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Lightning Is the Only Way – Chapter 992: Opponents Meet Bahasa Indonesia


Suddenly, Gravis was assaulted with an apocalyptic pressure, making it impossible for him to move.

Even more, Gravis’ level six Law of Freedom didn’t help at all.


Because Suppression and Freedom were two sides of the same coin.

As long as they were on the same rank, The Law of Suppression and the Law of Freedom would nullify each other.

Therefore, the level six Law of Suppression from Nira became useless, but Gravis’ level six Law of Freedom also became useless, leaving both of them with just their Will-Auras.

Yet, how much more powerful was Nira’s Will-Aura?

Gravis’ Will-Aura was on the level of a Late Major Circulation Immortal Emperor.

Nira’s Will-Aura was on the level of a Peak Immortal Emperor.

Even if one completely ignored the insane level suppression of six levels, Nira would still be suppressing Gravis by quite a lot.

However, if one also factored in the level suppression, Gravis would be suppressed many times over.


An insane laugh echoed throughout the heavens as Nira appeared in front of Gravis.

“I am truly blessed by Karmic Luck!” Nira shouted with exhilaration. “Not only am I allowed to go through a tribulation, but the very being that’s responsible for my long years of pain is not only alive but also appears right in front of me!”

“Is this how it feels like to be blessed by the Heavens?” Nira shouted with a wide grin. “After my eternity of suppression, have I finally managed to become acknowledged by the Heavens?”

Gravis only looked at her evenly.

‘Is she insane?’

“You!” Nira shouted as she pointed at Gravis. “Without you, nothing would have gone wrong!”

“Without you, my grandson would be the Holy Son of the Nine Elements Sect!”

“Without you, I would be the Ancestor of the Nine Elements Sect now!”

“Without you, I wouldn’t have been suppressed for over 150,000 years!”

“You destroyed everything!”

“You destroyed my entire life!”

An intense mix of emotions could be heard in Nira’s voice.

Hysteric excitement, boundless hate, endless anger.

It was like she was no longer a human but a walking bundle of exploding emotions.


“You done?” Gravis asked coldly.

Nira’s eyes widened in shock.

How was this insect able to move!?

That should be impossible!

Nira’s mind was thrown into endless confusion, and all her emotions exploded again.

Normally, such an action would only be enough to shock someone, but Nira’s mindset was obviously unstable beyond belief.

The many years of suppression had taken a gigantic toll on her rationality.

Even more, her rationality hadn’t been great, to begin with.

After all, she had made several idiotic decisions based on her own selfish emotions.

She could have just let Stella go.

She could have just let Gravis go.

She could have just talked with Underworld.

Yet, due to her inability to control her own emotions, she had plunged further and further down into insanity.

However, more importantly, how was Gravis able to move under her Law of Suppression?

Well, the level six Law of Suppression nullified the level six Law of Freedom.

Yet, what about the level seven Law of Freedom?

The level seven Law of Freedom didn’t actually exist, but Gravis’ Avatar was comprised of the Law of Perceived Reality.

As long as Laws were subservient to the Avatar, they could be integrated into it, even if the Laws were of a higher level than the Avatar.

Back then, the middle Heaven had included the Major Law of Pure Elements into its Law of the Dead World. The Law of the Dead World only needed the level three Law of Mixed Elements. The Major Law of Pure Elements was not necessary.

However, a huge part of a dead world was composed of Elements. Elements were a part of a dead world. Because of that, it wasn’t hard to upgrade the Elements inside the Law of the Dead World without upgrading the remaining parts.

In short, Avatars could be modified in a modular fashion, meaning it’s possible to upgrade individual parts of it without destroying the entire thing.

Earlier, Gravis couldn’t move because his Avatar wasn’t by his side. After all, Mortis had been in Gravis’ Life Ring.

Yet, when Mortis appeared, Gravis got the use of his Avatar back.

The level six Law of Suppression and the level six Law of Freedom had already been integrated into his Avatar. Because of that, the Suppression and Freedom Laws inside of Gravis’ Avatar had reached the power of level seven Laws.

The Law of Freedom’s function was not a gradient.

It was either useful or not useful.

And since the Law of Freedom had the power of a level seven Law now, it had become stronger than the level six Law of Suppression.

Cultivation Realm had nothing to do with it.

Now, if Nira had her level six Law of Suppression as her Avatar, Gravis’ Law of Freedom would become useless.

However, getting a new Avatar required the destruction of the old Avatar.

Would the previous Sect Master of the Nine Elements Sect be willing to completely forget the very Elemental Law her entire fighting style was built around?

No, of course not.


Gravis and Mortis both transformed into their beast form as they hovered in front of Nira.

“You act like I accidentally passed by here,” Gravis said, unveiling his sharp teeth. “However, why would I come to such a godforsaken place without reason?”

“I’m obviously here because of you.”

Just when Nira’s mindset was about to recover, it received another shock.

This image!

These two beasts!

They looked exactly like the beasts inside her mind when Heaven had contacted her!

These were here opponents?

These ants!?

But both of them were only Late Minor Circulation Immortal Emperors!

She could kill them with a wave of her hand!

After a while, a sneer appeared on Nira’s face as she laughed with disgust.

“You? You!?” she shouted with ridicule.

“You mere ants think you can kill me!? You!?”

“Yes, us,” Gravis answered. “Is there a problem with that?”

Nira’s sneer became more pronounced, and she wanted to answer.


Sadly, Mortis lost his patience and exploded forward.


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