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Lightning Is the Only Way – Chapter 958: Surviving Bahasa Indonesia

Gravis summoned another set of armor and also charged at the Black Demon.

The Black Demon stabbed Gravis with his last spear.


Gravis unleashed several streams of Magma to stop the weapon. Since he now only had to stop a single weapon, the effects were way stronger than previously.


Then, Gravis hit the spear with all of his weapons again. Frostinferno exploded again, throwing Gravis into the distance. However, since a lot of the force behind the attack that been canceled out, only some of Gravis’ bones in his arms broke, leaving the rest of his body intact.

The Black Demon narrowed his eyes as he charged at Gravis again.

However, this time, he kept his remaining spear very close to his body as his other three arms extended towards Gravis.

He would keep his last weapon safe as he used his physical body to fight now.

Gravis also charged at him as he replaced all of his weapons with spears.

Then, Gravis stabbed all six spears at the body of the Black Demon.


The fast arms of the Black Demon slapped three spears to the side. His speed was so overwhelmingly fast that he also managed to grab the three remaining spears of Gravis with his hands, stopping all of his attacks.


However, even though the Black Demon was fast, he wasn’t fast enough to block them perfectly.

One of his hands was penetrated by one of Gravis’ spears.

The Black Demon felt Life Energy leak out of his body as that spear was loaded with the Law of Shadow’s Poisoning.

And then, the Black Demon punched forward with his last remaining spear.


Gravis’ eyes widened as he saw that the spear became even faster than all the previous times.

The Black Demon had used the Law of Time!

He had never used this Law up until now, taking Gravis by surprise.

The attack was so fast that the gas in Gravis’ armor couldn’t even show its effects properly.

The spear stabbed into Gravis’ body, and Gravis exploded.

Black lightning suddenly appeared as a new Gravis condensed.

In the last moments, Gravis had transformed into Void Lightning. The spear destroyed over 90% of the Void Lightning, leaving behind only a tiny bit.

Gravis was fully healed now, but he had fallen to the Mid Major Circulation Immortal King Realm.

This was the price of surviving this attack.

‘Life Energy is used up, and the remainder of my Energy has been used with the last usage of Shadow’s Poisoning. He should be very low on Life Energy right now.’

The Black Demon was surprised that Gravis survived yet again.


Why didn’t he just die!?

The Black Demon felt that his body was on the verge of breaking down. His Life Energy was dangerously low, and any further injury would have devastating consequences.

However, the Black Demon also felt that Gravis was much weaker now. He didn’t know how that was possible, but he charged at Gravis regardless.

He couldn’t waste any time!

The Black Demon reached Gravis in an instant.

Gravis pointed his finger at the Black Demon’s head.


A bright beam of Brilliance appeared for only a split second.

Gravis had saved up the Brilliance Element ever since the fight started, and he unleashed it now.

The Brilliance Element had burned a hole into the head of the Black Demon, which stopped somewhere in the middle of his brain.

This injury wasn’t deadly by any means, but the brain injury threw the Black Demon’s soul in disarray.

The injury started to heal as the last of the Black Demon’s Life Energy concentrated on it.

However, right now, the Black Demon could not react to anything as he only blankly looked forward.

Sadly, Gravis was out of Energy.


But Mortis wasn’t!

Mortis suddenly appeared beside Gravis as Gravis had summoned him with the Life Ring.

Where had Mortis been?

Mortis had charged to the Law Comprehension Area for Lightning’s Supreme Destruction and regenerated all of his Energy by absorbing the lightning.

One had to remember that this entire fight had happened in seconds, which was why it had felt so long since Mortis had left.

Mortis immediately attacked the Black Demon’s head with two Lightning Crescents.

The Black Demon couldn’t react as his soul was still in disarray.


It was over.

Light shone into the underground cave as another gigantic crater appeared around them.

The light of the sky illuminated the headless body of the Black Demon.

While the Black Demon was concentrating on Gravis, he had slowly forgotten that this was a two-on-one match and not a one-on-one.

Gravis took a deep breath as he relaxed.

This had been too close!

The Black Demon really hadn’t been a pushover!


Mortis used some of his remaining Energy to consume a part of the Black Demon’s body and then shot that Divine Lightning at Gravis.


Gravis reached the Late Major Circulation Immortal King Realm again, and his Energy was refilled.

“Thanks,” Gravis said.

Mortis looked at Gravis with a complex expression.

The entire fight had been within Mortis’ Spirit Sense, and he had watched while recharging his Energy.

In Mortis’ mind, Gravis had fought beyond impressively.

If Mortis hadn’t felt the Black Demon’s defense himself, he wouldn’t have known how hard it was to injure him.

Mortis knew what he had contributed to the fight and what Gravis had contributed.

Mortis had eaten up 10% of the Black Demon’s Life Energy and had then killed him at the end.

Meanwhile, Gravis had destroyed three of the Black Demon’s weapons, made him waste about 90% of his Energy, and even consumed the remaining 90% of his Life Energy.

If the Black Demon hadn’t run out of Life Energy near the end, he would have reacted to Mortis’ sudden attack.

Mortis knew that this hadn’t been Mortis and Gravis versus the Black Demon.

It had been Gravis versus the Black Demon, featuring Mortis.

While Gravis relaxed and enjoyed the feeling of his Will-Aura growing more powerful, Mortis continued looking at Gravis.

Mortis was going through a ton of emotions while Gravis only relaxed.

“You’re more powerful than me,” Mortis said.

“What?” Gravis suddenly said as he looked at Mortis. However, Mortis’ words quickly registered in Gravis’ mind. “Nah, it was only because the Black Demon had such an insane defense. You are more of a fighter that quickly finishes the fight. A strong defense together with speed is your counter.”

“You can unleash far stronger attacks than me thanks to your greater storage of Divine Lightning. If this guy didn’t have such an insane defense, your first attack would have ended the fight.”

“You went all-in and didn’t win. Don’t immediately assume someone is more powerful just based on one example,” Gravis said.

Mortis’ expression didn’t change. “Don’t try to butter me up with empty compliments,” Mortis said coldly. “I know what I have seen, and I’m strong enough to see reality for what it is.”

“However, remember,” Mortis said with narrowed eyes. “Just because you are more powerful now doesn’t mean that you will be more powerful forever.”

“I will concentrate on creating a more refined battle style that doesn’t put everything in one hand. This fight has shown me one of my weaknesses, and I’m going to rectify it.”

“Just wait for me!” Mortis said coldly.


And then, Mortis teleported away, leaving the Black Demon’s body behind.

‘Always so uptight and serious,’ Gravis thought with a sigh. ‘Just chill for a bit, alright?’

Gravis’ and Mortis’ Will-Auras finished increasing by now. Their Spirits were connected, which meant that their Will-Auras also grew simultaneously.

‘Late Major Circulation Immortal Emperor,’ Gravis thought with a smile.


While Mortis was going back to concentrating on his power, Gravis just relaxed in the air above the crater.

‘Fighting is nice.’


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