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Lightning Is the Only Way – Chapter 967: Gains Bahasa Indonesia

So, what had Gravis comprehended in the past 20,000 years?

Gravis had only comprehended the level five Law of Empathy on his own in the past 20,000 years, which could be seen as relatively slow Law Comprehension.

However, Gravis had learned a lot from Stella.

How many level five Laws had Stella known that Gravis hadn’t known?

Four, and all four of them were Mixed Elemental Laws.

That was already a lot more than Gravis had known previously. After all, Gravis had only known the Mixed Elemental Law for Graphite and Inferno, Magma. However, some people also called it Graphiteinferno.

The first Law Gravis had comprehended was the Law of Punishment Inferno. Just like the name implied, it was a fusion of Punishment Lightning and Inferno. Stella had even used that Law back when she ran to the beast territory after escaping from the Nine Elements Sect.

The second one had been Frostinferno.

Back when Gravis had retrieved Stella from the Nine Elements Sect, Stella had already known two level five Laws, which was already incredibly impressive for an Immortal King. After all, an Immortal King only needed to know a single level five Law to become an Immortal Emperor.

These two Laws had been the Law of Punishment Inferno and the Law of Frostinferno.

However, Stella had comprehended two more Laws since then.

One was the level five Law of Temperatures, which Stella had comprehended from the Law Comprehension Life Fruits that Gravis had given her.

The other one was the Law of Coreinferno.

The Law of Coreinferno was what Stella had comprehended while Gravis had concentrated on the Laws of Physical Power.

In actuality, it was beyond impressive that Stella managed to comprehend a level five Law in such a short amount of time.

How did she accomplish that?


Lots of tempering.

Stella was not weak!

Of course, Gravis had also gotten that Law from Stella.

The last Law was obviously the level five Law of Temperatures.

These were the four Laws that Gravis had comprehended from Stella.

Yet, one had to remember that this was not a one-sided smash-and-grab but an exchange of knowledge. This meant that Stella had also received some Laws from Gravis.

Stella had received a whopping ten level five Laws and so many different level four Laws!

The level five Laws were the Hard Complex Law, the Medium Complex Law, the Law of Magma, the Law of Body Growth, the Law of Body Composition, and the five different level five Battle Laws of Lightning.

Sadly, not all of the Laws could be transferred with the Law of Empathy.

For example, other Emotional Laws couldn’t be transferred. After all, emotions only existed in beings. They weren’t precisely real in a physical sense. They were only a feeling.

The Laws of Perceived Reality also couldn’t be transferred. After all, they were arguable even more surreal than emotions. One could argue that emotions were real since a person could feel them, but were perceived realities real?

Another problem was that Gravis and Stella both only knew the level five Law of Empathy, which meant that they could only share level five Laws or weaker. This, sadly, made it impossible for Gravis to show Stella the Law of Divine Lightning.

However, Stella was already more than happy.

After all, she knew over ten level five Laws as an Immortal King! Even only knowing three Laws was already the stuff of legends!

Yet, this also put some pressure on Stella.

After all, with so many Laws, beings two levels above her were no longer a challenge.

She needed to challenge beings three levels above her, but it was still insanely difficult to jump so many levels.

Stella had mainly relied on the Fire Element for her entire life, but she had to change that now. After all, if she relied on Inferno now, she wouldn’t be able to jump three entire levels.

She had to focus more on lightning. After all, Gravis had given her five level five Battle Laws for the Lightning Element. Without these Battle Laws, it would be too hard for Stella to fight three levels above herself.

Luckily, she knew the Law of Punishment Inferno. With this Mixed Element, Stella could still use her fire while also using the Battle Laws of the Lightning Element.

After being with Gravis for so long, Stella decided that she also wanted to push her Will-Aura further. This meant that she would temper herself in the near future against someone three levels above her.

Gravis had told Stella that he didn’t want to know when she was about to temper herself. He didn’t trust himself enough. It was important to be in genuine mortal danger while tempering oneself, and Gravis didn’t know if he could keep himself back when he saw that Stella was in danger.

It was better for Stella to temper herself on her own.

Now, with all of that said, what about Mortis?

Gravis had comprehended four level five Laws from Stella.

What had Mortis comprehended during this time?

Only three level five Laws.

20,000 years for three Laws.

That was a long time!

However, if one looked more closely at the laws Mortis had comprehended, one would notice why these Laws had taken so long.

The first Law Mortis had comprehended was the Law of Punishment Storm, which was a fusion of the Storm and Punishment Lightning Elements.

How long had this one taken?

A bit above 4,000 years.

That was still reasonable. What about the next one?

The next one was Corelightning.

Metal was an Element that Gravis didn’t have a great affinity for, which meant that it automatically took longer to comprehend.

How long did Mortis take for that one?

7,000 years.

Quite a bit longer.

What about the last one?


Gravis’ and Mortis’ affinity for the Earth Element was by far the worst, which was also the reason why this one took by far the longest.

How long?

11,000 years!

If Mortis hadn’t already started comprehending the Mixed Elemental Laws while Gravis was comprehending the Law of Physical Power, Mortis still wouldn’t be done with that one!

However, this also demonstrated something else, which made Gravis take a deep breath.

Gravis’ Elements with the worst and best affinities should average out, showing the average time for a level five Law.

One had to remember that Mortis had only been comprehending the Lightning Laws.

This meant that every single Mixed Elemental Law would also take around 10,000 years on average.

That was a long-ass time!

However, if anyone heard Gravis’ thoughts, they would want to beat him to death.

Only 10,000 years for a Mixed Elemental Law!?

That was nothing!

One had to remember that Immortal Kings had a longevity of 100,000 years and that they only needed to comprehend a single level five Law.

That single level five Law might take them 50,000 years of comprehension and up to three separate tempering experiences.

However, Gravis didn’t need tempering, and he didn’t need that long.


Was Gravis talented in Laws?

No, not really.

Gravis was so fast because his efforts had finally born fruit.

In the middle world, Gravis had comprehended one Law after the other, knowing that his Law Comprehension speed would get faster and faster with experience.

Gravis had spent so much time back then on seemingly unimportant Laws, which didn’t even increase his Battle-Strength. The laws of Plant Growth and Plant Composition were a good example.

These couple hundred years Gravis had invested back then into Law Comprehension had paid themselves out when Gravis had comprehended Laws in the Sect Alliance’s territory.

Gravis had comprehended 45 Elemental Battle Laws back then, and it took him around 40,000 years or so.

Without these couple hundred years in the middle world, Gravis might have taken double the amount of time.

Then, the 40,000-year investment back then was paying dividends now.

Instead of taking 30,000+ years to comprehend a level five Law, Gravis only needed around 10,000 years on average.

By investing time when he had been younger, Gravis was now earning the rewards.

Gravis’ comprehension speed was probably the fastest comprehension speed in this entire higher world, except for Arc.

However, Gravis didn’t think that much about these things.

Right now, he was only trying to get back into a Cultivation mindset. After all, he had just spent 20,000 years with his honey.

‘Back to work!’ Gravis thought with conviction in his eyes.

‘First of all, I should check out the Form Law for Sabers and Spears. Thankfully, Stella had informed herself about these.’

‘Sadly, this will take up a shitload of time.’

Gravis shook his head.

‘What are you even thinking about? I have so much time on my hands. I literally have hundreds of thousands of years to waste. Who cares about time?’

Then, Gravis smirked.


And then, he teleported away.


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