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Lightning Is the Only Way – Chapter 968: Form Law of the Saber Bahasa Indonesia

Stella had informed herself about the Form Laws in the Purist Sect. After all, the Purist Sect specialized in this category of Laws.

So, how exactly did Form Laws work?

Well, one would comprehend different element-specific Battle Laws. Then, one would throw away all the element-specific attributes of the Battle Law, leaving behind only a small portion of the Law.

After comprehending at least three different element-specific Battle Laws, one could fuse the element-neutral parts of the Battle Laws together into a Form Law of the same level.

For example, when one comprehended the level five Laws of Storm Cutting, Fire Cutting, and Frost Cutting, one could take the element-neutral aspects of these Laws and combine them into the level five Form Law of the Sword.

If one paid attention, one would immediately notice why not many Cultivators outside the Purist Sect would practice these Laws.

It was simply way too inefficient.

Imagine having to comprehend three level five Laws just to have the opportunity to condense another level five Law. Even more, the previous three level five Laws might not even be relevant to a Cultivator’s battle style.

For example, if one was a Cultivator that focused on the Brilliance Element and used a hammer as their main weapon. A hammer would need the three element-specific Battle Laws that demonstrated the explosiveness aspect of an Element.

Fire could explode.

Wind could explode via pressure.

Frost could shatter with power, which would be an explosion.

Yet, what about Brilliance?

Brilliance couldn’t explode.

Therefore, a Brilliance Cultivator would need to comprehend three Battle Laws of Explosiveness from three Elements that couldn’t be used by the Cultivator since they didn’t share an affinity.

All this for what?

For just another level five Law?

Why not directly go for four Battle Laws for the Brilliance Element then?

That was much more useful!

On top of that, the requirement to comprehend four level five Laws meant that no Immortal King would even glance at these Laws unless they wanted to look at the level four Law variants.

So, only Immortal Emperors would consider these Laws.

However, who were Immortal Emperors?

Why would they focus on these Laws?

They couldn’t even be upgraded into level six Laws!

Immortal Emperors wanted level six Laws, not level five Laws!

This was why the Form Laws were rather rare in this world.

Now, on to the next problem.

Why did people that used sabers often comprehend the Form Law of the Sword instead of the Form Law of the Saber?

The reason was that the concept of a saber wasn’t straightforward.

A sword focused entirely on cutting.

A spear focused entirely on piercing.

A hammer focused entirely on explosiveness.

A saber?

A saber focused on cutting but also on explosiveness.

After all, the difference between a saber and a sword was the thick back of the saber. The saber was basically just a huge knife, which made it quite a bit heavier.

So, a saber needed both things.

Yet, why was that important?

The important thing was what it needed to reach the bottom line of comprehending the Form Law.

A sword needed three Laws, basically any element-specific cutting Law.

A spear also needed three.

A hammer also needed three.

However, a saber needed four. It needed two cutting Laws and two explosiveness Laws, at least, for balance.

Comprehending just one level five Law was already a lot of work and ate up a ton of time. Why not comprehend the Form Law of the Sword to save some time?

This was why people often comprehended the Form Laws of the Sword, even when they were using a saber.

Of course, this problem basically didn’t exist for Gravis. He was comprehending Laws with quite some speed already. Additionally, he was concentrating on the other Elements too. Even more, comprehending more Laws meant getting even more experience, which should make future comprehensions even faster.

However, there was something that interested Gravis even more.

Form Laws weren’t as simple as normal Laws.

Form Laws had different powers depending on how many different insights one could combine.

Would a Form Law of the Sword condensed out of the Law of Storm Cutting, Inferno Cutting, and Frost Cutting be just as powerful as a Form Law of the Sword that was condensed out of the Law of Storm Cutting, Inferno Cutting, Frost Cutting, and Graphite Cutting?

One had insights from three level five Laws.

The other had four.

It was obvious which one was better.

How many Laws was the maximum that Gravis could put into the Form Law of the Saber?


Usually, one would think that it was 18. After all, there were nine Pure Elements, and one only needed to combine two aspects of each one.

Sadly, Brilliance and Shadow didn’t have Laws of Explosiveness. The two of them did have Laws of Cutting but no Laws of Explosiveness.

Unfortunately, this meant that their Laws of Cutting couldn’t be complemented by their Laws of Explosiveness, which made the two Laws of Cutting of those two Elements useless.

So, in the end, there was a maximum of 14 Laws.

’14 Laws to condense a single level five Law?’ Gravis thought with a smirk. ‘That seems like a gigantic waste of time.’

Yet, Gravis’ smirk only widened.

‘But I don’t see it as a waste of time. The Law coming out of there will probably be the most powerful level five Law in existence, except for the Minor Law of the True World. It might even rival the Law of Perceived Reality.’

‘I’m interested to see what it will become.’

Gravis had decided to go all the way with this Form Law.

However, Gravis suddenly stopped teleporting forward as he facepalmed.

‘Oh fuck, I nearly forgot!’

Then, Gravis took out four Law Comprehension Life Fruits. ‘It’s already been five level five Laws again. Time to take my medicine!’

Gravis immediately consumed the fruits and remained stationary in the air for around a hundred years.


‘And Soft Complex Law done! Easy!’ Gravis thought with a smirk.

‘Now, on to the prerequisite Laws for the Form Law of the Saber.’


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