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Lightning Is the Only Way – Chapter 973: True Power Bahasa Indonesia

Gravis closed his eyes to take a deep breath as the sensation of his new Form Law of the Saber washed through his being.

‘It’s so powerful,’ Gravis thought. ‘A Form Law is normally only supposed to give someone the same power as the level five Law of Physical Power.’


Gravis looked down at his saber.

‘This is so much more powerful.’

Since Gravis had comprehended the Law, he understood what powers this Law could unleash.

How strong was it?

Gravis’ Form Law of the Saber was composed of 14 different element-specific level five Laws and three Emotional Laws. This was already more than enough to condense a level six Law, but not enough to make a level seven Law. After all, Form Laws only took parts of Laws, not the entire thing.

So, Gravis’ Form Law of the Saber had reached the power of a level six Law.

While it sounded impressive on the surface, just describing the Form Law like this wouldn’t make it justice.

Yes, the Form Law had the power of a level six Law. That was true.

Yet, exactly that was the terrifying thing.

Form Laws were not Laws that someone used by using Energy. No, Form Laws were used passively without any Energy cost. After all, it was just a specific way of movement.

In short, unleashing this Form Law cost absolutely nothing but just some physical stamina.

Yet, it was able to unleash the power of a level six Law.

This meant that every single casual attack of Gravis now had the power of a level six Law.

Just with his saber alone, Gravis could slice through the body of a beast four levels above him. He needed no lightning, no Elements, nothing.

Even more, the Form Law could also be combined with all of Gravis’ other Laws since it didn’t take up a spot inside Gravis’ saber.

The combinations could become terrifyingly powerful.

‘If Mortis had had this Law, the Black Demon would have died to his two Lightning Crescents,’ Gravis thought.

Gravis glanced once more at the split horizon, which was slowly regenerating itself.

Gravis still remembered how Eran had also managed to achieve something like that. However, the power between Eran’s attack and Gravis’ attack was monumentally different.

Gravis smiled a bit.


Then, he swung his saber casually.

In an instant, everything in a straight line for over 10,000 kilometers had been cut apart.

Nothing could withstand the power of a level six Law!

‘I have come this far, huh?’ Gravis thought with a surreal feeling. ‘I can destroy thousands of kilometers with but a wave of my hand. I don’t even need to use any Energy.’

Gravis thought back about his life and his power.

In the beginning, he was just a bit more powerful than a mortal.

Then, he managed to destroy several meters with his attacks in the Energy Gathering Realm.

When he got his Lightning Crescent, he managed to destroy the peak of a normal mountain in the lower world.

In the Unity Realm, he already could destroy hundreds of meters.

In the Nascent Nourishing Realm, his power of destruction reached kilometers.

In the Law Comprehension Realm, it became nearly a hundred kilometers.

As an Immortal, Gravis nearly managed to destroy a thousand kilometers with his Lightning Crescent.

As an Immortal King, Gravis had already destroyed thousands of kilometers with his Lightning Crescent.

Now, Gravis could destroy over ten thousand kilometers with but a wave of his hand.

‘Power, huh?’ Gravis thought as he looked at his hand.

‘It does feel nice.’

Then, Gravis started grinning widely.

‘But not as good as my honey!’

Then, Gravis took out his Life Ring. “Hey, honey. Sorry that I’m only calling you now. Condensing my Form Law took longer than expected.”

“It’s okay,” Stella answered with a reassuring voice. “So, are you done?” She asked with hope.

“Yes, I am,” Gravis answered with a wide smile. “Want me to come over right now?”

“Yes, please,” Stella said with excitement.

Then, she cut the connection.

Gravis had to chuckle a bit.

After that, Gravis left the beast territory and went towards the eastern continent.

While doing so, Gravis absorbed a ton of Immortal Stones.

Gravis had never been in the Purist Sect, and he wanted to be sure that nothing would be going wrong. Because of that, Gravis decided to become a Peak Immortal King first.

The breakthrough was already finished before Gravis even left the beast territory.

What he didn’t know was that Narcissus was paying close attention to him.

‘His growth speed is terrifying,’ Narcissus thought. ‘He might even be able to fight Early Major Circulation Immortal Emperors as a mere Immortal King. This is already beyond impossible.’

‘As a mere Immortal King, he already eclipses my Law Comprehension by a terrifying amount.’

Narcissus wasn’t certain what he should feel right now.

Narcissus had been one of the most powerful beings in this world. The only beings stronger than him were Exar and Arc, but Exar had already left. On top of that, one couldn’t really count Arc since he was an ancient being.

So, Narcissus was basically the most powerful being in this world right now.

Yet, the only thing that stopped Gravis from being more powerful than Narcissus was a session of absorbing Immortal Stones.

If Gravis wanted, he could become the most powerful being in this world in less than a day.

Should Narcissus feel inferior?

Should he feel threatened?

Should he feel proud?

Narcissus wasn’t certain.

Usually, Narcissus put a ton of weight on power, and when someone was more powerful than Narcissus, he felt inferior.

Narcissus wanted to be the most powerful being!

Yet, when Narcissus looked at Gravis, he didn’t feel inferior, even though Gravis was essentially far above Narcissus.

Why was that?

Because the gulf was just too vast.

When another being was just a bit more powerful or a bit more successful than oneself, one might feel inferiority, envy, or jealousy. Yet, when that same being was on a completely different level, this feeling vanished.

That was because the person would not consider the other person to be in the same world as them.

They lived in a completely different world.

Narcissus had seen Exar as his rival.

Yet, he couldn’t see Gravis as his rival.

To him, it felt like it was only natural that Gravis would overtake him.

Without noticing it, Gravis had left the world of the normal Cultivators far behind.

The average Cultivators could not jump levels.

Geniuses could jump one level.

Prodigies could jump two levels, but these prodigies were supremely rare.

A jump of three levels was only in legends. After thousands and thousands of years, maybe one such person would appear in a world. This represented the absolute peak of Battle-Strength. No one even considered that a jump of four levels was possible.

Near the end of the lower world, Gravis could jump three levels.

However, the difference between the levels wasn’t as vast in the Spirit Forming Realm as in the Unity Realm and above.

On top of that, Gravis hadn’t been in a powerful lower world.

In fact, the lower world he had gone to had been one of the weakest ones.

The lower Heaven had suppressed the talent of the world for eons as it killed everyone that managed to condense a Will-Aura in the body tempering Realm. This hurt the overall power of the world immensely.

Yet, Gravis had only managed to jump these weak three levels back then.

The middle world Gravis had gone to was one of the more powerful ones, and Gravis had managed to jump four levels in that world near the end.

However, the Battle-Strength of the beasts in that world wasn’t the most powerful. Yes, they were powerful, but there was still a lot of potential left.

Jumping four levels in that world was like jumping three levels in this world.

Yet, the difference was already vast.

In the lower world, Gravis could only be counted as very talented in the grand scheme of things.

However, after he exited the middle world, Gravis’ strength had become the stuff of legends, even in this higher world, the strongest higher world in existence.

Gravis had managed to jump four levels in the Sect Alliance’s territory, but the Cultivators there weren’t very powerful. After all, if one put the Cultivators in the Core Regions of this world in any other world, even the most average Cultivator would be able to jump a level.

The Cultivators in the Sect Alliance’s territory couldn’t reach that power.

The Cultivators in every other world had to fight with the bottlenecks between the major Realms. After all, one needed a level four Law to become an Immortal King and a level five Law to become an Immortal Emperor.

The vast majority of Cultivators remained at the peak of their Realm as they tried to take that last step.

Yet, in this world, it was normal for everyone to comprehend the prerequisite Law for their next major Realm without even reaching the peak of their current Realm.

This was the power of this world.

Yet, in this powerful world, Gravis had now become a true absurdity of Cultivation.

When a jump of three levels was the stuff of legends, and when the concept of jumping four levels didn’t even exist, what were jumps of five or maybe even six levels?

If four levels were impossible, what were five or six levels?

When Gravis had entered this world, he had been at the peak of Cultivation Battle-Strength.

And now, he wasn’t part of the Cultivation world anymore.

No Cultivator could compare to him in terms of Battle-Strength.


Not even a single one.

Not even in the highest world.


Even the past Heaven’s Magnates were left behind.

His power had eclipsed absolutely everyone by a humongous margin.

If the average Cultivators were only 100 meters behind the most talented Cultivators, Gravis would be several kilometers away.

In their eyes, Gravis was a being that would only exist once.

A one-time occurrence.

A miracle.

Yet, even the Cultivators of legend couldn’t see the front since they were just too far behind.

However, Gravis was able to see it.

He wasn’t the first place.

In this imaginary representation of Battle-Strength, a group of blonde people with multiple eyes were walking in the distance.

There was still a huge gulf between Gravis and them.

However, for the first time, Gravis could see them.

They were within his reach.

Only a little bit more!

These were the Heavens, and they were Gravis’ current goal.

And after that…

In the distance.

On a mountain on the horizon, an impossible distance away…

There stood only a single middle-aged man with black hair as he looked up at another mountain to his side.

Another blonde man with an unknown face stood on the other mountain, looking back.

After Gravis overtook the Heavens…

These two would be next!


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