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Lightning Is the Only Way – Chapter 885: Experiments Bahasa Indonesia

‘Wait, wait, wait!’ Gravis thought. ‘Then, do I actually need a Focus? Don’t I already have a Focus?’

Gravis looked at all the different Elements in the form of lightning with a stunned expression.

‘I mean, my Void Lightning is logically a Law that I have created myself. However, it exists in actual reality. After all, even in its pure form, it can interact with the world without any issues. Normally, a Focus can only dwell in the body of the user, but my Void Lightning can actually exist outside of it.’

‘I need to test this!’ Gravis thought.

Gravis experimented with many different Laws, and he found out some interesting things.

If Gravis created something physical, like any of the Elements, they would have the speed attribute of his Void Lightning.

However, if Gravis created something that changed the attributes of something physical, like heat and cold, it didn’t have the speed attribute of lightning. After all, heat and cold didn’t really move. It was just a change of something that was already there.

Sadly, it still took more Energy than normal to create domains of heat and cold.

‘So, if I use something like Storm’s Pressure, Frost’s Cold, or Infernos’ Heat, I simply need to use more Energy without any positive gain. This means that, in a sense, my Focus, which is my Void Lightning, can only show its true power as a physical attack.’

Gravis scratched his chin.

‘Additionally, if I want to use an Element to defend myself, like my Magma or Graphite, it will also cost more Energy without anything positive added. After all, speed is irrelevant when I can instantaneously summon a wall right in front of me.’

‘Now, I can finally see the weakness of my Void Lightning. Its weakness is that I can’t fight without using it. Normally, a Cultivator can choose to use their Focus or not. No normal Cultivator would use their Focus for defense or for heat and cold unless their Focus is specialized in that aspect. This allows them to continue using the normal Laws if necessary.’

‘However, I am stuck using my Void Lightning, which is my Focus, if I want to or not. I can exclusively only fight with these new Laws.’

Gravis furrowed his brows. ‘So, in short, I gave up part of my flexibility and adaptability in exchange for a stronger offense. That means I have to change my fighting style again.’

Gravis sighed.

‘Seems like my fighting style will, to some extent, revert to the time before I comprehended the different Elements. Offense and speed will be my greatest strengths.’

‘However, I think I got more positives than negatives out of this exchange. Fighting for a long period of time will be harder than before, but my increased offensive capabilities ensure that my fights will be shorter.’

‘Yet, there is still one question remaining.’

Gravis summoned some Void Lightning and shot it into the distance.

Then, Gravis summoned some Divine Lightning and shot it into the distance.

The Divine Lightning was faster than the Void Lightning.

‘My Void Lightning is faster than Punishment Lightning but slower than Divine Lightning. My Punishment Lightning has the power of a level four Law due to the Major Law of the Elements. My Divine Lightning is a level six Law. So, the speed of my Void Lightning should be as fast as a level five Lightning Law.’

‘Now, the question is: Will it stay that way?’ Gravis thought with furrowed brows. ‘It’s a self-created Law, which means that there currently doesn’t exist a more powerful version of it. Yet, was it a coincidence that it exactly assumed the power of a level five Law while I am an Immortal King? How do Focuses become more powerful?’

‘Focuses need to have growth potential. Otherwise, they couldn’t be used when someone becomes far stronger. This means that my Void Lightning must also have a way to grow more powerful.’

Gravis leaned back as he scratched his chin. ‘The Immortal King Realm is generally associated with level five Laws. I am an Immortal King, and my Void Lightning has the power of a level five Law. Is it related to my Cultivation Realm?’

‘Let’s try.’


A second Gravis appeared. Gravis could still use his Lightning Fork to create split bodies. This second Gravis was exactly one Major Realm lower than the main Gravis.

Both Gravises pointed at the horizon and shot Void Lightning into the distance.


The eyes of both Gravises lighted up.

‘I knew it!’ Gravis thought as the second Gravis got reabsorbed. ‘The speed of my Void Lightning is related to my Cultivation Realm!’

‘The speed of the Void Lightning of my copy was about as fast as my Punishment Lightning, which has the power of a level four Law. However, it was a bit faster.’

Gravis used his Punishment Lightning and Divine Lightning again and compared the speed. After that, he searched for the middle-point between them.

However, finding the middle point was not easy. The middle point, ironically, was not at the middle. The power of Laws didn’t increase proportionally but exponentially.

If a level four Law had a speed value of one and a level six Law had the speed value of 16, it didn’t mean that a level five Law would have a speed value of eight. No, the level five Law would have the speed value of four. After all, four is four times as big as one, and 16 is four times as big as four.

Gravis created two copies, one at the Early Minor Circulation Immortal Realm and one at the Early Minor Circulation Immortal King Realm.

All three Gravises pointed at the horizon. The two copies used Void Lightning, while the main Gravis used Punishment Lightning.


What was the result?

The Punishment Lightning was just as fast as the Void Lightning of the Gravis in the Early Minor Circulation Immortal Realm, while the last Void Lightning bolt was way faster.

The two copies vanished as Gravis looked with intensity at the horizon.

‘At the beginning of a new Major Realm, my Void Lightning will reach the speed of the next Law Level. This means that the Void Lightning of my Early Minor Circulation Immortal King version is just as fast as a level five Lightning Law. Meanwhile, I am in the Early Major Circulation Immortal King Realm. This means that my Void Lightning is already faster than a level five Lightning Law, but slower than a level six Lightning Law.’

Gravis furiously scratched his chin.

‘Doesn’t that mean that as soon as I reach the Mid Minor Circulation Immortal Emperor Realm, my Void Lightning will be even faster than Divine Lightning? That’s crazy!’

‘So, in short, if I know a version of lightning that is more powerful than my corresponding Cultivation Realm, it will be faster, but if I don’t, my own Void Lightning will be faster.’

Gravis’ eyes shone.

‘There is no more powerful version of lightning than Divine Lightning in this world. This means that my strength will only become more and more powerful the more my Cultivation Realm increases.’

‘In that sense, I might become the fastest Immortal Emperor that can exist in this world. Even the fastest Cultivator, which should be a Cultivator that uses the level six Law variant of the Brilliance Element, can only be as fast as a level six Law. Meanwhile, when I am a Peak Immortal Emperor, my Void Lightning will be nearly as fast as a level seven Law.’

‘Oh, wait!’ Gravis thought as he facepalmed. ‘I forgot about Avatars. This means that there is a chance that someone could also be as fast as a level seven Law if they have a corresponding level six Law as their Avatar.’

‘Sadly, I can’t use my Void Lightning as my Avatar.’

Then, Gravis smirked.


Gravis teleported away until he was just in the Spirit Sense range of Mortis.


In front of Gravis appeared a ball that continually shifted and showed all the different realities.

‘But why would I even need that? I have the Law of Perceived Reality as my Avatar,’ Gravis thought with a smirk. ‘As long as Mortis is inside my Spirit Sense’s range, I can boost the power of my Law of Perceived Reality. After all, even if he has his own will, as long as he allows me to, I can still use him as my Avatar.’

‘As soon as my Law of Perceived Reality reaches the power of a level seven Law, it will be able to show the power of a level eight Law. However, even now, it already has the power of a level six Law, and it is definitely one of the four most powerful level six Laws in existence.’

The grey ball vanished.

‘Anyway, now that I know how my Void Lightning works, I should get to actually transforming it into usable Weapon Techniques. After all, it kind of is a Focus, and a Focus should be usable with a weapon.’


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