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Lightning Is the Only Way – Chapter 925: Location Bahasa Indonesia

“That’s not necessary,” Arc answered.


A token appeared in front of Gravis. “As soon as you reach an isolated place in the eastern continent, crush this token. Exar will quickly arrive and talk about the specifics.”

Gravis nodded. “Thanks, Arc.”

Arc smiled. “Wish you luck.”

“Is that a joke?” Gravis asked.

“Yes,” Arc said with a slight chuckle.

Gravis rolled his eyes.

Then, Gravis and Stella waited for Liam’s return. They wanted to give him enough time to think about his current situation.

In the meantime, Gravis and Stella talked to some beings in the clearing.

Gravis and Stella had to deal with a lot of insinuating comments and jokes made at their expense. After all, making someone embarrassed was always fun.

A couple hours later, Liam returned.

This time, he didn’t have a cold expression but a relatively neutral one. However, he still shot Gravis a couple of complex looks.

To Liam, the situation between him and Gravis still felt a bit awkward.

Luckily, Gravis was good in conversations and could reduce the awkwardness to a minimum.

After talking for a bit more, the three of them set off.


All three of them broke their emblems as they returned to the hot and uncomfortable underground room that Gravis had dug out.

Gravis quickly put the two of them into his Life Ring and transformed into his beast form.

After that, he passed through Narcissus’ barrier and entered the beast territory. Traveling across the river in the human territory would be risky. After all, the Purist Sect controlled that river, and Gravis didn’t know how their defenses were set up. It was far easier and safer to go through the beast territory.

After a couple of hours, Gravis reached the barrier to the eastern continent. Gravis dug into the ground again and officially entered the eastern continent.

After around a day, Gravis came out of the ground. He had no map of this part of the world, which meant that he had no idea where he would come out.


Gravis’ head came out of the ground, and he saw a mortal woman that had just dropped a vase in shock when she saw the head coming out of her basement.

Gravis looked around and noticed that he had appeared in a mortal village. ‘Perfect!’

The mortal woman quickly lost the focus in her eyes as she looked around in confusion.

Manipulating the perception and memories of a mortal was not hard for Gravis.

After that, he made himself basically invisible and left the ground. He was already back in his human form and manipulated perceived reality in such a way that he appeared like a proud Weapon Cultivator in case anyone saw through his Law of Shadow’s Subtlety.

Lastly, Gravis searched for some isolated forest and broke Exar’s token.


Exar arrived around half a minute later.

“You’re ready?” Exar asked.

Gravis nodded. “So, why did you want to talk here?”

“I want to show you the location of your shop directly. I don’t like to waste time,” Exar said.

Gravis’ eyebrows shot up in surprise. “Oh, you already found a good location?”

Exar nodded. “Narcissus and I have dug out an underground cave for you with two long tunnels. One of them leads into a big city while the other one goes directly into the beast territory. However, you should build something that makes it impossible to see the other tunnel. After all, not many people will know that you are trading with beasts.”

Gravis nodded a couple of times. “Sure, sounds great!” he said.

Exar gestured to a direction with his head and teleported away. Gravis followed him.

After around an hour, Exar and Gravis arrived at their destination.

It was directly at the frontlines, near the coast of the northeastern river.

However, there was something surprising about this location. It was very different from the normal frontlines.

The most obvious difference was the fact that no one fought here.

There were no humans and no beasts in this location, even though it was directly at the frontlines.

The other difference was the gigantic wall of roots that seemingly split the world in two.

Gravis inspected the wall of roots for a bit and noticed that this was Narcissus.

“How come you’re showing yourself above ground, Narcissus?” Gravis asked.

“I’m acting like a neutral Immortal Emperor plant,” Narcissus answered. “I won’t let beasts pass through, and I won’t let humans survive in this location.”

Gravis had a complex expression on his face. “But wouldn’t the humans still be careful?”

“Have you forgotten who I am?” Exar asked. “I said I investigated this random but powerful plant myself and noticed that its intentions of neutrality were pure. I came into an agreement with it. It would not let any beasts pass through this territory, but in exchange, we have to leave it alone. As the Ancestor of the Purist Sect, no one doubts my words.”

Gravis nodded. That was already far better than anything he could have accomplished.

Gravis was glad that he had two of the most powerful beings in the world supporting his trading firm.

Exar teleported again, and Gravis followed.

Around 50,000 kilometers below the surface, a cave had been dug out. It was around a hundred meters wide and a kilometer long. At the long ends of the cave, two tunnels stretched into the distance.

The tunnel leading to the beast territory was millions of kilometers long, while the tunnel leading to the human territory was very short. In fact, it was only two kilometers long.

Gravis was a bit confused as the tunnel to the human territory ended in a dead-end.

“I will send one of my Underworld Elders to you later,” Exar explained. “We don’t want the location of the trading firm to become public knowledge, or people might find out your relationship with the beasts.”

“My Elder will build a Teleportation Formation Array that leads to a bustling city. He will also place Spirit Isolating Formation Arrays so that people can’t just look through your trading firm to see the other side or look into the ground around the cave.”

Gravis nodded. “I guess since the Elder hasn’t been here yet, he also shouldn’t know about the beasts?” Gravis asked.

“No, he knows,” Exar said. “However, he wants to ask you several questions personally before he creates the Formation Arrays. I don’t like to force my Elders to do anything they don’t agree with. Just answer his questions honestly, and there shouldn’t be a problem.”

Gravis nodded again. “Alright. So, should I build the building first?”

“Go ahead.”

Gravis turned to the middle of the cave with a smirk.

The plan for his building had been created long ago. He only needed to slightly alter the blueprint for the new environment.


Gravis used the Law of Graphite’s Creation to create the materials he wanted. As long as he didn’t create powerful materials, he could basically create whatever he wanted.

His building didn’t need to be made out of powerful Immortal Emperor or Immortal King materials.

Law Comprehension Materials were more than enough.

After creating the materials, Gravis began to forge them with his lightning and fused them.

Why make a building out of many parts when you can simply make the building a single block?

After some minutes, the building was finished, and Gravis nodded with pride.

The building perfectly stretched across the entire width of the underground cave, not leaving any open spots.

The side facing the human side was made out of powerful and clear glass. Windows and glass doors had a professional feel to them, and Gravis liked them.

In the middle of the building was a thick wall made out of Peak Immortal King materials.

Even if Gravis thought that this was a waste, he still had to make the wall powerful enough to bear several Formation Arrays.

But wait, where did Gravis get all this powerful Peak Immortal King ore from?

Remember that ore mountain Gravis got after killing that beast before he went to the Holy Judgment Sect?

Gravis had gathered the mountain of ore that the beast had protected, and the wall was made out of the ore mountain.

Behind the wall, at the side facing the beast territory, was basically nothing. Beasts didn’t care about a nice-looking building. They only wanted to trade.

The only things at the beast side were a couple of holes at the side. In the future, Gravis would put the wares into the holes so that the beasts could look at them.


Gravis summoned Stella and Liam out of his Life Ring and grandly pointed at the new building.

“Welcome to the Gravitas!”


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