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Lightning Is the Only Way – Chapter 936: Goodbye Gravitas Bahasa Indonesia

Gravis looked at the Black Demon with a smirk, which was hidden behind his armor.

“You’re back,” Gravis said.

The Black Demon furrowed his eyescales.

“I’m here for more techniques,” he said neutrally.

“I’ve got something even better,” Gravis said. “I’m sure you would also much rather accept this trade.”

“What do you want?” the Black Demon asked.

“I will give you 22 different, good Forging techniques. They all have different requirements, different strengths, and different weaknesses.”

“On top of that,” Gravis said slowly. “When you accept this trade, the Gravitas will immediately close forever. You don’t have to think about the humans getting more powerful anymore.”

The Black Demon thought that he heard incorrectly, but he quickly became suspicious.

“That sounds too good to be true. What’s the catch?” the Black Demon asked.

“No catch,” Gravis said. “Five people are working for the Gravitas, three humans, and two beasts. My entire goal of creating the Gravitas was to secure a future for us five. What’s the point of amassing more and more wealth? Strength is what matters in the end. All this wealth I have received will be used to increase the power of us five, and we have nearly enough.”

The Black Demon listened and remained silent for a couple of seconds.

“Where are your loyalties?” he asked.

“To us,” Gravis said.

“Us who?”

“Us five.”

“You’re telling me that you five are your own side and that you don’t belong to the humans and beasts? Do you know that this can quickly end in your death?” the Black Demon asked.

“I know,” Gravis said. “However, that’s our only option.”

At that point, Gravis activated his Law of Honesty.

“We have offended four of the five Peak Sects,” Gravis said. “The only remaining Peak Sect that we haven’t offended is the Purist Sect to the east, which is our trading partner. However, we still have to remain hidden. If news leaks out that we are here, the other four Peak Sects will pressure the Purist Sect to hand us over. At that point, we will have to flee again.”

“Two beings of the Gravitas have no issue with fleeing. After all, we can just come to the beast territory. However, that’s not true for the three humans. You won’t allow humans to enter your territory, after all.”

“However, we are one group, and I will not leave my group behind just to save my own ass.”

“Because of these reasons, we need to remain hidden and get enough resources for us to reach supreme power without being affiliated with any Sect.”

The Black Demon became less suspicious as he heard Gravis’ words. Gravis’ group truly had no options left.

“Do you want to know what we have traded for your wares?” Gravis asked.

The Black Demon’s eyes shone. He always wanted to know what the Gravitas got out of these trades and what the humans gained.

“If you’re willing to tell me,” the Black Demon said.

The Black Demon had planned to take the initiative in the conversation to get a good deal for another technique, but as soon as he had arrived, Gravis had taken complete control over the conversation.

Now, the Black Demon was only listening to Gravis.

“We traded the ore for Immortal Stones. Humans can absorb these stones to increase their Realm.”

“Right now, we have enough stones to create five Late Major Circulation Immortal Emperors,” Gravis said.

The eyes of the Black Demon widened.

That was a lot of power!

“In return, the humans to the east got your ore. You should have noticed the increased quality of their equipment by now.”

The Black Demon nodded solemnly. There was no way he hadn’t noticed.

“The access to the Law Comprehension Areas is for personal use for the two of us that can enter the beast territory.”

“The Law Comprehension Life Fruits will be traded with the humans for access to more Law Comprehension Areas. That’s for our three humans to use.”

“In short, everything that we have gained from our exchanges is only for us.”

“Now, we are only missing a single thing. Can you guess what that thing is?” Gravis asked.

The Black Demon wasn’t stupid, and he immediately narrowed his eyes.

“Level six Laws,” he said.

“Correct,” Gravis said. “That’s the last thing that’s left. After we have access to level six Laws, we only need time and tempering.”

The Black Demon remained silent as he looked at Gravis.

Trading more level five Law Comprehension Life Fruits was not really an issue. However, level six Laws touched the very basis of the beasts’ survival. Access to level six Laws was always strictly enforced.

“What do you want for the 22 Forging techniques?” the Black Demon asked.

“First of all, another 50 level five Law Comprehension Life Fruits. With those, my three humans can comprehend whatever Law they want in the human territory. Then, everything should be taken care of until they reach the Major Circulation Immortal Emperor Realm.”

The Black Demon thought for a bit. “To be honest, the closing of the Gravitas is a bigger draw than the 22 Forging techniques. So, I can agree to that request. What else do you want?” the Black Demon asked.

“The next and last thing,” Gravis said slowly.

‘Last thing?’ the Black Demon thought in surprise. He had believed that Gravis would want much more.

“For the two of us of the Gravitas that can enter the beast territory, we want personal access to any Law Comprehension Area in the beast territory, no exception,” Gravis said.

The Black Demon took a deep breath.

This was insanely difficult to grant!

Not even the Black Demon had access to all the Law Comprehension Areas, and he was one of the leaders of the beasts.

Several seconds passed.

In actuality, granting something like this to two beasts wasn’t so bad. After all, the beasts wouldn’t spend anything by giving others access. It wasn’t like these Law Comprehension Areas would be locked as soon as someone entered. A lot of beasts could enter.

However, they were basically paving the way for two beasts with no affiliation towards the beast camp to become powerful Ascenders. If these two beasts decided to attack the beast camp together with the humans, the beast camp might very well get eradicated.

The Black Demon believed that Gravis wouldn’t stab them in the back. He simply had a feeling that Gravis wasn’t such a kind of beast.

However, such important decisions couldn’t be decided on feelings alone.

On top of that, he would need to gather the remaining leadership of the beasts.

This wasn’t something that he could grant by himself.

“I, personally, am not against that,” the Black Demon said. “If it were up to me, I would grant you access as long as you swear that you won’t backstab us. However, I can’t give you something like this. My authority simply isn’t high enough.”

“Mine is.”

Narcissus got involved.

The Black Demon stepped back to show that he would follow whatever Narcissus decided.

“You’ve probably listened in,” Gravis said. “So, what do you say?”

“I presume that access is for you and Mortis?” Narcissus asked.

Gravis nodded.

“Then it’s fine,” Narcissus said. “I will give you two special parts of my roots, which will grant you access to any Law Comprehension Areas in the beast territories. However, these tokens only work for Mortis and you. Protect them with your life. If you lose them and are still alive, it means that you have sold them.”

“If that happens, I will personally extinguish Mortis and you.”

The Black Demon took the backseat as he only listened to the conversation.

Narcissus was the undisputed leader of the beast camp.

The lower beasts didn’t know about the true inner workings of the beast leadership. The normal beasts believed that they had nine beasts that decided the fate of all of them.

However, that was not entirely true.

If Narcissus made his opinion known, everyone else would follow.

“I agree,” Gravis said with a smile. “You can oversee everything anyway. So, the token actually doesn’t really matter, but sure, I’ll follow what you say.”

“Then a deal is struck,” Narcissus said.

“Hand over the Forging techniques.”

Gravis immediately transmitted all 22 Forging techniques to the Black Demon and Narcissus.

“Is everything in order?” Narcissus asked the Black Demon.

“Yes, leader,” the Black Demon said respectfully.

“Good, then go get the 50 level five Law Comprehension Life Fruits and bring them here.”

“Yes, leader,” the Black Demon said respectfully as he left.

After the Black Demon left, Gravis dismantled the Gravitas. He had no fear that the Black Demon would renege on his promise. There was no way that he dared to go against Narcissus.

Back in the middle world, Meadow had kept her power a secret, but in this world, Narcissus was showing his supreme power very openly.

No beast dared defy him.

Liam was surprised when he noticed that the Gravitas was being destroyed, but Gravis quickly informed him that their goal had been achieved.

Liam felt happy when he heard that.

He didn’t have to wait aimlessly anymore!

Gravis quickly sent Liam to get Stella, and Liam left.

Siral had already been put back into Gravis’ Life Ring.

Two hours after Liam left, Mortis arrived.

“Give us the tokens,” Mortis said to Narcissus. He was already annoyed that he had been interrupted in his Law Comprehension by Gravis, but he realized that it was for a good reason.

Two small, black roots floated to Mortis and Gravis. They had many complex runes on them, and the two of them felt that they were really powerful.

They even had some of Narcissus’ Realm in them.

After Mortis got his token, he immediately left again.

Another two hours later, Stella returned, and Gravis informed her of the closing of the Gravitas.

Stella didn’t know how she should feel about this. On one hand, she was happy that she could now do whatever she wanted, but on the other hand, she felt like their home had vanished.

Yet, when she looked at Gravis, she realized that her home wasn’t some cave in the underground but at Gravis’ side. Wherever Gravis went was where her home was.

Gravis also felt just like that when he saw Stella.

Two days later, the Black Demon returned with the Life Fruits and handed them over.

“Thank you for visiting the Gravitas, but we are now closed indefinitely,” Gravis said with a smirk.

The Black Demon wasn’t a fan of jokes and quickly left again. He had to bring these Forging techniques to the beasts.

“Say goodbye to the Gravitas,” Gravis said to the others.

Stella and Liam looked at the now-empty cave with different expressions.

“Goodbye,” Siral said.

“That wasn’t an order,” Gravis said with a roll of his eyes.

“I’m sorry, Master,” Siral said.

“Anyway, let’s leave,” Gravis said as he put Siral and Liam into his Life Ring.

Then, they passed the remaining Formation Arrays.

“Narcissus, would you please destroy the Formation Arrays and the cave?”


Narcissus’ roots wrapped around the Formation Arrays and then broke them after some seconds.

The cave had been cracked and destroyed like a walnut.

And with that, the Gravitas vanished from the higher world.

Gravis and Stella quickly reached the surface again, and Gravis let the other two out of his Life Ring.

It was dawn, and it perfectly reflected the feelings of the four of them.

The path to power was now wide open!


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