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“Anyways Adam your application has been approved — same laboratory and five thousand power stones per month will be allocated to your lab. As for the conflict between James and Frank… sort it out amongst yourselves,” Mage Erin announced. She wasn’t interested in dealing with the conflict between two senior apprentices.

The senior apprentices stopped their quarrel immediately. No apprentices dared to defy the will of a mage, so they simply left the Approval Department in silence.

Frank trailed behind both of them while glaring at James’ back. As soon as they returned to the Academy, he dashed forward and grabbed James’ collar, lifting him from the ground, “James isn’t it time for you to leave the Academy? How embarrassing is it for an idiot like you to die of old age.”

Frank hit James where it hurt — to mages, dying of old age is shameful, as it signifies that their wisdom has come to an end, and their souls have decayed to the point where it cannot support their existence.

James let Frank continue to berate him, “I’m sorry, Frank, I’m sorry… but…”

Frank punched James hard in the face and he fell to the floor, “But? But what? Speak! Is it because you still want to become a mage, so you can continue to lie to everyone?”

James shielded his face, but made no attempt to fight back, “No, Frank! Please, listen to me…”

“Shut up, James! I will hear none of it!”

James’ continued pleas fell on deaf ears, and Frank continued to kick at James. However, Adam could see that Frank did not use any magic — he was simply punching and kicking like a normal human.

Adam stood silently, not knowing if he should stop Frank — the damage caused by mere fists and feet wouldn’t kill a senior apprentice like James. It looked as if Frank was hitting a pillow.

Adam used his telekinesis to gently pull James away from the scene, and shielded James behind him, “Mr. Frank, I think you should listen to his explanation. There is no point in venting your anger like this.”

Frank didn’t care, and walked past Adam to hit James. The moment Frank’s fist hit the shield, it retaliated, and Frank’s punch was returned in full force.

Adam could see why Frank was fighting using his fists.

Because the moment the impact returned to Frank, he flew several metres into the air before landing.

Frank calmed down and glared at James, “Boy you are a new apprentice so you don’t know much. Listen — your tutor, James here is a liar! His little Rune Studies lab and research is nothing but a joke! You seem smart, so leave him, or you run the risk of compromising your own path to becoming a mage.”

Adam furrowed his brow — although James’ research direction was slightly off, he cannot be considered a liar, “Mr. Frank, I think you have misunderstood…”

Unexpectedly, Frank stripped off his shirt — his upper body was semi-mechanical; the entire left half of his human flesh was fused with metal.

“Is this an alchemy body? This is amazing!” Adam said in astonishment.

Frank smiled sadly, “Listen kid, some of my companions and I listened to this liar over here and invested all of our time in his lab — we believed in him too, but decades have passed since then, and we got nothing! All of my companions died in the war, but this coward hid and escaped… I miraculously survived too; I am but a shell of my former self. I wish I died in the war, too.”

James knelt on the floor, shutting his eyes, “I’m sorry, Frank, I’m sorry…”

Adam asked, “What is it like having a body like this?”

Frank’s laugh was coated with misery and replied, “Pain. Unimaginable pain, every hour, every minute, every second. This body is insulated from magic too, so the hopes of me becoming a mage is null.”

James continued to apologise.

Frank seemed to calm down, but replied with disappointment, “Shut up, I don’t need your apologies, it’s worthless.”

Adam was confused — judging from the level of magical technology he has seen so far, there shouldn’t be any incompatibilities. He expressed his concerns, and Frank replied, “I can’t afford a better body.”

Frank sighed, “Listen, kid. As your senior, I urge you to stay away from this liar, or you’ll regret it. You probably have low qualifications, so you blindly follow whoever is willing to guide you. Do not trust him, or your path to becoming a mage will be cut short.”

Frank was about to leave, but Adam grabbed his hand, preventing him from leaving. Adam has great interest in this mechanical body — perhaps integrating some telekinesis into this body will have beneficial effects.

“Sorry, Mr. Frank, but I think you have really misunderstood the situation.”

Frank put his shirt on, and swiped Adam’s hand off of himself, “Let me go or you’ll regret it.”

Adam frowned. Doesn’t he know that the most basic human etiquette is to wait until people finish their sentences?

“I was the one who applied for the lab.”

Frank stopped. This new apprentice is leading the lab?

“And I have already developed a new and improved meditation method.”

Frank flinched.

“Look. Here is the official contract from the Academic Department,” Adam said.

Frank stared at the contract and blinked. There was zero chance that this was forged, “It’s true… my god, what happened? I disappear for three months, only for a new apprentice like you to…”

Frank wanted to continue, but stopped himself, “I see how it is.” Now that he knows that the lab has nothing to do with James, it wasn’t his business anymore. Besides, even if the meditation method works, it was impossible for him to become a mage because of his body.

Adam stopped him and shouted, “This new meditation method focuses on the psychic power of the brain! This can help you control magic again!”

To prove it, Adam turned Frank around, and conjured a series of wind orbs that exploded in the air.

Frank was stunned, watching the scattered leaves around the Academy gliding in the air, “Is it true?”

Adam raised his hands, “Obviously.”

Frank trotted over to Adam, and snatched the contract from Adam’s hands to read it. He told himself it was impossible, but… there might be hope for him.

“I used this psychic power to draw power from the surrounding elements, so you don’t actually need to use magic,” Adam explained, conveniently leaving the word ‘low-levelled magic’ out.

“Now Frank, here’s a proposal — join my lab.”

Frank shoved the contract back into Adam’s hands, “I- I don’t know. This is too unbelievable.”

Adam sighed. He’s right, since he doesn’t have much evidence to prove it.

Adam wanted to say something, but Frank interrupted him, “Adam, okay, uh, give me some time. I need to think about it.”

“Of course, Mr. Frank. You know where the lab is.”

Frank nodded and left them. James was still hiding behind Adam and apologised, “I’m sorry. His talents were extremely good.”

Adam glanced at him and replied, “Now I know why you’re so unpopular.”

James was stunned, but he was right.

Adam continued, “However, I think you think too much. Frank signed the contract too, agreeing to whatever terms you set — whatever happened to him is his own choice, so he shouldn’t be venting it out on you.”

James stared at Adam, “Are- are you trying to comfort me?”

Adam replied blankly, “No, it was a matter of fact. Telekinesis is established by my own standards, so it might not be suitable for you either. I don’t want you to hate me like Mr. Frank hates you.”


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