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Gravis had everything already planned out.

First, purchase some weapon forging techniques from the humans with Immortal Stones.

Second, sell these weapon forging techniques to the beasts for ore and Law Comprehension Fruits.

Third, sell these ores and Law Comprehension Fruits to humans for Immortal Stones.

Then, everything would repeat itself from the beginning.

This plan required some initial capital, but after that, basically everything would pay for itself.

Gravis would only need to look on as Siral, Stella, and Liam sold the stuff.

Of course, his employees wouldn’t do this for free. Every employee of his would get to keep 10% of any trade. The profit margin was far, far more than just a mere 10%, which was why Gravis could be so generous with his pay.

All of his employees would earn a ton of money by only talking to some people and beasts.

Of course, Gravis couldn’t let Liam and Stella trade with the beasts. After all, they were humans.

Yet, it was something different with Siral.

Siral was also a human, but he was under the control of Gravis’ Life Ring. As long as he let the beasts feel his mind, they would be able to see that he was fiercely loyal to Gravis, who basically counted as a beast in the beasts’ minds.

Even better, the profit margin was so absolutely gigantic that, even when Gravis sold the wares for a multiple of their purchasing price, the beasts and humans would still feel like they would be making a bargain.

The beasts would see the effect that weapons and armor would have on their frontlines.

The humans would get supremely expensive ores for weapons.

The weapon was the most important thing for Weapon Cultivators, and there was never enough ore to go around.

Of course, explaining Gravis’ business strategy was far easier than putting it into practice. There were a lot of minor details that could break one’s back if one didn’t know what they were doing.

However, who was Gravis, or more accurately, who were Gravis’ parents?

The Opposer and the Economistress.

The Opposer definitely wouldn’t be a help with running a business, but the Economistress…

Who could run a business better than her?

Gravis had learned a ton about how to run a business from his mother when he had originally created the Gravitas in Opposer City.

Gravis would have no problems with making the business flourish.

Gravis couldn’t stop smirking as he saw that his plan was about to become a reality. ‘Hah, I can already hear the inner thoughts of all the unaffiliated Cultivators.’

‘Why would I run a business when I can just kill a Cultivator for all their wealth? Others work their asses off while I just take money.’

Gravis’ smirk only widened as he imagined how these thoughts rushed through some random Cultivator’s mind.

‘Well, you have to kill and search for victims while I literally have to do nothing. All the money will come towards me by itself. Your Plundering Dao can’t compare to my Business Dao!’

“You look excited,” Stella said from the side with a giggle. Then, she came closer and straightened Gravis’ clothing with care.

Gravis leaned down and kissed Stella with enthusiasm. Stella was a bit surprised but not against it.

“Ever since I came to this world, I saw that my wealth was never enough,” Gravis said. “I always got a huge influx of money and then saw all of it go away. From today onward, this will no longer be the case!”

Stella giggled a bit as she put her head on Gravis’ chest. “My man, the businessman,” she said jokingly.

Gravis’ insides were getting excited again as he heard how Stella referred to him as her man.

Yes, he was her man, and he was about to get a big promotion!

‘Just wait, I will buy you all the shoes and jewelry you want! You never have to look with envy at our neighbors!’

Gravis had to snicker at his own jokes in his head.

“Let’s go get Liam,” Gravis said. “He probably already misses you.”

Stella became a bit red in the face as she remembered that Liam knew exactly what they were doing.


Gravis and Stella teleported over to the central part of Arc’s clearing.

In front of them was a clearing filled with humans beasts. All of them were talking and drinking with each other.

In one of the groups, Gravis could see Liam.

Liam smiled and laughed while joking with a mixed group of humans and beasts.

Seeing Liam smile like this was weird to Gravis.

Gravis had never seen Liam smile and joke around.

However, Gravis also always only met Liam in situations where no one could laugh and smile.

Gravis had never seen when Liam was just casually being himself.

When Liam saw Stella, he smiled brightly, but his smile vanished when he saw Gravis.

Instead, he had a complex look on his face for a second before it morphed into cold neutrality.

Gravis had to sigh.

He had noticed that Liam’s expression of rejection was not how he felt deep down.

However, Liam was too proud to admit that he had misjudged Gravis.

Stella and Liam hugged and talked to each other for a while.

After a couple of minutes, Gravis stepped forward.

“Liam,” Gravis said.

“Yes?” Liam asked with a cold and neutral voice.

“I think we’ve gotten off on the wrong foot,” Gravis said.

Liam narrowed his eyes.

“I know that you still harbor resentment towards me, and I don’t expect you to like me or anything. However, I want to help you in releasing that resentment,” Gravis explained.

Liam’s brows furrowed.

Then, Gravis leaned forward and pointed at his cheek.

“Come on. Punch me!” Gravis said. “Release all your pent-up-“


And Gravis was gone.

Everyone looked with shock at the body being shot into the distance.

“Fuck!” Liam said as he wildly shook his right hand. Right now, his right hand had several broken bones and was bleeding profusely. “How is his face that hard!? How am I supposed to release my anger by injuring myself!?”

Stella looked with a complex expression at Liam, not sure what to feel.

On one side, she was happy that Gravis was willing to let Liam release his pent-up anger, but on the other side, seeing it fail like this could also count as some form of ironic humor.


“So, you feel better?” Gravis asked, uninjured.

Liam looked at Gravis’ uninjured body and frowned. “Was this a trap?” he asked.

“No,” Gravis said.

“You do know that I can’t release my anger like this?” Liam asked with a cold voice.

“I know that now,” Gravis said with a nod. “I simply forgot that I have hard scales.”

Liam only frowned, not answering.

“Come with me for a bit. Let’s talk privately,” Gravis said as he put an arm around Liam’s shoulder.

Liam’s anger nearly exploded as Gravis touched him, but for Stella, he kept himself in check.

The others looked on with interested eyes.

They saw Gravis and Liam whispering amongst themselves a couple of meters away. The noise around them was canceled.

‘Why don’t you just use voice transmissions if you don’t want to be heard?’

While they were talking, Gravis was constantly smirking.

Liam only looked at him neutrally.

If one had seen Gravis’ life, one would see that this situation was very similar to something that had happened to Gravis in the past.

Many years back, in the lower world, in the entrance exams of the Proxy-Elemental Guilds, hadn’t something like that happened too?

Back then, a young boy with black hair and cold, emotionless eyes was talking to an elder while everyone looked on.

This current situation reflected this memory, but with switched places.

This time, Gravis was the seemingly older and more approachable person, while Liam was seemingly the younger, stubborn person.

After a while, Liam’s frown deepened, and he started to think.


And then, Liam teleported away.

Gravis returned to the group and smiled at Stella.

“What did you two talk about?” she asked.

“I basically told him to get over himself but in a diplomatic manner. I highlighted some stuff from my past where I was similarly acting to him right now. His inherent dislike towards me immediately moved him to not be like me. He teleported away to think.”

“The situation between us should become better now. He still won’t be my friend, but we can at least live with each other.”

Stella smiled and placed a quick kiss on Gravis’ lips.

“Thanks. That means a lot to me. You’re the best!” she said cutely.

Gravis nodded with a smile.

Gravis’ life felt so different now.

Ever since he had united with Stella, he just couldn’t stop smiling anymore.

After such a long time of searching for happiness, Gravis finally got it.

Gravis was finally happy.

His goal of happiness was finally achieved.

Now, he only needed to reach his goal of freedom.

“Hey Arc, can you call Exar over? It’s time we get started.”


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