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Lightning Is the Only Way – Chapter 904: She Knows! Bahasa Indonesia

The fight took a couple of minutes, but surprisingly, the Unaffiliated Cultivator lost.

He had the edge in regards to Will-Aura, but not all the disciples of the High-Rank Sect were equally powerful. This one was more powerful than the previous opponent of the unaffiliated Cultivator.

However, the Unaffiliated Cultivator didn’t lose heart. He had managed to win against someone of the High-Rank Sects previously. This meant that he could get a good offer!

The Unaffiliated Cultivator left together with the young Vice-Sect Master.

Gravis watched, but he couldn’t help smirking when he saw what happened.

The Unaffiliated Cultivator was not offered a spot as a Core Disciple.

Even though he had won a battle against someone from a High-Rank Sect, that was only due to his Will-Aura. His Battle-Strength was not as high as the Cultivator that had been offered a Core Disciple spot previously.

However, this disciple was offered a spot as an Elite Disciple with a free pass for the Core Disciple exams. Usually, Elite Disciples would need to pay some Contribution Points to take part in the Core Disciple exams. Yet, for this one, this exam would be free.

The unaffiliated Cultivator felt disappointed at the offer, but he accepted it in the end. He had declined the previous offer to get a better one after showing his power, and he had got one, even if it wasn’t what he had wished for. He had really wanted a spot as a Core Disciple.

This was the best he could get, sadly. Yet, he at least got a free pass for the Core Disciple exams. The only difference between directly being offered a Core Disciple spot and this offer was time. As long as he trained some more, he would become a Core Disciple for sure!

However, what the disciple didn’t know was that winning the Core Disciple exams was very, very difficult.

Many Elite Disciples already had power close to the Core Disciples, but they had to wait for the exams.

The previous Cultivator directly entered, even though he was currently weaker than every single Core Disciple. Yet, with time and resources, that would be fixed.

Sadly, this disciple had a very small chance of becoming a Core Disciple. He needed to become more powerful, more powerful than every single disciple of any High-Rank Sect.

This offer of the exams being free to him was worthless, in reality. He wouldn’t win anyway. It was a promise without any actual use.

Unfortunately, the Cultivator didn’t know that.

“You and you.”

The powerful unaffiliated Cultivator entered the arena.

His opponent?

A disciple from one of the Peak Sects!

One had to know that all of these Peak Sect Disciples, except for that one Holy Son Candidate from the All-Matter Sect, were Core Disciples.

They were truly powerful!

However, the unaffiliated Cultivator was also very powerful. Previously, he had rolled over his opponent.

The fight began, and it was brutal.

This was the longest fight by far, nearly taking an hour.

The Peak Sect Disciple gave everything. He refused to lose to an unaffiliated Cultivator!

In the end, the Peak Sect Disciple even used several hidden trump cards. Not many Cultivators used their life-saving powers in such a tournament. However, this one had to since he refused to lose to an unaffiliated Cultivator.

In the end, the Peak Sect Disciple barely won.

However, everyone knew that the unaffiliated Cultivator would have won if it weren’t for the Peak Sect Disciple going absolutely all-out.

The unaffiliated Cultivator frowned, but he didn’t care that much. He had shown his power. Then, he left with the young Vice-Sect Master.

He was offered a spot as a Core Disciple immediately.

However, he also got several advantages that the other guy hadn’t received.

He already had the power of a genuine Core Disciple of a Peak Sect without any guidance from any powerful Sect.

This was an incredibly valuable seedling!

The Nine Elements Sect intended to forge this new Core Disciple into a Holy Son Candidate!

It would take a lot of time and lots of resources, but the chances were definitely there. It was worth the investment!

What was the unaffiliated Cultivator’s decision?

He accepted.

Why would he decline?

He wasn’t some proud guy that valued his own freedom above everything else. No, he wanted power. He had worked his ass off all for this day. He had remained in the Immortal King Realm for nearly two tribulations just to get the best offer possible.

And it had paid off!

He didn’t immediately become a Holy Son Candidate, but he would become one in the future.

Now, Gravis was the only unaffiliated Cultivator left in the tournament. Three were left of the High-Rank Sects, and five were left of the Peak Sects.

In the beginning, the disciples of the Peak Sect had made up less than 30% of the participants, but now they made up 55%!

The other disciples of the Peak Sects didn’t look down on the Peak Sect Disciple that had gone all out. This unaffiliated Cultivator was genuinely powerful. They weren’t even sure if they would have won.

“You and you.”

And then, it was Gravis’ turn.

His opponent?

A disciple from a High-Rank Sect.

Everyone was still looking at him with disdain. After all, he had only won because his opponent had underestimated him. It wouldn’t happen a second time.

And it didn’t. After all, Gravis didn’t want to appear too conspicuous. Being underestimated once was okay, but twice would be suspicious.

So, the fight started.

The fight took many minutes.

Gravis had to appear weak and act like he was going all out against his opponent.

Gravis was even pushed back. His opponent obviously had taken some treasures in the past that increased his physical power. These treasures were very valuable, but High-Rank Sects were wealthy enough to buy them for their most powerful disciples.

Gravis appeared to be on the losing end for a long while, but the upper echelon of the Nine Elements Sect noticed something peculiar.

He still hadn’t used his level five Law!

Gravis had been able to go up against a disciple of a High-Rank Sect with a two-level difference for such a long time without using his level five Law.

By now, the other two High-Rank Sect Disciples no longer underestimated Gravis. Gravis was genuinely terrifying.

His Battle-Strength was probably the most terrifying of everyone present, except for the Holy Maiden and the Holy Son Candidate of the All-Matter Sect.

‘Man, this is so annoying,’ Gravis thought.

After several minutes of fighting, Gravis took out his shield for the first time.

His opponent had even forgotten that Gravis even had a shield since he had never used it. It had always remained on his back.

In their next clash, the disciple was ready for the shield to block his attack.

However, it was the saber that blocked his attack!

The disciple was taken by surprise as the shield suddenly grew bigger in his vision.

One should never forget that a shield was also a weapon.

Ever been hit by a shield?

It wasn’t any different than being hit by a massive brick.

It was a genuine weapon!

Especially when it suddenly exploded with Magma.

Gravis’ level five Law showed itself for the first time, and it turned the tide.

The opponent’s body was mutilated by the sudden expansion of Magma.

However, Gravis hadn’t won yet. His opponent could still heal.

Suddenly, Gravis pointed his shield at the disciple that had been thrown into the distance.


Three spikes shot out of the shield and buried themselves in the disciple’s body.

These spikes were filled with the Shadow Element and its respective Battle Laws.

Just like the previous opponent, this one was also beginning to age as his Life Energy was used up.

The old Vice-Sect Master got involved and healed the disciple. The fight was over.

However, this disciple didn’t receive the same treatment as the previous one.

The other disciples noticed that Gravis was genuinely powerful. Losing against him, even with a two-level advantage, was not something shameful.

“So, he knows the level five Law of Magma,” the old Vice-Sect Master transmitted to the other two. “He really is perfect for the Nine Elements Sect.”

“If nothing goes wrong, he will become the future Holy Son,” the young Vice-Sect Master transmitted to the other two.

“Why don’t you let everything play out and continue watching? Things might not develop as you’d expect,” the Sect Master transmitted with a knowing tone.

The other two were surprised. What did their Sect Master mean?

The Sect Master didn’t elaborate further as she only smirked quietly to herself.

When Stella saw the Sect Master’s smirk, her body shook, but she suppressed it.

Did the Sect Master know?

How much did she know?

The tournament continued.

The next battle was the last High-Rank Sect Disciple that hadn’t fought yet against a Peak Sect Disciple.

It was obvious who won.

Lastly, two disciples from the Peak Sects fought each other.

The opponent that Zern had lost against had lost against an opponent from the Life Sect. However, none of them had gone all out. It was more of an exhibition match.

The Holy Son Candidate of the All-Matter Sect got a free pass since the number of contestants had been odd.

No one raised an objection.

Then, another pause happened for everyone to regenerate themselves.

While waiting for his next match, Gravis noticed several times that the Sect Master smirked at him knowingly. This was obviously a power play and signal for Gravis.

Stella became terrified.

The Sect Master knew!

Yet, how much did she know!?

However, while Stella was terrified, Gravis was calm.

‘I’ve already won. You just don’t know it yet.’

Gravis thought.

Yet, the Sect Master thought the same thing.


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