mind and alarming her. Something wanted to take control of her body.

Her demon.

She was frightened, yet she couldn’t stop kissing him. Grabbing onto his shoulder, she pulled him down on top of her. A moan left her lips when his hard body pressed against hers, pinning her between him and the mattress. Even through the clothes, she could feel the heat of his body and the strength of his limbs.

His lips moved to her jaw, kissing and nipping his way down to her neck. Heaven reached for his shirt, but was too impatient to unbutton it. She tore it open, and he helped her remove it without taking his lips away from her neck.

Her hands went to explore his back, chest and shoulders, feeling the movement of his muscles under her palm while his lips left a hot trace down to her chest.

The creeping feeling under her skin increased, adding fuel to the fire she was already feeling. It brought a sense of urge and hunger she had never felt before. Her gums itched and before she knew it, she could see her claws digging into his back as he kissed her stomach through the thin fabric. Heaven writhed, trying to control the feeling of urgency, but Zamiel grabbed her waist to hold her still.

One of his hands pulled her dress up, revealing her thighs. When Heaven felt his hot lips on her thigh, her head spun. She closed her eyes, only focusing on the riveting sensation. The thing that was crawling under the skin seemed to give up as well, falling with her into the deep ocean of pleasure.

When his lips moved to her inner thigh, Heaven arched her back and then he did something that sent her over the edge. He grazed his fangs against the sensitive skin of her inner thigh. Heaven gasped his name and was about to beg when he brought his lips back to hers. Her hands tugged at her dress, moving it upward.

“Now you know how I feel,” he spoke against her lips, but the taste of blood distracted her. She also felt wetness against her fingers and she smelled blood in the air.

She was clawing at his back, and he stopped her by pinning her hands down. He also stopped kissing her lips because she was eating his and began to kiss her neck again. Heaven told herself to stop, but her body was against it. Her demon seemed to already have taken control.

Zamiel pulled the dress above her head, baring her body for his eyes to see.

“You are beautiful,” he breathed, his eyes gleaming with hunger.

She could also see his fangs, but unlike her, he seemed to be in control of his demon.

“I want to bite you here,” he said, his hand sliding between her legs and touching a spot on her inner thighs.

Heaven opened her mouth to let all the air leave her lungs. Just thinking about it made her heart race. Before she could reply, he leaned down and ran his tongue over the exact spot where he was going to sink his teeth. He teased with his tongue and lips, letting the anticipation build until she was left breathless.

He had never bitten her anywhere else than her neck and even though it was always painful in the beginning, the pleasure that followed was worth the pain. She wondered if it would feel the same down there.

Zamiel grazed his fangs against her skin as a last warning before she felt the sharp pain of his fangs puncturing her skin. She grasped the sheets with a gasp. This was more painful than the neck, but the pleasure that followed was also more intense.

She could feel blood flow down to her core, and the tingling sensation went all the way down to her toes.

Her body gave in and before she knew it, he was inside of her. She wrapped her legs around him, unwilling to let go as he rocked his hips into her, slowly but steadily pushing her over the edge.


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