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Lightning Is the Only Way – Chapter 951: Power of the Living World Bahasa Indonesia

Gravis looked at the army of plant-men standing in front of him. All of them exhibited auras on the level of a Peak Law Comprehension Cultivator, and they also felt quite powerful, even for their level.

“Impressive, isn’t it?” Arc asked with a laugh.

Gravis nodded as he looked at them. However, after some time, he noticed something.

“They don’t have a will,” Gravis said.

“Correct,” Arc said. “The Law of the Living World only allows you to create a world filled with the most basic forms of life. These plant-people have only been created with the Law of the Living World, meaning that they weren’t created with the Law of Emotions and the Law of Perceived Reality.”

“This means that they don’t have emotions and that they can’t make sense of reality. They have the same power of consciousness as an ant, a blade of grass, and other very basic forms of life.”

“The Law of the Complex Living World, which is the Law of the Living World fused with the Law of Emotions, would allow you to create beings with emotions. These beings would have the consciousness of mortal animals, Ferocious Beasts, Demonic Beasts, and Energy Beasts.”

“The Law of the True World, which would be the Law of the Complex Living World fused with the Law of Perceived Reality, would allow you to create intelligent life. You can create humans, smart beasts, Spirits, and even Will-Auras.”

Gravis nodded as he inspected the plant people some more. After a while, Gravis also noticed something else that intrigued him.

“Their bodies are powerful,” Gravis said.

“Yep,” Arc answered. “Any body below the Immortal Realm isn’t directly connected to a soul, which means that you can create very powerful bodies with the Law of the Living World. The bodies of these plant-people are all on the same level as a beast’s body.”

“Sadly, since they can’t comprehend reality, they also can’t comprehend Laws. So, they can only fight with their bodies,” Arc explained. “Additionally, I have to give them orders with my own Spirit.”

Gravis frowned. “That doesn’t sound that powerful,” Gravis said. “Don’t take this the wrong way, but I would have believed that the Law of the Living World would be more powerful. After all, even if I were a Peak Law Comprehension Realm Cultivator right now without any knowledge in the Laws of Life or the Law of the Dead World, I could still easily kill that army.”

Arc chuckled a bit. “Gravis,” he said with some amusement. “These beings are perfectly synchronized and can perfectly stack their powers together. You can easily kill them if there were only a couple of them, but a hundred would still be difficult for you to resist. You would probably still win, but a thousand would overwhelm you.”

Gravis furrowed his brows. “How?” he asked.

“Wanna see?” Arc asked with a smirk. “Just use your Lightning Fork to create a body on the Peak Law Comprehension Realm.”

Gravis scratched the back of his neck awkwardly, but he complied since Arc’s words interested him.

“Try it,” Arc said.

The weaker body of Gravis loaded his saber with a Lightning Crescent and shot it at the plant people.


All the plant people immediately charged at each other. At the same time, they all pointed their spears at Gravis’ Lightning Crescent.


The Lightning Crescent exploded, but Arc kept it localized to the fighting stage.

After the explosion vanished, Gravis’ eyes shone slightly.

Only around 50 of them had died.

This was beyond impressive!

After all, Gravis’ Lightning Crescent was powerful enough to kill beasts three levels above himself in a single shot, while all of these plant people were at the same level as him.

However, the plant people that died had left behind their Energy, which had turned into lightning.


Gravis used the remaining lightning to wipe out the last survivors.

Arc nodded. “Did you notice?” Arc asked.

Gravis frowned.

This fight had seemed easy, quick, and straightforward, but there had been a hidden danger.

“All the plant people resisted my Lightning Crescent as a single unit. It wasn’t like I was attacking 100 beasts simultaneously, but like I was attacking one beast with a body 100 times more powerful than my own. Only the outer 50 beings died, which would be akin to the beast losing 50% of its body in one attack. Such an attack would be extremely dangerous for such a beast, but not deadly,” Gravis explained.

Arc nodded again. “Exactly!” he said with a smile. “A beast one level above yourself has a body four times as powerful as your own. A beast two levels above yourself has a body 16 times as powerful as your own, and one three levels above yourself has a body 64 times as powerful.”

“Your Lightning Crescent is powerful enough to kill a beast three levels above yourself instantly, which means that it has a destructive power over 64 times more powerful than a purely physical attack with your fists and claws.”

“However, there were 100 plant-people, which, when combined, created a being with a body 100 times as powerful as your own. Something like this isn’t nearly on the level of a beast four levels above yourself but stronger than a beast three levels above yourself.”

“So,” Arc said as a smirk formed on his lips. “What if I create 500?”

Gravis took a deep breath.

He simulated the fight in his head, and the result wasn’t optimistic for him.

Gravis had noticed how his Lightning Crescent had been distributed to all 100 plant people. The destructive power was shared amongst them.

When the plant people noticed that they couldn’t all resist the attack, they all transferred the destructive power to the outer half.

However, if there were 500 of them, every single one of them would only receive a large cut, but such an injury was nothing serious for Law Comprehension Realm Cultivators. They would still be able to fight with their full power, and the injuries would quickly heal.

In short, if Gravis unleashed a Lightning Crescent at 500 of these plant people, not a single one would die. Instead, they would all only receive a large cut that would heal quickly.

One had to know that Gravis had unleashed his entire Energy storage into this attack, and, at most, he would be able to unleash another attack with such power due to having another Lightning Crescent stored in another weapon.

So, when Gravis unleashed the second Lightning Crescent, the plant-people would only receive another cut that wouldn’t stop them.

And Gravis?

Gravis would be out of Energy.

At that point, he could only wait for his death.

Even more, since the plant people didn’t have any wills, Gravis’ Will-Aura became basically useless.

If Gravis chose to attack from melee range, the soldiers would pile onto him and would attack him at the same time. Gravis might be able to survive a couple of attacks that were shot at him simultaneously but not hundreds.


That would only kill a single one.

Mortality was created to kill a single being, and as long as the other soldiers ignored the one that was struck, only that lonely soldier would die.



They didn’t have a will, to begin with, and Samsara was also an attack that would only hit a single being.

Using the Element of Deep Wood to destroy their souls?

That would work!

Their souls were exceptionally weak since they weren’t protected by a will. However, that would also only take out one at a time. Gravis would still be bombarded by a wave of enemies.

The only solution Gravis could come up with was summing multiple Divine Lightning bolts or burying all of them in magma.

However, these Laws were level five and level six Laws.

Would someone in the Law Comprehension Realm know such Laws?

Of course not.

So, that only left a single solution in Gravis’ mind.


Gravis could only kill these plant people by using hit-and-run tactics to regain his Energy. After all, they didn’t have any Laws, which meant that Gravis had a speed advantage since he knew a lot of speed-related Laws.

However, there was also a problem with that technique.

These 500 plant people wouldn’t be his only enemies. After all, there would also be the person that created them behind them. That person could probably chase Gravis and keep him occupied until the army swallowed him.

Gravis sighed.

‘This Law basically makes you invincible in the Law Comprehension Realm, but it becomes relatively useless as soon as someone made some progress in the Immortal Realm.’

‘However, there’s still the Major Law of the Living World, which Arc will use against me in the future.’

Gravis glanced at Arc, who was smiling.

‘Arc would be able to use the Major Law of the Living World against me.’

‘In short, I would be attacked by thousands of Peak Immortal Emperors.’

‘That’s truly terrifying.’

Arc looked into Gravis’ eyes and chuckled. “I can guess what you’re thinking about, and yes, resisting something like that is nearly impossible. You can only resist something like that if you have an equally powerful Law.”

“Gravis,” Arc said. “Do you understand now why I told you that you have to comprehend the Law of Sentience first before fighting me?”

Gravis nodded.

“If you want to win against me in the future, you need the Law of Sentience. After all, don’t forget that the Law of the Living World will also be my Avatar in the fight. With it as my Avatar, I can create four times as many soldiers as I would normally.”

“Only with the Law of Sentience can you withstand such a powerful force,” Arc explained.

Gravis nodded.

“Thanks, Arc.”

“No problem,” Arc answered with a wide smile.


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