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Lightning Is the Only Way – Chapter 946: The Simplest Law Comprehension Area Bahasa Indonesia

Years passed.

While it was not Gravis’ turn, he simply watched the bull.

By now, Gravis had noticed that the bull’s Energy was moving in peculiar ways. For some reason, his Energy managed to fuse with his body. Yet, the Energy wasn’t being used up but simply resided in the bull’s body, increasing his power.

In short, the bull’s Energy was dropping at the same speed as his stamina. The Energy usage was negligible. After all, beasts could physically exert themselves for days on end before running out of stamina.

Fights in the Immortal King Realm rarely took longer than an hour. In fact, most of the fights already ended before even 20 minutes passed.

So, using the Law of Supreme Strength in a 20-minute fight didn’t even consume 1% of one’s Energy storage.

Sure enough, the Law of Supreme Strength was very useful. It basically made someone’s body an entire level stronger without wasting anything.

There was literally no downside.

‘I have severely neglected these Laws,’ Gravis thought with a frown. ‘These Laws can just passively boost my power, and I have to pay nothing. It’s just like having a more powerful weapon.’

Gravis continued watching and participating with interest. He wanted to learn this Law!

And 30 years later…


Gravis comprehended the level three Law of Supreme Strength!

30 years sounded like a long time for a level three Law, but one should remember that it took Gravis around 300 years to comprehend the level four Law of Cold.

30 years was only a tenth of that.

Gravis comprehended the Law while clashing with the bull, and as soon as he did, the two of them reached a deadlock.

The bull’s eyes widened while Gravis smirked.

Then, Gravis jumped back, nodded at the bull, and teleported away.

The beasts all looked with shock at the place where Gravis had previously stood.

30 years?

He comprehended the Law after only 30 years!?

That was insanely fast!

Sure enough, Black Demons were powerful!

When the bull saw Gravis leave, he sighed. It had taken him over 500 years to comprehend this Law.

Even more, the Black Demon didn’t even need to temper himself to comprehend it!

Sadly, the bull didn’t know that Gravis was, in reality, already a Late Major Circulation Immortal King. Because of that, his Spirit was also quite powerful. Even if his secondary body was weak, the Spirit of Gravis’ main body still watched on as he comprehended the Law.

Learning a level three Law was only a matter of time for Gravis.

A couple million kilometers away from the clearing, Gravis switched bodies again.

Then, he used the Law of Supreme Strength on himself.


Gravis performed a punch and evaluated how much stronger that punch was compared to normal.

‘10%,’ Gravis thought as he sighed. ‘Sure enough, a level three Law isn’t very useful to an Immortal King.’

‘Anyway, that leaves the level three Law of Supreme Speed and the level three Law of Supreme Defense. After I got those two, I should check out the level four variants,’ Gravis thought.

Gravis quickly teleported around and asked several beasts where he could find a Law Comprehension Area for the level three Law of Supreme Speed. It took him a bit of asking around, but eventually, he got some directions.

Two hours later, Gravis arrived in a stony wasteland. It was a bit bigger than the desert Gravis had been in for 30 years, but not by much.

Just like with the previous Law, Gravis saw a couple of beasts strewn across the wasteland. Currently, a one-meter-long rabbit was running from one end of the wasteland to the other. It explosively accelerated and then decelerated subsequently.

Obviously, the rabbit was activating the level three Law of Supreme Speed and then deactivating it again. Watching someone continually using the Law of Supreme Speed wouldn’t help much, which was why the rabbit was activating and deactivating it constantly. This gave the watchers a clear before-and-after picture.

They only had to spot the difference.

Gravis watched for around a day, making sure that the rabbit wasn’t directly explaining things. After all, his future Law Comprehension was much more important than learning this Law.

After a day, Gravis concluded that, just like the bull, the rabbit was teaching the Law in a healthy fashion.

Gravis switched bodies again and entered the wasteland. He looked for a good spot and stood there, watching the rabbit.

Some beasts threw Gravis complex glances, but they didn’t interact with him. The rabbit also looked at Gravis for a bit but then ignored him.

The rabbit’s job was simple.

Run from A to B.

Run from B to A.


As Gravis watched the rabbit, he felt a bit weird.

‘This is about the cheapest and simplest Law Comprehension Area I have ever seen,’ Gravis thought. ‘In order to create artificial Law Comprehension Areas, humans and beasts have to spend a ton of Energy and effort to keep the Laws going. The entire Law Comprehension Area might collapse if the balance of the Elements isn’t maintained perfectly.’

Gravis’ head followed the rabbit with a complex look.

‘Yet, this artificial Law Comprehension Area is only a rabbit running back and forth. It is so simple, easy to maintain, and easy to create that even a mortal could create something like this, assuming that the mortal has a pet that knows the Law.’

‘Yet, it’s efficient and effective,’ Gravis thought as he scratched the back of his head. ‘It demonstrates the Law nicely.’

‘I still remember how I have looked up to level three Laws in the middle world. I always imagined how a Law Comprehension Area for one of those illustrious level three Laws looked like. It had to be epic and awe-inspiring, right?’

The rabbit passed Gravis again.

‘Yet, it’s just a rabbit running from A to B.’

And that’s how Gravis spent his next few years, watching a rabbit run around.

It somehow felt surreal to Gravis.

Yet, the Law Comprehension Area was doing its job because just twenty years later…


Gravis comprehended the level three Law of Supreme Speed!

Gravis nodded as he finished the Law and teleported away again.

After that, Gravis tried out the Law and noticed that, just like the Law of Supreme Strength, his speed rose by about 10%.

‘This Law only took me 20 years in comparison to the 30 years of the Law of Supreme Strength,’ Gravis thought. ‘I already learned how to infuse my body with my Energy by comprehending the Law of Supreme Strength first. I only needed to learn the exact way on how to do it, which made learning this Law far easier.’

‘Anyway, last stop, the level three Law of Supreme Defense!’

Just like the previous two times, Gravis asked around and quickly found the Law Comprehension Area.

Surprisingly enough, this Law Comprehension Area wasn’t a desert or a wasteland.

Instead, it was a violently burning volcano that demonstrated the Law of Inferno.

In the beginning, Gravis thought that he had maybe taken a wrong turn, but after looking into the volcano, he realized that he was at the right place.

The volcano was filled with several beasts, but two of them stood out in particular.

One of them was a black elephant, while the other one was a white sparrow.

The beasts looked on from the side as the black elephant swam inside the Inferno of the volcano, the white sparrow standing on his back.

Right now, the black elephant didn’t get injured as he continuously swimming around.

However, that changed 30 seconds later.


The skin of the black elephant was suddenly cracking as it could no longer resist the heat.


That’s when the white sparrow started to shine brightly. At the same time, the black elephant’s injuries started to heal.

30 seconds later, the black elephant stopped receiving injuries as he activated his level three Law of Supreme Defense again.

‘Interesting,’ Gravis thought as he scratched his chin. ‘Just like the rabbit, the black elephant is simply showing the difference between using and not using the Law. However, to show the difference, the elephant actually has to receive an attack. So, he simply uses this volcano. The white sparrow is probably there to supplement his Life Energy. After all, the black elephant would probably run out of Life Energy in around half an hour at this rate.’

Just like the previous times, Gravis joined the beasts to watch, and 15 years later…


Gravis comprehended the level three Law of Supreme Defense.

‘Alright, and that wraps up all the level three Law variants of the Body Battle Laws!’

After comprehending the Law, Gravis teleported away again.


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