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Lightning Is the Only Way – Chapter 943: Form Laws Bahasa Indonesia

Arc teleported everyone back to the underground cave in the eastern continent and then teleported back to his clearing.

The Gate of Death was not something that Gravis wanted to touch right now. He might be used to seeking dangerous tempering, but he wouldn’t straight up commit suicide.

“Thank you for not going,” Stella said as she leaned her head on Gravis’ shoulder.

“Thank you for reminding me that I don’t only live for myself anymore,” Gravis answered with a smile.

Stella only smiled.

“So, do you want to exchange basically all our Laws now, or do you want to wait?” Gravis asked.

Stella realized what Gravis meant and began thinking.

“I think the more diverse our Laws are, the more effective our time together,” Stella said. “As you know, you don’t receive the Laws in an orderly fashion while we are together but receive snippets from all my Laws. You could say that we are comprehending all the Laws of the other one at the same time.”

“So, I think it would be more efficient if we split up to comprehend Laws. However, obviously, we can meet up in between,” Stella said as she looked at Gravis. “After all, even though we comprehend different Laws, we are still together, and if one of us feels like they want to see the other one, they can just visit, right?”

“Also, comprehending some Laws on our own might help our experience. After all, if we start comprehending all the Laws together, we might get used to comprehending them together.”

Gravis could only smile when he heard Stella.

She was right.

Even if they comprehended Laws in different parts of the world, they could always visit.

“I’m glad I’m with such a smart girl,” Gravis said with a smile.

Stella only giggled and lightly pushed Gravis away. “Girl, huh?” she asked.

“Sorry, woman,” Gravis answered with a snicker.

“That’s more like it,” Stella said, pleased.

“I think it would be best if you check out more Mixed Elemental Laws,” Gravis said. “You have a lot of experience with the Elements, and I think we both want more Mixed Elemental Laws. After all, the Major Law of Mixed Elements should be one of the most powerful level six Laws that exists.”

Stella nodded. “Sounds good,” she said. “What will you comprehend? After all, there isn’t much left in terms of level five Laws.”

“I’ll be focusing on Battle Laws,” Gravis said. “The level five Elemental Battle Laws sound interesting, but there’s something I am even more interested in.”

“Oh, what?” Stella asked.

“Body Battle Laws,” Gravis answered. “The Law of Strength, the Law of Speed, the Law of Defense, and so on. My body is already more powerful than any human’s, which is why I should focus even more on it.”

Stella scratched her chin as she fell into thought. “That sounds reasonable. What about the Form Laws?”

Gravis blinked a couple of times. “Form Laws? That’s the first time I heard that phrase,” Gravis answered.

“Oh, right! You haven’t truly been in a Sect before,” Stella answered. “Have you ever fought someone that knew a Law that combines the forms of different Elements? Something like wood spear, lightning spear, metal spear, and so on?”

Gravis remembered one of the assassins from the Unrestrained Sect. One of them knew such a Law.

“I think I have,” Gravis said.

Stella nodded. “Obviously, these similar attacks can be combined to create an element-neutral version of that attack, which you can then use to augment your weapon. The most obvious name for these kinds of Laws would be Weapon Laws, but we already use that word to describe our Focus. So, since these Laws combine forms of attacks, we simply call them Form Laws.”

“The Purist Sect mainly focused on Form Laws, for example. They rarely use the Elements. They sometimes use the Laws of Primordial Force. However, they always use the Form Laws.”

“The Form Laws are not as explosive as Elemental Laws, but they require nearly no Energy to maintain. This allows the Cultivator to use this Law continuously. You could call it a form of relentless assault.”

Gravis listened to Stella and began thinking about Form Laws.

‘I could use something like a passive increase to my Battle-Strength. From what I understand, keeping a Form Law active is just like keeping the Law of Strength active. A Form Law should fit my style.’

Gravis nodded. “Sounds good,” he said. “There should be a Saber Form Law, right?”

Stella’s brows furrowed. “Could be, but I’m not certain. Most saber users simply focus on the Sword Form Law since sabers and swords are very similar. I haven’t looked at Form Laws yet, so I don’t know much about them. I only know that most of my seniors that used sabers simply focused on the Sword Form Law, for whatever reason.”

Gravis scratched his chin. “The Nine Elements Sect has existed for many millions of years. If there were a Saber Form Law, the Nine Elements Sect should know of its existence. I’m also pretty sure that there is a Law for basically anything. So, something as major as an entire weapon category couldn’t be missing a Law.”

“In conclusion, the Nine Elements Sect must know of its existence. Yet, your seniors still chose the Sword Form Law. This means that there must be something that makes the Sword Form Law more attractive than the Saber Form Law,” Gravis concluded.

“Probably,” Stella answered. “I’m going to the Purist Sect’s territory anyway when I comprehend my Laws. I’m just going to ask around and inform you after I’m done with my Law.”

Gravis smiled. “Thanks, Stella. You’re the best,” Gravis said as he embraced Stella’s thin waist.

“I know,” Stella said with a cute roll of her eyes.

When Gravis saw Stella’s expression, he couldn’t keep himself in check anymore and kissed her deeply.

Stella reciprocated Gravis’ advances, and before the two of them knew it, they were back to celebrating their relationship.


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