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Lightning Is the Only Way – Chapter 957: Weapons Bahasa Indonesia

The Black Demon reached Gravis in basically an instant, and Gravis summoned an entirely new set of weapons out from his scales. As long as they didn’t materialize out of nothingness, no one would suspect that Gravis had a Spirit Space.

At the same time, a set of armor appeared around Gravis, which engulfed his entire body. Mortis and Gravis hadn’t worn their armor from the beginning to make the Black Demon underestimate them.

The Black Demon noticed that Gravis was literally armored to the teeth, and his eyes became even more serious.

The two of them had kept one thing after the other secret from him.

They actually really had the ability to fight and maybe even kill him!

He would go all out now!

As soon as the Black Demon reached Gravis, something happened.


Suddenly, a powerful pressure appeared around Gravis.

This pressure was so powerful that any Immortal King wouldn’t be able to move.

‘He knows the Major Law of Suppression!’ Gravis thought with surprise.

Luckily, Gravis knew the Law of Freedom, and since Mortis was still inside Gravis’ Spirit Sense’s range, the Law of Freedom had the power of a level six Law, making the Major Law of Suppression of the Black Demon useless.

As a beast, the Black Demon couldn’t unleash the Major Law of Suppression from a distance. He had to be close to his opponent to use it, but it was still powerful.

‘His body is already an entire level higher than his Realm, and he knows the Law of Frostinferno. At the same time, he can still suppress his opponent with the Major Law of Suppression. Sure enough, that would be enough for the Black Demon to fight beasts one level above himself.’

The Black Demon attacked with all his weapons.


Yet, all of them missed as Gravis suddenly ducked.

Usually, the Black Demon would have taken such an obvious evasive maneuver into account, but he had expected that Gravis wouldn’t be able to move, which made him neglect this part.


Gravis charged forward and loaded one of his spears with Mortality. Unleashing Mortality didn’t require the lightning runes, but its power would drop significantly without using them.

Gravis used the level four Law of Strength as he stabbed forward with the spear.

However, the Black Demon was faster than Gravis by quite a bit.

In an instant, the Black Demon already attacked the approaching spear with one of his swords while the three remaining weapons attacked Gravis again.


Gravis extended some of his many fingers, pointing at the weapons. Then, Magma, in the form of lightning, shot out of his fingers with an impressive amount of speed and hit the weapons.

The Black Demon became surprised when he saw that.

Was this Magma?

However, why didn’t it act like Magma!?

It was more like Magma that acted like lightning!

Of course, this was the effect of Gravis’ Void Lightning, which put the aspect of form and speed on any Element Gravis summoned.

The Black Demon felt like he was hitting something that was punching back with quite some force, which surprised him.

However, this was an obvious conclusion.

Magma was quite heavy and hard, and by using it with the speed of lightning, its force was multiplied many times over.

The Magma managed to delay the Black Demon’s attacks long enough for Gravis to finish his spear strike.


The sword that the Black Demon used to attack Gravis’ spear hit, and Mortality was unleashed.


The spear and the sword were both broken into pieces, becoming unusable.

However, this was Gravis’ goal.

He had a ton of other weapons, while the Black Demon should only have four in total. One weapon less would decrease any pressure Gravis felt.

‘Sadly, I can’t evade this attack anymore.’


The three attacks that had been delayed by Gravis hit him, and Gravis was thrown into the distance as the combined might of three weapons filled with Frostinferno assaulted him.


The armor around Gravis immediately broke as it got hit, leaking a ton of highly pressured gas.

The gas slowed the attacks, but even more importantly, it was throwing Gravis into the distance.


In the end, Gravis received three deep cuts across his body while receiving a ridiculous amount of burns.

If it hadn’t been for Gravis’ armor and the weakening effect of Magma, Gravis would have died just now.

Gravis had nearly died in order to destroy one of the Black Demon’s weapons.

‘How is he still alive!?’ the Black Demon thought with shock and anger.


Without waiting another moment, the Black Demon charged at Gravis again, who was still flying into the distance.

Gravis’ body was injured beyond recognition from the different forces, making his body basically useless.

However, in just a single instant, Gravis’ body fully healed itself.

Gravis knew the level five Law of Body Growth in comparison to the Black Demon, making his regeneration instantaneous.

Sadly, he had used 40% of his Life Energy to regenerate.

The injuries had just been too heavy.


The Black Demon was already directly in front of Gravis, thanks to his insane speeds.

Just like Gravis had attacked the Black Demon when he had been thrown off balance, the Black Demon was now attacking Gravis while he had been thrown off balance.

Gravis couldn’t evade, and his armor was broken.

The next attack would kill him!

All four of the Black Demon’s weapons shot at Gravis. His two swords were slicing at Gravis while the spears stabbed at him.

Gravis’ mind was going wild as he tried to find a solution.


The surroundings exploded as the Black Demon’s attacks hit Gravis.

The Black Demon saw how Gravis was shot into the distance with speeds even higher than what the Black Demon could achieve.

However, the Black Demon’s eyes widened when he saw one of his weapons.

Where was his spear!?

In one of his hands, the Black Demon was no longer carrying a spear, but a… was that a round hammer?

Back when all the attacks bore down on Gravis, Gravis suddenly used his Divine Lightning to turn his broken armor into liquid. Then, he made the liquid engulf the head of one of the two spears. The liquid surrounded the spear’s head in a sphere of metal, which Gravis quickly froze with the Law of Cold.

The tip of the spear was turned into a metal ball. The metal ball was quite big and extended even further out than the spear’s tip, which meant that the metal ball hit Gravis’ body before the other attacks would hit him.

Because of that, Gravis was slammed into the distance by the metal ball while the other, more destructive attacks missed.

Additionally, since the Black Demon had only infused his spear with Frostinferno, the metal ball wasn’t infused with Frostinferno, making it a purely physical attack.

At the last moment, Gravis had activated the Major Law of Defense and summoned a shield.

Gravis’ arms broke as he blocked the metal ball, making his own shield slam into him with a ton of force.

Nearly every single bone in Gravis’ body broke at multiple places, nearly turning them all into dust.

The bone fragments tore apart Gravis’ entire body, even shooting out of his back.

Gravis had been turned to mush in an instant as he was shot into the distance.

However, he was still alive!

Even more, Gravis flew into the distance with such insane speeds that the Black Demon couldn’t catch up immediately.

As Gravis was flying through the air, his level five Law of Body Growth healed him.

‘And that’s another 50% Life Energy gone,’ Gravis thought.


Gravis’ body suddenly started shining brightly in a white light, which also quickly stopped.

He had just refilled his Life Energy to 70% of his maximum with the Brilliance Element. However, he had exchanged 35% of his Energy in return.

Gravis had already used up his saved-up Mortality previously, and he had unleashed another one himself. It hadn’t been powered with everything he got since Gravis’ target had only been a weapon, but it had still drained him quite a bit.

‘70% Life Energy remaining, 30% Energy remaining,’ Gravis thought. ‘And here he comes again!’

Gravis saw that the Black Demon was closing in on him again. The Black Demon had thrown the now useless spear to the side, leaving behind one sword and one spear.

Gravis summoned another set of armor and readied himself to clash with the Black Demon again.

The Black Demon attacked with his two remaining weapons.


All six of Gravis’ weapons attacked the sword with full power. Luckily, Gravis’ weapons survived the encounter since they were created with the Hard Complex Law.

However, since the attack came from above, Gravis was thrown to the ground as his body dug through over a hundred kilometers of solid stone due to the force.

The Black Demon’s body was just far too powerful.

Gravis’ arms broke again, which quickly healed.

The Black Demon’s spear had missed since Gravis had been shot into the ground.


However, the Black Demon charged into the hole that Gravis created and immediately attacked him again.


Frostinferno exploded as the Black Demon hit the ground, destroying a lot of it.

Gravis had already fled to the side with the Law of Graphite Movement. Sadly, the explosion of Frostinferno still hit him since it destroyed kilometers of stone all around it.

Yet, Gravis’ new set of armor was not just there for show.

Such an indirect attack couldn’t get through the outer layer.

‘Beasts don’t have much Energy, and he should be running low on Energy right now,’ Gravis thought.


The Black Demon reached him in an instant again as they were now fighting in a gigantic underground cave.


Gravis attacked the sword with all six of his weapons again, but the Black Demon wouldn’t fall for that trick again.


The spear penetrated Gravis’ body, blasting it into pieces as the inside of Gravis’ body was consumed by Frostinferno.

However, it was only Gravis’ body below his neck.

Gravis had cut off his head and highest set of arms from the rest of his body by quickly transforming into Void Lightning and then turning back.

The Frostinferno still injured Gravis’ upper body, but it was enough to survive.

However, this exchange hadn’t been for nothing.


The Black Demon’s sword suddenly cleanly broke into two pieces.

Why had Gravis attacked one weapon with all six of his?

The level four Law of Core’s Destruction!

After clashing with 12 powerful attacks from weapons created with the Law of Core’s Destruction, the destruction energy finally reached a critical mass, completely destroying the sword.

Gravis’ body regenerated itself as his body punched through kilometers of stone.

‘25% Life Energy remaining, 15% Energy remaining,’ Gravis thought.


The Black Demon charged after Gravis yet again, now only having one spear left.

Gravis readied himself.

‘Bring it on!’


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